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That feeling when you start a new show after having your heart and soul torn apart by the last one and you can already feel yourself getting obsessed and you’re just like ‘oh no am i really going to do this to myself again’ but then jumping into the future grave of your feelings whole heartedly like

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“that thing with Cassandra and Jenkins came out of nowhere!!”

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I hope this isn’t seen as confrontational. I think shipping wars are silly, ship what you want to ship! This show has always been wonderful about making any and all ships probable. I don’t ship things often and, of the things I do ship, this was probably the one I thought was least likely to be acknowledged. But they did!! I was shocked and delighted! Just as I was delighted that they fully acknowledged Cassie being non-hetero.

Cassandra has always been the one to notice when something is bothering Jenkins. Being the caretaker, Jenkins notices when any of them are upset, but it’s hard to deny he has a soft spot for Cassie. He’s comfortable enough to be silly with her (”you know what this makes me want to do? It makes me want to go ‘hmmm…’”). Cassandra is always first to jump at the opportunity to help him and is incredibly eager to do so. (That scene where Jenkins was tossing books down to the boys from the balcony and she was running about trying to catch them first, then Jenkins walked down and handed her one.) They have a great deal of mutual respect and make an excellent team.

I just wanted to point out that this ship is just as valid as the others and, in fact, has had just as much subtext as the others. They handled the situation perfectly, and Jenkins reacted exactly as I’d expected him to. He feels it would be improper, all but saying he’d feel he was taking advantage, but he let her down without being condescending (knowing Cassie is more than capable of handling herself) or dismissive of her feelings.

I hope the subject is brought up again, I hope they talk about it more. Though no matter what happens I hope Cassandra is happy, because sometimes the way people in the fandom pull her back and forth with everyone makes me a bit uncomfortable. Ship all the things, but remember Cassandra is her own person and not a vehicle for a ship! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Can one of you guys write some domestic fluffy smut where Phil or someone keeps bashing their head or falling off the bed?? Thank u!!

Sorry if this wasn’t what you meant whoops

❥ Dan and Phil were going at it. Hard. Phil was on top of Dan, Dan’s legs over Phil’s shoulders so Phil had better access to fuck him mercilessly.

❥ Dan leant up to kiss Phil, Phil obliging and heatedly kissing the boy under him. The kiss was mostly tongue. As they kissed, Dan had somehow flipped Phil over so that he was on his back, Dan riding Phil hard and fast.

❥ Dan had gotten so into it that he wasn’t taking in his surroundings very well. He was leaning over Phil in a way that he was practically hovering over him entirely.

❥ Dan’s body was bouncing intensely on Phil’s and apparently the momentum was so aggressive that his head smacked right against the headboard. “Ow!” He squeaked, more in surprise than pain.

❥ Dan retracted and held his hand against his head, presumably against the spot he hit. Phil had to put his hand over his mouth to stifle a giggle, but Dan could still hear it and blushed. “Not funny,” he said, shifting to sit on Phil’s hips.

❥ “You okay?” Phil asked, trying to sit up , Dan wincing as Phil’s cock shifted inside of him uncomfortably. “Crap, sorry.”

❥ “It’s fine,” Dan replied, moving to remove Phil’s cock from his ass to sit on his lap, cuddling into his chest. “I ruined the mood. I’m sorry,” Dan whispered into Phil’s chest.

❥ “Hey, it’s okay. Things happen, and it was kind of funny and cute.” Phil tickled his side a little bit, trying to lighten the mood. Dan giggled and looked up at Phil, kissing his cheek. Phil went to go kiss his cheek in return but Dan caught his lips with his before they hit his cheek.

❥ Dan quickly deepened the kiss, his softened erection quickly springing back up with excitement as they passionately made out and caressed each other lovingly. “Can we try again?” Dan asked, looking at Phil with lustrous eyes. Phil nodded.

❥ Phil shifted backwards to lean back against the headboard, but shifted a little too far and his head bounced forward off of the wall. Dan and Phil burst into a fit of giggles together as Phil let out a loud “Ow!”

❥ “Maybe we should try this another day,” Dan suggested, rubbing the back of Phil’s head and kissing his forehead.


An evening illustration - not completely 100% on my head canon for Etta from @thebridgepodcast (other than FRECKLES and a vague Little Mermaid vibe) but nothing says “Creepy Transcontinental Bridge with Sea Monsters” like a subtle character design outta Night Vale with tentacles!

That said, not sure anyone on this show is completely human? Or even mortal?