oops mlp


((I should really stop uploading these so late at night)) ((eh))
((also why have I been updating so frequently?? Idk I guess I’ve been in a drawing mood lately))
((also, hello dozens of new followers. You made it just in time to see the championship match: Scooter mom vs Not Rainbow Dash))


WOW commissions WOW ! i actually just signed up for paypal tonight though so i won’t be officially taking commissions until sunday BUT if you’re interested you can go ahead and email me at pixilization@gmail.com ! i’m going to go in order, but of course you won’t get your drawing until i’ve been paid (so you can request right now BUT you won’t get your drawing until sunday at the earliest.) if you have any questions just ask me here or email me !

+5 dollars per character on crayon and +10 dollars per character on lined