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Jimin | Stuck in the Elevator

(AU in which you work as a secretary and Jimin is the CEO. You two hate each other but yet something shocking happens…)


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It had been a tiring day at work. Being a secretary in a large corporate building was no easy task. You had gotten this job thinking it wouldn’t require much effort but boy where you wrong you fucking dumbass.

You hadn’t even gotten a chance to use the bathroom. And to make things worse, you had just finished drinking a whole bottle of water.

After a few minutes you decided that it would be okay to leave your work place, not many people were coming in by now. It was 7pm anyways.

You rushed to the nearest bathroom, only to have your face fall in dismay as you saw a sign that read, “BATHROOMS OUT OF ORDER, PLEASE KEEP OUT” You felt your bladder about to explode, now you couldn’t even run or even walk properly.

You rushed to the elevator and hurriedly pushed the button. The way to the fourth floor seemed eternal. You finally got to the bathroom and did your business.

The clock read 7:20 PM. I need to hurry home, you thought. You entered your car and rushed home, not caring if you went past the speed limit.

When you finally got home the first thing you did was get into the shower. The hot water felt so good on your body and helped relieve the pain in your tense neck. The smell of shampoo invaded your sense of smell and soon enough you were in a state of bliss.

You stepped out of the shower to go get your phone so you could put some music on. You remembered you had left it in your purse so you went to look for it. But it was no where to be seen…

Shit, I think I left it in one of the stalls in the bathroom. Man, I have to go get it right now before the building closes, you thought.

You got your keys and headed your way. Once you entered the building a whole new aura was present, it was much more dark and quiet. No one else was here.

As you walked the way to the elevator you saw Jisoo… cleaning?? It made no sense because she was another fellow secretary.

“Jisoo? What are you doing here cleaning?” You asked.

“Huh? Oh hello (Y/N)! Well Tzuyu the janitor kept on complaining about how she never gets to spend much time with her kids and how her back is killing her because of this job. So I volunteered to do her job for today!” She replied.

“Aww that’s very kind of you Jisoo! Well see ya around, I need to go get my purse from the bathroom upstairs.”

“Oh sure! Go right ahead, bye bye~” And then she wandered off somewhere far away. You stood there standing until she was out of sight.

You smiled and headed towards the elevator, looking down at the tiled floor you thought about how good your shampoo smelled. Those thoughts were soon interrupted when you bumped into what seemed to be a large broad back.

You started apologizing, “Oh- I’m s-sorry! Please exc-”

The person you had bumped into turned around, and you where shocked to see that it was none other than Park Jimin, the CEO every girl in this building drooled about. You never really understood why since the all times in which you interacted with him he was a complete douche.

He smiled, “Ah no it’s okay! Please excuse m–” His smile was quickly replaced with a frown once he realized it was you. “Ugh, should’ve known it was you, I would’ve maken you fall.”

You scoffed, “You’re lucky you can fire me or else my mouth would be running miles right now.” You went ahead to push the elevator and once the door opened you both entered.

“What are you doing here Miss… (Y/N) right? If remember correctly.”

You scowled at the fact that he had your name in his mouth, “I could say the same thing, Mr. Jimin. What are you doing here?”

“I prefer not to answer.”

“Then I don’t either.” There was an awkward silence after that.

“Where are you headed (Y/N)?”

“Fourth floor.” You quickly replied.

“Huh, me too, wh-” he started but was quickly interrupted by a loud rumbling noise. The lights dimmed and the floor shaked a bit, which caused you to lose your balance. Once the shaking stopped you heard Jimin hiss, “The fuck just happened… Oh my! Are you okay?” He said as he hurried over to you and helped you stand up.

“Yes. Thank you,” Maybe he was a gentleman after all.

He gave a small smile, “You’re welcome, but don’t think I’m getting soft.”

A frown was quicky plastered on your face, “Tsk! And here I thought you finally developed manners! Don’t even look at me.”

“Whatever. We’re gonna be stuck here together for a while anyways, might as well get rid of that attitude of yours.” Jimin sat down on the floor and started playing with his watch.

You ignored him and started to pace around the small enclosed space. It was starting to get hot. You took off your jacket but only to realize you hadn’t put your dress shirt on. You were left in only a thin spaghetti strap tank top and your tight pencil skirt. Oops, I’m showing way too much skin. Well knowing him he probably won’t care at least. Thank God.

Jimin POV

As I looked up I was in complete shock at what I was seeing. It was… (Y/N) and she looked, dare I say, really pretty? I never really bothered to take a quick glance at her because her attitude already said much, and because I’m also not that type of man, but her body can’t go unnoticed.

I must have been staring for too long because my thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of (Y/N)’s voice, “What are you looking at? Do I have horns sticking out of my face or what?”

“Not everything is about you, ya kn–” I was so flustered that I stood up so quicky and lost my balance.

Your POV

You were at a loss for words when you saw who was on top of you. His eyes stared right into yours. You finally had a chance to see him up close, and you have to admit, he’s really hot. Your lips unconsciously parted and his eyes were now focused on them. Before you knew it, a pair of soft plump lips were against your own. It took you a while but when you kissed back, the kiss quickly became more heated.

He bit your lower lip asking for entrance, and you gladly allowed him. As he battled with your tongue, you felt your core starting to heat up.

Jimin’s hands slid down your sides and into your skirt. Your legs broke into goosebumps as he slow took it off. Then he took of your top. Next he slowly unclasped your bra revealing your perfect perky breasts. His tongue flicked one of your already hardened nipples as he massaged the other one.

He traced his fingers down your flat stomach until he reached your panties. He kissed down your inner thigh and stopped at your core. He took of your underwear and used one finger to touch your clit. You moaned as he used his tongue to make circles around it. He then used two fingers to pump into you.

When he felt that you were about to come, he swiftly took his fingers out. You wined at the feeling of emptiness.

Jimin hovered over you and took your lips into another kiss. He took this chance to unzip his jeans and pull down his boxers, letting his hard member out. He positioned himself in between your legs right by your entrance. You moaned as he went in and sucked on the skin on your neck.

The pace started slow but it slowly started getting faster and faster, leaving you both panting and moaning. He grabbed your hips and positioned you on top of him. You placed your soft hands on his chest as you went down on him.

You gave a loud moan as you finally climaxed, and he got on top of you once again until he came, releasing inside of you.

You both just layed there, interwined. You nuzzled against his neck, and he smiled down at you, completely forgetting you were still in the work building.