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735. Teddy never gets to figure out his shape shifting completely so he was often changing his appearance without knowing, nobody did really ever see his face because of this until one unfortunate Quidditch match where he was hit by a bludger. While he was still unconscious, McGonagall was the first to notice he looked just like Remus.

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For the short thing fic... Of course i'm gonna ask lunyx. Lunyx and ... Mmmmh, dinner? ;)

@lunyxweek DAY [ONE] - modern au // 5 sentence challenge
nyx can salvage even the dullest dinner affair, or something like that.
227 words
rated g

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His Plan (IBVS Errink)

Finally! I did it. Jeez, so much work- So long too. Hope you enjoy, though, I really enjoyed writing it!!

It may be almost midnight for me. Oops.

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“So, why did you want me here again?” Error asked, flopping down on the couch and huffing. This was gonna be boring. “I mean, you just wanted to meet Ink-”

“Of course! We’re going to bond.”

“Wait, what,” Ink cut in, actually majorly confused. “I thought I was here to draw cats.”

“Well, you are, but I figured we could become friends, too! All three of us.” ‘Blueberry’ shot a pointed glare at Error, who mumbled something under his breath and turned away, puffing his cheeks out.

There was the strong desire from Ink to just leave now, but seeing how much Error was bothered by it… he couldn’t help but grin, holding out his left hand for Blueberry to shake, after taking off his winter gloves. “Sounds good. Am I drawing out back?”

Blue shook his head, bending down and picking up one of the tiny kittens that had scampered over. “I’ve taken my animals inside for the winter! Who would leave them out in the cold?” He pet the small black and white creature, allowing Ink to reach over and pet it as well.

Ink shrugged, glancing over at Error, who was staring at Ink. He didn’t turn away, as he realized Ink had caught him, narrowing his eyes and scoffing lightly, Ink winking at him. Hadn’t that… happened before? But this time, Error flushed a bright red before he turned away, crossing his arms for a moment, only to bring one hand up to touch his own face gently.

Ink blinked a few times, mostly in confusion, before turning back to Blue. “I wouldn’t. I just didn’t know when you took them in or put them back out,” he explained, eyes lighting up as Blue let him hold the small kitten, about thirteen weeks old now.

“I take them in around the time it starts getting cold, but I might bring a few out if there are some warmer days.” Ink nodded in response, focused on the squirming animal in his grasp. It bit his pinkie finger gently, gnawing on it.

“Are you ready to draw? I had the perfect model… where did he go-? I’ll go look.” Blue walked off, leaving Ink with the wriggling bundle in his arms. He bent down to let it free, as it seemed to be getting a bit antsy.

He began to take off his hat and coat, as well as his winter boots. He shuffled over to the couch, sitting down on it as far away from Error as he could get. He glanced around the interior of the home, pulling the ponytail holder out of his hair and trying to make it look less messy (Error thought he looked really cute with his hair down and quickly looked away, trying to distract himself with his own hair).

Ink looked over, raising a brow. “What are you doi-”

“None of your business!” Error cut in, pulling out his phone to check his hair. But that’s even when he started questioning himself; would Ink like it? Would he care if even one hair was out of place? Was Error handsome to him?

Error’s face flushed once again as he realized what he was thinking, and he shoved his phone back into his pocket. Whatever, didn’t matter. Nope.

Ink was just leaning against the armrest now, watching a few of the cats jump all over the furniture. Some of them were pretty fluffy, leaving a little bit of fur anywhere they sat for… over five minutes? Probably. Blue had been gone for a while now. Ink sighed, resting on the back of the couch instead of the armrest, pulling out his phone to check text messages.

Nope, nothing from Cross.

How long had it been, a month? Yeah, a month.

… He turned off his phone and put it away, looking away for just a second only to feel a weight on his legs. He glanced down, his right eye twitching as he saw what, no, who, was on his legs. Error had just apparently decided it would be a good idea to lay his head on Ink’s lap.

Was that gay? That was really gay to Ink.

He shoved Error off the couch.


“Language!” Blue called down from the second floor. There was a thump and a crash, though, and- “F#ck sh#t oW!”

“You really do try, Blue!” Error called, pulling himself off the floor. He sat back down on the couch, this time in the middle, resting his arm on Ink’s shoulder and his chin on Ink’s head.

“What are you doing?” Ink asked, trying to push him off, to no avail.

“Taking advantage of how short and weak you are,” Error replied, wrapping his other arm around Ink and covering his mouth with his sleeve. “now shut up.”

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Your submit box on your writing blog isn’t open, so I suppose I’ll stick this here!

It’s Vasha, drawn at That One Angle™. I’ve really enjoyed your work so far, so here’s to the main man of The Warlord’s Contract. May he get through the plot without suffering too much.

OMG I’M SCREAMING (in all the best ways.) THIS IS SO PERFECT. He is absolutely gorgeous. I literally can’t thank you enough. <3

Imagine steve is on his computer in the kitchen looking at dumb things on the internet. He finds something funny so he calls for bucky to come see it, and this is the fifth time today and bucky’s in bed reading a really good book and he doesn’t want to get up AGAIN to look at more DUMB CATS STEVE but he knows steve won’t stop til he gets bucky up 

so he yells back “WHO THE HELL IS BUCKY” and steve’s choking noise is audible from two rooms away 

Fandom: Marvel - Bucky Barnes bodyguard AU
Part: One
Word Count: 2,945
Characters: Reader x Bucky
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Swearing, mild violence.
Summary: Yesterday, everything was normal, you we’re a normal college student. Today you’re running for your life with a Bodyguard that seems to hate you and the president is telling you that you’re his daughter and your life is in danger. Who exactly is this man your father had decided will protect you? Why does he seem to hate you? As the world gets dangerous, it seems Bucky just wants to look after you. Is that the reason for his icy stare, or is there something else to it? Modern Bucky Barnes AU!
Author note: I deleted by accident, oops.

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