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lol a lot of people who watch skam are so fake. They came in and watched s3 because of the great “representation” that it had and kept talking about how important and “woke” it was. Fast forward to a few months later and they are already writing s4, a season about a Muslim girl and her struggles in Norway/the Western world, off as boring. It’s only been going on for a WEEK and they are already saying that it’s boring or disappointing? Why? Because it’s not about the two teenage white boys that they fetishize and call their “gay babies” and they’re not on screen making out? Is that why?? Stop being gross

A couple of us were talking on our discord about the Miraculous characters as the Overwatch characters. We decided a couple of us would draw them, so of course I called dibs on Chloe as Mercy. 

I think the funniest thing about this matchup is Chloe would probably still try to be offense.


pa pa pa pa, plucking petals off each flower

2 cool Karamatsus for 24/02

OTP Idea #847

Person A hates makeup, they don’t like the smell of it, the look of it or the feeling. Someone tells them that they look disgusting and they should start using makeup. Person B sees that Person A is wearing makeup and asks them about the reason why. Person A tells them the reason, but B doesn’t think A needs makeup and convinces them that they’re beautiful just the way they are.

Cred to @slothiss <3

  • <p> <b>Me when other people bind:</b> Always be safe. Don't use ace bandages. Stretch every couple of hours. Take it off if you experience any discomfort or pain. Do not bind for more than eight hours at once.<p/><b>Me when I bind:</b> Eight, thirteen, saME DIFFERENCE RIGHT<p/></p>

3.10 part 5 - Bånder: The three times Isak broke eye contact, closed his eyes, or averted his gaze + the three times Even doesn’t let Isak let go of him

Another dream-based AU thing I wanted to draw that kinda got away from me haha. Stan still ended up getting burned and it turned him back for some mysterious reason.

Am I shouting to loud?????

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