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Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

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i want to wriiiite but i’m down to one main project since i finished my one-shots, and my main one is a no go right now (mostly the realization that oh, my multi-chapter fic is like…. mostly just a series of conversations… which like most fics are but for some reason my brain is stuck on that right now) so

i’m just kind of flailing oops

maybe if you have some ideas for short fics, feel free to send them my way, see if it triggers the ol’ writing juices

Sunlight and Shadows

Summary: “So you literally have no idea how long it lasts? The magic could wear off and he could just drop dead again at any moment?”

Gavin overhears something and can’t stop thinking about it.

(Spooky Scary AU, sequel to If You Love It, Bring It Back From The Dead and These Hungry Ghosts)

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Sometimes, Gavin dreams of forests and darkness and teeth.

There was a long stretch, after he came back from the dead, where he didn’t sleep at all. He was scared he wouldn’t wake up. That seems a reasonable fear, doesn’t it? Sleep too close to death. Awake too close to dreaming - to the paranoid fear that none of this was ever real, is just some sort of hallucinated afterlife, and in reality he is gone, long deep in the ground, and the others mourn him.

That is all stupid, of course. It’s been a year, and he’s slept and woken more than enough times to know that it is safe.

But then come the dreams.

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Doctor Who Fest: day 12

↳ first time/last time

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I’ve always thought that the Eleventh Doctor’s story was a bubble of its own, like a circle! His ending is his beginning; his refusal to withdraw from Trenzalore when he finds the crack from the Time Lords leads to the silence will fall that was so prevalent in series 5 & 6.  And his journey begins with his investigation into the cracks on Amelia’s walls…there’s not, strictly speaking, a ‘first’ or a 'last’ in his story. Just like how there’s no beginning or ending to a circle! To me, it’s more of like a clock, going around and around in an infinite loop. I think it’s a beautiful self-contained story. But now the chapter’s closed so who knows what 12 will be like? ;)