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tagged by @jaeminniemouse whose,,one of my faves,,,I guess,,,, jk ily to post 10 facts about myself~

♡ im a highkey BgA stan talent stan BgA

♡ ok fr uh… I have a fear of the dark… and clowns… and faceless people… and basically everything if I’m being honest

♡ i have arab and chinese in my genes ^^

♡ none of my siblings and i look really alike tbh, we all look like we’re from different countries because of our different skin tones xD there’s five of us, and my older sister and my little brother look like Arab-white people, while my older brother looks lowkey Indian, my other older sister looks Chinese, and I look Egyptian, or Pakistani, according to Rae

♡ my goal is to become proficient in multiple languages to eventually teach English in countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia etc. and maybe study abroad before that ^^

♡ I once actually threw myself out of a window before… uh, tl;dr it ended with a nearly broken bone and a really deep wound that had me unable to walk properly for months ^^’ (whoo way to go me)

♡ I’m not funny but for some reason I just say stuff and people laugh and I genuinely don’t know what they’re laughing at tbh

♡ I’m a happy smol child ^^ or I try to be, I just want the world to be happy okay honestly why ya’ll gotta be so negative

♡ I get really excited,,, over really small things lol it’s one of my favorite things about myself though xD

♡ when I was a wee little bean™ just out of the womb jk lol my mom told me I used to roll under tables a lot,, lol  

♡ if ya’ll ever happen to meet me irl…just know, that mark and chenle are my spirit animals (meaning, I laugh at everything and I am confident I can compete with Chenle’s dolphin screaming xD)

♡ I hate ketchup…and tomatoes..with a passion. If ya’ll ever give me tomatoes or any form of it you are blocced™ unfollowed™ unfriended™ and you’re dead™ to™ me™ lol jk just don’t give me tomatoes okay I’m a bit allergic

~ ~ ~

that’s me~ I don’t know who to tag and I don’t want to be bothersome so I’ll only tag a few people ^^ @iiharu-chanii @flawlessjeno @sammymunchiecheerios @hyuckshijabiwife and @fairyprincerenjun // completely optional~ ya’ll are still cool if you don’t want to do it lol ♡


colored in more of @duke-of-slime’s drawings, this time of his free to use icons of Lucio from Overwatch ;0

these were oddly difficult to color and I’m not sure how to feel about them but they still look alright :‘3c

i hope you like em!!


Finally actually did a screenshot redraw aaaAAA
Original shot from this post

Fragmentary Passage was so heckin good, I’m really really excited for KH3 

What you were waiting(?)

I kept putting this comic off for over a year, I needed to get it out of my system. It’s short and saucy(??), maybe (????) www.

WARNING 1: Long post. More or less.
WARNING 3: ^That’s what I say but you won’t see any dicks here ok? I’m…. sorry… OTL

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as a huge thank you for 2k *internal screech* here is my first tumblr awards! (so if it flops, we roll with it idc) 

R U L E S :- 

  • mbf this coffee hater (dat me *finger guns*)
  • reblogs count as entries! 
  • (!!!) put the “optional” categories you wish to enter in the tags of your reblog! 
  • (opt.) check out my sideblog @versaillcs and also @flintwoods!
  • ends 7 march (36 days! yup i just plucked a date out of thin air oop)

C A T E G O R I E S :- 

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Okay so tonight when I went to NXT, I decided to go all out on my Hype Bros gear because Zack was finally gonna be at a show I’m at. So I asked them on Twitter if they were gonna be there before I put everything on just in case & Mojo tweeted me and said “you know it!! See you soon?” So I replied with a pic of my outfit (first pic).
They came out for a triple threat tag team match and they didn’t see me at all before or during the match bc I was being blocked by one of the teams standing in their corner. Finally they won the match & they’re celebrating in the ring & I was worried they wouldn’t see me & just leave bc Zack was selling a knee injury. Right when I lost hope, Mojo scanned the crowd & saw me. He turned Zack to face me & they both pointed at me (second pic).
So Mojo comes over to me & goes “you want a sweaty hug?!” So of course I was like “yeah!” (Third pic).
Then he noticed my mom taking pics & was like “you want a picture?!” so Zack came over & we took this lovely pic😍 (fourth).
Then Zack high-fives me & Mojo decides to take my mom’s phone & (tried) to take selfies but they were blurry bc he was jumping around😂 (last three pics).
Then he was like “how about a video?!” So he took a video with me & handed me the phone back and I burst into tears😭
After all that, Zack saw the pic of my outfit on Twitter and said “perfection” and then when I started tweeting most of the pics, he said he was gonna steal the pic of the 3 of us but he ended up just reposting it on Instagram🙈
It took almost 5 years to meet my favorite, but it was sure as hell worth the wait. Don’t Los whole guys, you’ll meet your fav one day☺️


a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p