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735. Teddy never gets to figure out his shape shifting completely so he was often changing his appearance without knowing, nobody did really ever see his face because of this until one unfortunate Quidditch match where he was hit by a bludger. While he was still unconscious, McGonagall was the first to notice he looked just like Remus.

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It’s Vasha, drawn at That One Angle™. I’ve really enjoyed your work so far, so here’s to the main man of The Warlord’s Contract. May he get through the plot without suffering too much.

OMG I’M SCREAMING (in all the best ways.) THIS IS SO PERFECT. He is absolutely gorgeous. I literally can’t thank you enough. <3


“Oh Dark, I hear you’ve got another playmate~” Wilford loomed above Dark’s desk, examining his nails idly. “Or, shall I say—” his voice dropped to a menacing tone, which sounded quite abnormal in his normally lighthearted tone. “Regained one back.” Dark leaned back in his chair, covering his fear with calm. 
“Look, Will. Host is here of his own accord—” 
“But did it start that way?” Wilford pointed an accusatory finger at Dark’s chest.
“You and me both know that Host has a tendency for Stockholm Syndrome.” Dark pushed away Wilford’s finger, adjusting his suit jacket. 
“Well, I can tell you that this time is different from last—”
“How is it any different? You think a little change in position is gonna make a difference? You’re still manipulating him. You’ve guilt tripped him into being unable to leave—” 
“That’s enough.” Dark’s voice was steely cold, eyes flooded with black. “You think that you can come into my territory and harm what’s mine, you are sorely mistaken.”
Wilford laughed at that statement.
“Do you even hear yourself? You just called Host yours!” Dark flinched at his tone but held his ground. 
“Leave Will.” Wilford shrugged, turning away from him. 
“Don’t blame me when your paradise crumbles.” Warfstache disappeared without a backwards glance and Dark fell backwards into his chair.
Host ran into the room, wearing one of Dark’s button-ups that was slightly too big for his small frame, along with boxers. “Wilf—” He stopped when he realized that the other entity was no longer there. He turned towards Dark, his previously ecstatic expression replaced with one of confusion. “Sir, was Wilford here?”


is this a trend??? I know like three (3) 8th grade white guys who have accused their gfs of giving them ptsd and then threatened suicide if they left, but none of them actually did anything

They’re in the stage where the deepest emotion they’ve felt is love, but only once, the other times were lust, and they’re just thinking they’re equivalent, so they take love as the deepest emotion we can feel, and put lust equal to it, and think you’re ripping away the chance to feel what they perceive as the most satisfying and rewarding emotion.

You can fix them by trying to get it through their skulls that not only are there more interesting and rewarding emotions to feel than love and that love isn’t some end all goal that they have to live up to to be successful human beings, but that “I want you” isn’t love- it’s just blind lust. It’s the same with “love at first sight”. Unless both parties experience it, it’s just non-mutual lust, or at best some kind of paleolithic desire-to-protect response.

The problem here is basically that everything has told them that the most successful man either has really good sex with one woman, or really good sex with a lot of women, and that needs to be broken because that’s just obviously not true, and it’s possible to be very masculine, and very successful, without ever finding love. If you’re a man, help your buddies understand that love isn’t everything, and that there’s so much more to life than romantic love. There’s professional success, there’s the whole romantic effort of creation, there’s money to be made, happiness in isolation that they could find. The male identity and experience still has a lot of work to be done as far as detaching it from sex, and I think it’s been kinda neglected because of concepts like male-experience-as-default and the disposable male, which are both super connected imo.

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  • Anakin: This kid is NOT my grandson from this or any...when...heck, me and Padme don’t even have any kids!

  • Padme: Um...Ani? I’m pregnant!

  • Anakin: WHAT?!

  • Padme: I found out this morning. I was going to tell you tonight... *glares at Ben* IN PRIVATE.

  • Ben, waving casually at Padme’s stomach: Hey Mom! Hey, Uncle Luke!

  • Anakin: Wait, there are TWO in there?!

  • Padme: We’re having TWINS?!?!

  • Ben: Oops...spoilers!

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( @askthefiendishbombers ) Q (the oc) : What if someone stole something from you? *totally not plotting to steal his information again (this ask takes place after they 'met')*

Seems a little odd that you’d ask, y’know!

Especially considering what happened last time we met.

Imagine steve is on his computer in the kitchen looking at dumb things on the internet. He finds something funny so he calls for bucky to come see it, and this is the fifth time today and bucky’s in bed reading a really good book and he doesn’t want to get up AGAIN to look at more DUMB CATS STEVE but he knows steve won’t stop til he gets bucky up 

so he yells back “WHO THE HELL IS BUCKY” and steve’s choking noise is audible from two rooms away 

Faking It (Part Seven)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other.

Note: Thank you to @therealtayliciousreads for helping motivate me to write this chapter and for listening to me ramble about all of the insanity that’s still to come. Also sorry I’m updating so late (if you’re on east coast time like me), I went to the matinee of a play today and then just couldn’t find inspiration for a few hours oops.

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The moment the elevator reaches the penthouse you’re tackled by your sister. She pulls you into a tight hug, nearly toppling you over in the process. Luckily, Bucky is there to put a hand on your back to steady you.

“(Y/N)!” she quips excitedly as she releases you from her hold, “I can’t believe you left brunch before I got there, how dare you!” she loops her arm through yours, walking beside you into the living room. Bucky trails behind you silently, not wanting to interrupt your reunion with your younger sibling. 

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