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735. Teddy never gets to figure out his shape shifting completely so he was often changing his appearance without knowing, nobody did really ever see his face because of this until one unfortunate Quidditch match where he was hit by a bludger. While he was still unconscious, McGonagall was the first to notice he looked just like Remus.

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My family's thinking about vacationing in Greece next year. Any recommendations? Like which city to go to, must-see places, must-eat food, etc? Thanks :)

(Oops I meant to submit ask to your other blog, sorry about that)


That is okay – I don’t mind answering here! :) 

So first of all, it depends when you go and what you are interested in. If you go in winter, you cannot go to the islands– well, you can but it is impossible because the ferries run on a very haphazard schedule and often they just…won’t even run lol…so it is really easy to get stuck on an island. If you go in the summer, the archaeological sites are too crowded and it is too hot, so you would be better off just chilling on an island. Personally, I prefer Greece in the winter because the weather is really comfortable for touring and visiting sites. And I don’t really like going there in the summer to an island cos then you are just stuck there for months… lol So maybe it would be nice for like a honeymoon but kinda boring for a vacation with your family, and I’d go to Messina not to an island (but for families/friends, I like Sicily better for a beach place in May/June/July cos there is an airport easily accessible and you can also really easily get to other places in Sicily). 

So then where you go depends really on what your interests are. I am personally insane and so I went like climbing mountains looking for archaeological sites lol so idk if you are into that (and it is a lot of work and often mildly dangerous so idk if your parents want to do that lol…we got our car stuck…so many times…it was so messed up when we returned it but they didn’t even care lol). Also note that if you are interested in archaeological sites, a few of them are closed in the winter so…you know…you have to “sneak.” And everything closes at 15.00! 

I only did the Peloponnese cos I was only interested in visiting the ancient sites so I can only really give advice about that. I recommend you get one of those Michelin or whatever books because then you will get a breakdown of all the sites and you can pick and choose. Basically there is one ancient site per small town and maybe another medieval site of interest and maybe a temple outside of the town. These are the places I went to (it took me a month). 

  • Athens (very nice for New Years!!!) 
  • Eleusis
  • Korinthos 
  • Argos (there is a temple to Hera very far off the the beaten track – ask someone in Argos for directions. All I can tell you is that it is right before the teeny little bridge into Argos. Then you turn off and take dirt roads for about 30 minutes and it is very confusing…just keep asking for directions)
  • Nauplion/Nafplia (it is written as both on maps idk y, it is just a really cute town/good stopping point with cute hotels) 
  • Mycenae 
  • Leonidio 
  • Kosmas (medieval – the drive from Leonidio to Kosmas to Monemvassia is … very scary but very beautiful, it is more of a  drive through nature … lots of goats!!!)
  • Monemvassia (medieval/Byzantine)
  • Mystras (medieval/byzantine site)
  • Sparti (also try to find the temple to artemis on the edge of the town, and there is a nice altho very sketchy looking museum in the town, there is the tomb of Menelaus and Helen far outside of town – it is impossible to find and not marked anywhere so you need to ask people and usually they have no idea what you are talking about but keep asking cos it is…very cool. It is just this giant tomb in the middle of olive trees (of course the road out there is a mess lol) but def worth it!)
  • Kalamata (nice drive to Kalamata, nothing really in the town, just a nice stopping place)
  • Messina/Ithomi (this is…impossible and the road is ridiculously scary. It is about 45 mins from Kalamata but it is…amazing. When I went I had the entire place to myself. Plus it has a really interesting history! There is also an amazing museum which literally looks like a trailer but on the inside…they have so much!)
  • Pylos (so beautiful! Go to all the beaches!!!!! And definitely drive around on back roads until you ruin your car like I did :) there is a tomb to Nestor’s son by the beach…I have no idea how to describe where lol just climb the hill, pass the goats, and up to your left lol) 
  • Andritsaina (this is my favourite place ever! It is so beautiful! It is up in the mountains and THIS is the worst road. Don’t access Andritaina from the south. Drive there from Olympia. There is a temple to Apollo at Bassae which is…amazing. It is one of the best preserved temples. And the drive is…so beautiful)
  • Olympia (obviously lol but stay in Pyrgos which is a very cute town in a neoclassical style.)
  • Delfi (obviously lol – outside of Delfi on the drive out of Delhi there is also a monastary called Hosios Loukas, it is very nice)
  • Herion of Perichora (this is a site, not a town and it is very beautiful but you need to stay in Loutraki which is…not nice lol but the drive is really beautiful along the ocean) 
  • (now assuming you go back to Athens and then overshoot it…)
  • Sounion (amazing!!!! temple to poseidon!! and beautiful drive) 
  • Marathon (of course…) 

As for food, just try everything, especially things you can’t get in your own country like boar meat which is my favourite thing (you will also see people in the south standing/sitting by the roads with rifles in the winter…they are hunting boars). Also ask what is local or has been caught in the area. Greece is esp good for deer, boar, and (of course) goat. Goat soup!!! And also seafood is great there. Greece just generally has amazing food imo. I never had a bad meal. 

I hope that helps, feel free to send me any more questions, I love talking about Greece (I need to get back there soon!!!!!!!!! I was thinking about going next winter for another month over the break just to Athens and like *live* there but I might go back to Florence instead…hmmm…now you make me want to go to Greece lol) 

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To elaborate on my earlier thought (that I accidentally sent to Submit, oops) Riskua teaches Ace how to dance and when asked about who taught her she hems and haws for a bit ("Sabo may have taught me a bit, but ooh there was this one guy...") and in the meantime Ace is just flushed and embarrassed because "omg omg dance how? Riskua's so pretty! Omg Omg"

Sorry, Chickadee, I responded before I found this. It’s a bit different, but hope you like it xx

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Bless your blog and your tags 💕. Do happen to have any fic recs, or fics you’ve recently enjoyed? Or, weirdly specific, any fic recs with “soft power” in them?

Thanks! And sure, these are my various fic recs:

These can all be accessed by clicking on “links list” in the sidebar of my blog, btw! The Tywin/Joanna fic recs might be your best bet for fics that address the concept of soft power. 

If those aren’t enough, I also have a tag for #fanfic on my personal blog for fics I liked, as well as a tag for #fanfiction on @pre-gameofthrones specifically for all the pre-series fic I’ve read. (The tag for #fanfiction on my personal blog is for discussions of fanfiction as a genre.)

Oops, I Think I'm In Love

TITLE: Oops, I Think I’m In Love


AUTHOR: im-standing-in-the-rain

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine a kitchen maid having a crush on Loki. She comes to you, since you are lokis chambermaid/confidant, and asks for help in finding out what he finds attractive in a women. Since you and ...


NOTES/WARNINGS: Hope you like:)

“Will that be all Prince?” you ask politely as you test the water of Prince Loki’s shower again before you dry your hand on your dress.

“Yes, thank you, I’ll just have breakfast outside in the balcony like usual, make sure you get yourself a tray too” he said and you nod and chuckle as he walks in and begins to undress. You step out and close the door behind you to allow him to shower in peace.

You were Loki’s chambermaid, you had been for a long time. And since you were only a little younger than him, you and the handsome young prince had sort of became friends, really close friends. Yes, he was handsome, yes you had a little crush on him but you knew that that was all it could ever be, a crush, for he was a prince after all, and you would never jeopardize your friendship with him and definitely not your job either. 

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210. Lily really did like James, but she never said anything because James always acted conceited and arrogant in order to impress her and she didn't like that. Instead, she waited till she and James became good friends because she wanted James to feel comfortable around her instead of wanting to impress her.

81 IMAGE. Last year saw the epic battle for mascot supremacy. Document this action packed tale in a fitting comic book strip that includes this year’s mascot (Dinomite) as well. Be sure to include all of gishwhes’ heroes, heroines, and super villains! - Roxy Fox

you know the mascot supremacy item i got to do last year!!?? I GOT TO MAKE A PREQUEL FOR THIS HUNT i am so pleased!! this was actually the last item i worked alone on, the rest i either consulted/assisted!