oops no bunny


i made a 48 hour film with @lucadepardon a couple weeks ago. check it out! or just read the description, it says everything you need to know

give me a plot where muse a is a spitfire of a girl with a fiery temper and a winner’s mentality, who comes from a working class family and muse b is an obnoxious, arrogant upper class boy with a world of expectations upon his shoulders. both have been in fierce competition since they first met, both determined to be the top of the class, and both having to work together on the same co-ed sports team. final year of high school/college and muse a gets given the captaincy of the team, which muse b obviously despises but has to put up with for the sake of the team. over a break of sorts, muse a realises that muse b has strengths when it comes to the tactics/plays that they need to utilise in their games, so swallows her pride and asks for his help- they spend a lot of time together trying not to tear each others heads off (and realising the other isn’t so bad after all) before returning to school and returning to ignoring one another but for their snide comments in the classroom etc. cue them fighting and arguing during practices and everyone else on the team rolling their eyes and telling them to ‘get a room’ because lbr, the sexual tension is pretty much unbearable. the two of them are the only ones left on the pitch/field after one such practice, and they continue arguing heatedly until muse b surprises them both by kissing muse a in a way that’s too passionate to be a mistake. so ensues a period of avoidance and confusion and sexual tension that nobody knows what to do with.

a plot where two friends have been living together for a while, but personalities clash a lot and they’re constantly disagreeing/pissing each other off. muse a keeps complaining about the mess in the house, whilst muse b can’t stand muse a’s smoking habits. muse b keeps bringing home strangers whenever they go out at night, which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t expect muse a to cook for them and their guest every morning. muse a is always hogging the tv and sofa to play their favourite video games, and muse b doesn’t think they can take another night of waking up to the incessant laughter that comes from the front room at 1am when muse a is watching their favourite show.

one day they’ve completely had enough of each other, and have the biggest argument they’ve ever had. muse a kicks muse b out, and the two expect to go their separate ways. that is, until muse a receives a weird text from muse b;

look, i know you’re not talking to me right now and that i’ve been really shitty to you, but you need to open this fucking door right now because i’ve just found a baby left in an alley and i have no idea if it’s going to be okay

Me: wants to wear flower crowns and twirl around in a flowy skirt
Also me: wants to dress in all black and be feared by all