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HEY! I haven’t uploaded anything to this tumblr for awhile mostly because my tumblr app stopped working and also I got an instagram for my art too so I sort of forgot about my tumblr… lol oops. Anyway, I made a few things since my last upload so I’ll be posting those here within the week. But HERE is a portrait I did of my current biggest celebrity crush- Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony. I couldn’t resist; she’s got a great nose and bone structure and hair and eyes… she’s pretty much the perfect muse. I actually had so much fun painting her that I might even do the rest of the group… who knows?? Anyway I’ll be seeing more of you tumblr- I promise!

[Oop sorry I just tried to answer someone’s ask and the gif wasn’t working so I’m making it a separate post.] The anon asked about tutorials and liking the gif I made before of my sketch process so I have another one. I forgot that I took the pictures for this actually, so they reminded me to make this. (I know it doesn’t really match up but it’s just phone photos til the scan)

Also sorry that Courf just sort of apparates in. I drew him and Ferre in class and I didn’t want to get caught taking pictures and looking like I wasn’t paying attention. Enj was drawn earlier on the train and so total time was about 3 hours. The most notable thing to point out about this is that I work from right to left, because I’m left handed. I use a mechanical pencil which can smudge in an instant so I like to know that I’m done with an area before I keep moving on to the left, so that my hand doesn’t ruin it. I also draw the simple structure of where everybody is at the beginning so that I know where they’re standing and know how much space I have available for everyone. Notice that with Courf I was unsure of how I wanted him so I drew his whole body in a pose before I finished him off, instead of doing his face to completion and working down. You never want to have to make a really nice face and then have to get rid of it because the rest of the character doesn’t work.

I’ll try to make some more tutorial-esque things coming up when I have more time. Anon asked about vids, I don’t have any vids of me drawing but I’ve been considering doing livestreams sometime. :)

(The regular post for this sketch is here)

You look around the room, the avengers gathered around, looking like family more than ever. Some of you had gotten seats, and some of you sat on the floor. Most of you were wearing ugly christmas sweaters, but natasha refused and settled on a fo-fur santa hat. Bruce dug out all the gifts under the christmas tree, which was around 40 total. The whole tower was decked in christmas gear. You could tell tony took christmas very, very seriously. He probably spent thousands on all the lights. 

“Okay team! Ready to sort?” steve asks, placing the last gift on the floor. 

“Csap, this isn’t a mission.” clint scoffs.

“yeah, well. okay just kind your own gifts then!” Steve hisses back. 

“LET THE UNWRAPPING OF THE PRESENTS BEGIN!!!!”  Thor yells, diving for the gift pile. You laugh as everyone fights for their gifts. This happened every year, them not waiting and you or natasha staying behind, and just getting your gifts right after they finished. Sometimes you wondered if the earth’s mightest heroes were actually smart.


Hey I loved your stranded on an island idea! Can you do one with Pietro Maximoff from age of ultron? -Requested by anon

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It was day two of being stuck on the island with Pietro ever since your jet broke down.

You yawned and stretched yours arms as you sat up in your makeshift bed. It was really just a pile of palm leaves on a lump of sand, but you made it work. The sound of the ocean’s waves hitting the beach was so monotonous that you almost wanted to fall back asleep. Everything was so peaceful.

Of course, right when you thought that a silver blur dashed across the beach, heading straight for you. You didn’t have enough time to throw your arms up in defense as the blur stopped suddenly, kicking up a dust storm of sand. It landed all over you.

“P-Pietro!” you stuttered, trying not to swallow the stuff. You spit a few grains out of your mouth (gross!). “A little warning next time?”

“Oops. I forgot,” he apologised. Then his mouth broke into a wide grin. “But I’m glad you’re finally awake. Guess what I took the time to make!” He held up a length of vine that had been braided and twisted, forming a sort of necklace. Little seashells hung from it decoratively. There was a similar one looped through his arm.

You started at him. “What is that?”

“It’s a seashell crown!” he replied. He handed one to you and took the one around his arm and placed it atop his silvery hair. “I made one for myself, too! Well?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at you eagerly, waiting for your reaction.

It was adorable, you had to admit. You took yours (first shaking out the sand in your hair) and put it on your head so that you were matching. “It’s cute, but why?”

Pietro blinked, like he didn’t understand the question. “Why? Why not? I mean, we’re probably the first ones on this island. So we’re in charge! We’re like royalty, if you please. Why not make ourselves feel special?”

You laughed lightheartedly. “Sure, but it’s too bad we don’t have any royal subjects to do our bidding. Like find us a way off this island, for instance.”

Pietro waved you off. “Ah, don’t worry, (y/n). While you were sleeping I spelled out ‘S.O.S.’ with rocks over there.” He pointed behind you to the far side of the beach. Sure enough, the three letters were there. “Someone will find us eventually; I think we’re somewhere near Taiwan. But let’s not worry about that for now!” He grinned again and did a mock bow. “I believe we have an island to explore, Your Majesty!”

Tsukino-con 2016: Q&A with Kensho Ono Report

I’m finally home from Tsukino-con!!! Unfortunately I didn’t make it to yesterday’s late night panel but I had the opportunity go to the Ono Kenshou Q&A today!!!!!!! And I really don’t think it’s an exaggeration for me to say that this was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life!! I’m actually still shaking from excitement as I write about it now?? And I even had the opportunity to ask him a question!! I’ve put the report below the cut because it got kinda long oops

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