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The best part of tonight’s episode was Raven (and a little bit of Murphy). All the things I usually love to see in the rest of the main characters wasn’t there. Clarke had her usual “everyone hates me because I’m the leader who has to make the hard choices” thing going on. Bellamy was only there for like one minute, and he was a prisoner that whole time. And we had to watch him think his sister is dead (not cool–that ten second crying scene destroyed my heart). ECHO IS STILL FREAKING ALIVE. Echo “killed” Octavia. Octavia survived but barely, and Roan is still on his “I over-compensate in my kingly rule because I’m practically useless” (I hate echo and roan).


What is it that you’re so afraid of?


panic! at the disco lyrics + dance


DCTV Ladies Appreciation Week
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“You do a mighty fine job bearing a burden few men could deal with.” 
“Good thing I’m a woman then.”

we’ve come a long way.


“I think it’s as though everyone has a small place inside themselves, maybe, a private bit that they keep to themselves. It’s like a little fortress, where the most private part of you lives–maybe it’s your soul, maybe just that bit that makes you yourself and not anyone else.” [x] [insp.]

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How about Harry Potter? Thank you for reading!

there are a LOT OF characters i love from hp, luna is probably my favorite??? it’s hard to pick just one :D


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