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Part 3

Story Title: It’s Our Paradise, It’s Our War Zone
Chapter: 3
Previous Chapters: 1, 2
Genre: Fan Fiction, Divergent Fandom
Warnings: Strong Language, Adult Content
Rating: NSFW
Disclaimer: Honestly haven’t reread this yet, lol oops/ i’ll fix mistakes tomorrow :) 


“Where the fuck have you been?” Ryder asked angrily just as Riley stepped through the threshold of their apartment at 4AM.
“Jesus, I’m not even in the fucking door.” Riley scoffed.
“I asked you a question.” Ryder demanded.
“Are you my fucking mother?” Riley said venomously.
“I’m sorry.” Ryder took a step back and inhaled deeply. “We were worried, Mikey said you left with Eric and then you don’t come home?”
“I had shit to deal with.”
“Like?” Ryder pressed his twin.
“Ryder I’m just home, I’ve got work later and I’d really like to go to my bed, we’ll talk about this in the morning.” Riley pulled off her t-shirt and dropped it to the floor, she sat on the edge of her bed and yanked off her chunky boots, letting them fall to the floor with a hefty clunk, she wiggled out of her tight pants and fell into bed, 30 seconds after her head hit the pillow she was sleeping.

Riley thumped her alarm clock sleepily, finally hitting the button on her third attempt, she groaned as she stretched out, her muscles ached, she massaged her aching neck and sat up, she half expected Ryder to be sitting by her bed waiting for her to wake, she was surprised to not see him but relieved, she really couldn’t be bothered dealing with that right now. Riley sprung out of bed and tidied her mess from the night before, she fired on workout clothes and went for a run after only 3 hours sleep, something that was not unusual for her, she decided it was best to use the shower at work to avoid Ryder until later, she knew he wouldn’t be up for a while, Ryder always slept in. Riley exited the communal bathroom and bumped into Hunter.
“Where the hell were you?” Hunter asked blocking the path of his sister.
“I’m having Deja Vu.” Riley sighed. “I’m a big girl, I can look after myself.”
“What did he do to you?” Hunter grabbed Riley’s arm and pulled her over to the side.
“He who? Do what?” Riley asked puzzled.
“Don’t be fucking smart with me.” Hunter said fiercely. “Eric.” Riley couldn’t contain her laughter.
“You’ve spoken to Ryder then.” Riley yanked her arm out of her brothers grasp. “Not that I need to tell you anything but nothing happened with Eric, we went looking for Desmond.” Riley stared her brother out, she knew he didn’t believe her but that was his problem not hers. “Now I’ve got to go to work and I’m pretty sure you do too.” Riley turned on her heel and marched to the squad room, she could hear Hunter’s footsteps behind her, as she walked through the door she encountered her team leader.
“Morning Lieutenant.” Eric greeted her staring down at her tiny frame.
“Sergeant.” Riley nodded and flashed a quick smile then took a seat waiting for this mornings briefing to begin. Riley half expected Hunter to start yelling at Eric but he didn’t, he sat down next to her.
“This isn’t over.” Hunter leaned over and whispered in her ear.
“Nikki, Murphy wants to see you, now.” Eric ordered just as Nikki walked in the door, she sighed and left immediately. Jack and Josh roamed into the room in a fit of laughter, Eric glared at the twins and they instantly went quiet and took a seat with the rest of the team. “We’ve had intel that there is another rebel outpost and there is the chance Desmond is there. Gear up, we’re leaving in 20.”
“Is this intel accurate?” Hunter asked.
“It’s from a trusted source.” Eric responded. The group fumbled around collecting their belongings and made their way to the garage which was incredibly busy this morning, Mikey as usual shied away from Eric but he had a vehicle at the ready for Alpha squad. Riley approached the front of the truck, Hunter stepped in front of her and jumped in first.
“Are you being serious?” Riley said sarcastically. Hunter kept his mouth shut but eyeballed his sister, apparently he was, Riley grumbled quietly at Hunter then hopped into the truck beside him, she didn’t understand why he was being so childish.
“Waaaiit.” Nikki yelled running towards the vehicle. “I’m coming.”
“No you’re not, I spoke to Murphy, you’re off Alpha team.” Eric claimed, Nikki’s face dropped, she stuck her bottom lip out but Eric simply started the truck and reversed out of the garage leaving her sullen face behind.

When Eric said he’d take Riley and sent Hunter and the twins to the back of the building Hunter was not impressed but at least he couldn’t blame Riley for this, after all it was Eric’s decision and he was the team leader, anyway Eric had to speak to Riley about last night.
“What I did was necessary.” Eric said quietly to Riley as they entered the building guns at the ready.
“I never said it wasn’t.” Riley replied. “We got the information we needed, that was the goal.” Eric couldn’t help himself but give Riley a quick smile, she was something else, nothing like all the other girls he knew, he was actually surprised by her reaction to last night’s events. Riley got flashbacks to last night, being alone with Eric, stalking around a dark and musty building supposedly ruled by rebels, it had been evacuated though, only one person remained and he didn’t have a very good night, thanks to Eric anyway, Riley wasn’t totally innocent, she’d been there and did nothing to stop it, the need for the information was higher than her sorrow for another human being. “Did you hear that?” Riley asked Eric quietly, Eric nodded and waved his finger to a slightly ajar door on the right, they approached it tactically being careful to not make a sound, Eric used his rifle’s barrel to push open the door then him and Riley pulled back to the side of the door frame, when nothing moved or made a sound from inside they advanced into the square room, the wallpaper was peeling off the walls, there was a metal framed bed in the corner with dirty ripped sheets covering it, a lump lay underneath it. Riley stayed by the door on guard and Eric stalked his way into the middle of the room approaching the bed, he whipped back the covers and aimed his gun at the figure on the bed. Desmond. Riley left her post and dashed up the side of the bed, Eric took guard at the door while Riley shook the dishevelled man. “Desmond, Desmond, do you remember me? The twin, you tried to hijack the truck my brother and I were driving to Amity?” Riley almost pleaded with the dirty man, he mumbled and spoke gibberish. “Desmond comon, what did you mean by someone wanted me and my brother?” Riley poked the man, his eyes didn’t focus on anything in particular, he seemed extremely spaced.
“Cuff him, we’ll take him with us.” Eric said. Riley cuffed the unresponsive man and pulled him to his feet, thankfully he was able to walk by himself, he just needed guidance. “We’ve required the target, head back to the truck.” Eric said over the radio. Even though on the way in the place was empty, Alpha squad knew not to let their guard down, in fact that was something Riley ever done at any time, something Eric noticed and understood. As Eric and Riley exited the rundown building a shot rang out and Desmond went down, warm red liquid spluttered onto Riley’s face. “Godfuckingdammit.” Riley cursed, she ran forward to duck behind a tree, Eric joined her.
“Did you see anything?”
“Not a thing.” Riley replied. “Fuck. We fucking had him.”
“Sarge?” Hunter’s voice crackled over the radio.
“Target is down, I repeat target is down, unknown sniper is out there, be aware.” Eric informed the rest of his team members. Riley peeked her head around the side of the tree and searched for a good sniper spot, nothing moved, not even the trees surrounding them, it was dead quiet, apparently the secret sniper had disappeared into thin air.

When they pulled into the garage Riley jumped out of the truck before Eric stopped, she didn’t stop to listen when Hunter called her name, she went straight to her apartment and changed then went to the gym. Once again she attacked the punching bag, rage flooded her mind and body when the punching bag wasn’t hard enough Riley stormed over to the wall and punched it, she yelled out in pain afterwards and clutched her bleeding hand to her chest.
“You’ve got to stop taking your anger out on yourself.” Eric said drawing closer to her. Riley went to snap at him but she stopped herself, deep down she knew he was right but as if she’d admit that to him. “Let me see.” Eric reached out his hand.
“No, I’m fine.” Riley repelled away from him, she grabbed her hoodie and scurried out of the gym.

“Knew I’d find you here.” Blair said taking a seat at the bar beside Riley. Blair was 5 feet 6, she had long flowing brunette hair, crystal blue eyes, she always wore heavy dark makeup with a deep purple lipstick.
“Where else would I be?” Riley laughed. “Hey, 2 vodkas and redbull.” She said to the bartender, the young male poured the drinks immediately and slid them along the bar. Riley gulped hers in a second, Blair took her time.
“What happened to your hand?” Blair asked seeing Riley’s bloody bandaged hand.
“Nothing.” Riley said nonchalant.
“Like always then huh?” Blair retorted. Riley couldn’t help but crack a smile at her best friend, Blair pushed her half full glass towards Riley, Riley picked it up immediately and swallowed the liquid that remained. “I can’t stay, I’ve got a date.”
“Oh yeah? Who with.” Riley asked intrigued.
“This handsome guy that I met the other day.”
“Good luck. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” Riley joked, Blair placed her hand on Riley’s shoulder and squeezed it gently then left the noisy and crowded bar once again leaving Riley on her own, she dropped her head down on the bar and inhaled deeply, a hand landed on her lower back and she shot up instantly, looking to the left she saw Gunner.
“Can I get you a drink?”
“Go for it.” Riley replied. Riley sat with Gunner at the bar for over an hour, she drank at least 7 drinks or maybe it was closer to 12, she wasn’t sure, she had lost count and when she stood up apparently she had lost her balance too because Gunner caught her before she fell off the barstool, Riley was pissed and when Riley had a drink in her she almost always became horny. She grabbed Gunner’s hand and pulled him out of the pit through the throng of people dancing and socialising, she lead him to his apartment, Gunner unlocked the door and Riley stumbled in, she made it to the dining table and unbuttoned her pants, she slid them down her legs along with her underwear and leaned over the table, she heard Gunner unbuckle his belt and undo his pants, within seconds he shoved himself inside of her, she yelled out, half in pleasure, half in pain, she didn’t want foreplay or to kiss him, she simply wanted to be fucked. Riley dropped her head onto the table and spread her hands out, Gunner gripped her hips and slammed into her repeatedly, Riley breathed heavy but she didn’t moan, she was empty, she was numb, the thoughts of today replaying over and over in her head, she was a million miles away, Gunner grunted and gently pushed inside of her, he sighed and pulled out, Riley at once pulled her pants up and buttoned them, she waddled over to Gunner’s sofa and crashed down, she was so drunk her body felt so heavy, so did her eyelids, too heavy to open, Gunner placed a blanket over Riley and went to his bed leaving her quietly snoring on his sofa.

Riley woke up with a pounding headache and a dry mouth, she sleepily stumbled to her feet and walked to the kitchen, it wasn’t until she walked into a wooden chair and stubbed her toe that she realised she wasn’t in her apartment.
“Morning.” Gunner said passing her a bottle of fresh cold water, Riley cracked it open and swallowed hastily. “Here, take these.” Gunner handed her pain meds, Riley gulped them straight away and finished off the bottle of water in a minute.
“What time is it?” Riley croaked.
“Half six.” Gunner informed her.
“I’ve gotta go.” Riley said more to herself than Gunner.
“Always short and sweet with you.” Gunner smirked, Riley said bye and left his apartment. As she shuffled along the corridors of Dauntless the noise this morning seemed to be louder than usual, it made her head pound even more. Riley eventually made it to her own apartment and stepped in, before she had the chance to do anything Ryder stood before her.
“Where were you this time?” Ryder asked annoyed.
“I am an adult you know, I can do what I want.”
“You might be an adult but you’re not looking after yourself.”
“Funny because I’m pretty sure I just made it home without a scratch on me, I’d say that was looking after myself.” Riley sniped at her brother.
“I’m fucking done trying with you.” Ryder said throwing his hands in the air.
“I was with Gunner if you must know.” Riley informed her brother. Ryder sighed and left the apartment without another word to his twin sister. Riley found her way to the sofa and collapsed, once again her eyelids and body felt incredibly heavy, just as she was about to nod off someone hammered at the door. Riley decided to ignore it until she heard her mother shouting.
“I am not leaving until you open this bloody door Riley.” Lisa yelled still banging on the door. Riley eventually hauled herself up and somehow got to the door, she unlocked it, pulled it open and her mother almost knocked her over when she stormed into the apartment, she dumped a diaper bag on the floor and put Finlay next to it. “Here. It’s your turn.”
“It’s my day off, I’m..” Riley started.
“I don’t care. I’m busy.” Lisa said. Riley had no energy to argue or even be annoyed so she let her mom leave the apartment without another word spoken between mother and daughter.
“Hey baby shark.” Riley said softly to her little brother, the toddler opened his arms and hugged Riley’s legs, she gently ruffled the little boys blond hair, Riley looked down at the 2 year old and noticed his sleepy eyes. “How about we watch cartoons and snuggle on the sofa?” Riley needed this as much as Finlay she assumed, the little boy nodded his head and smiled. Riley picked him up and sat on the sofa, Finlay sat on her lap.
“Bwanky.” Finlay mumbled. Riley leaned forward holding Finlay and scooped up a dinosaur blanket that Finlay loved, it was super soft and cosy, she wrapped it around herself and Finlay and switched on the TV, 15 minutes into the cartoon Finlay was sleeping, Riley passed out not long after him.

After Riley made Finlay his dinner and she managed to half eat a burger she took the toddler back to her parents, relieved to find out her mom wasn’t home.
“Hey baby girl.” Rick said kissing his daughter’s forehead. “Hey Finn, did you have fun with Riley?”
“Yeaaaa.” Finlay yelled bouncing up and down.
“Go play little man.” Rick ruffled the boys hair before he rushed off. “Riley don’t take this the wrong way but you look like shit.” A sweet smile spread across her father’s face.
“Thanks dad.” Riley laughed. “Had a long day yesterday.”
“I heard.” Rick paused. “About Desmond.”
“Yeah that.” Riley said.
“I’m sorry Riley.”
“Don’t be it wasn’t your fault.” Riley sighed.
“Ryder’s looking for you. Says he hasn’t seen you much lately, everything okay?” Rick asked cautiously.
“Yeah, fine.”
“You sure?” Rick gently pressed.
“Yes dad I promise. Just busy with the promotion you know.” Riley faked a smile.
“I know, I’m so proud of you, my baby girl.”
“Stop calling me that.” Riley shied away from her fathers touch. “I’m not a baby anymore.”
“You’re definitely not but you’ll always be my baby girl.”
“Okay, that’s enough dad.” Riley chuckled and gently pulled away from her dad. “I better go, I’m meeting Blair in the pit.”
“Stay safe.”
“Will do, love you, bye dad.”
“Bye love you.” Rick smirked . “Baby girl.” Riley rolled her eyes. She hugged Finlay goodbye and made sure to give him plenty of kisses before she left.

When Riley reached the pit she found Blair sitting at a table with Ryder, Gunner, Mikey and a couple of other friends, Riley approached the table and sat next to her friend.
“Here get this down you.” Blair said pushing a drink in front of Riley, like usual Riley swallowed the drink in seconds. “What took you so long? You’ve got some catching up to do.”
“Visiting my dad, my mom dropped Finlay off with me this morning, I had to take him home.”
“How is your dad?” Blair asked genuinely curious.
“He’s good, doing well.” Riley smiled. At least he came across that way, Riley always worried about her father, she knew he could handle himself but she loved him so much, she couldn’t bear the thought of anything happening to him, her mom on the other hand, well, Blair knew not to ask about her.
“Hey baby sis.” Hunter said placing his hands on Riley’s shoulders. “We’re going to the lake tomorrow, you wanna come?”
“Suppose.” Riley shrugged her shoulders.
“You too bro.” Hunter told Ryder. “Blair and Gunner you’re welcome too.”
“Awh sweet!” Ryder cheered. “Here you wanting a drink?”
“Sure.” Hunter took a seat beside Riley. “Hey listen, I’m sorry about the other day. I had no right to tell you what to do or who to be with, I just don’t want you getting hurt.”
“I accept your apology and we’re good unless you do it again.” Riley confirmed.
“Heard loud and clear.” Hunter replied smiling. A tiny weight felt like it had been lifted off Riley’s shoulders, she hated being on bad terms with her favorite brother.
“Room for me?” Eric asked squeezing between the siblings, nothing like inviting yourself Riley thought to herself.
“Hey you, you little whore.” Nikki yelled marching her way towards Riley. Riley stood, her hands instantly clenched ready for what might be coming her way. “You are a little bitch.”
“I am? How come?” Riley asked curious as to what she had supposedly done to Nikki because as far as she was aware, nothing had went on between the two girls.
“Don’t act like you didn’t fucking do it.” Nikki spat venomously.
“Did what?” Riley asked slightly confused, she really did not have a clue what Nikki was on about.
“Is that how you do it? Sleep with the team leaders, actually it was probably higher up, Murphy I presume.”
“Nikki, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Riley said adamantly, she took a step closer to sour faced girl her anger slightly getting the better of her. Riley was just waiting on a reason to hit Nikki.
“I get kicked off Alpha and you’re the new star of the team, you must be real good at blow jobs.” Nikki hissed. It took every fibre of Riley’s being to stand down but she inhaled and exhaled, she waited. Nikki swung her right fist at Riley who ducked and punched her in the lower abdomen, Nikki grunted and grabbed Riley’s long wavy hair, she slammed Riley’s face into her knee. Riley moaned then yanked herself away, she lunged at Nikki and pushed her to the ground then mounted her and continued to punch her. Blood trickled from Riley’s nose but Nikki had a busted eye and blood all over her face. Hands grabbed Riley and plucked her off a beaten Nikki who was rolling around on the floor howling but unable to speak. Riley squirmed in her captors arms.
“Calm down.” Eric said his soft slightly wet lips touching Riley’s ear. Something about his tone made Riley stop struggling and eventually she stood still with Eric’s arms around her. When Riley was calmer and Nikki had been carried off to the infirmary Eric let go of Riley, she wrenched herself away from him and the grasp of her brothers and best friend.
“Riley, wait!” Hunter called.
“Don’t. Just don’t.” Riley said holding up her hand, Hunter stopped in his tracks, he knew Riley needed her space. Riley wiped her nose, bright red blood covered her hand and she winced when she looked down to see her already sore hand from punching the wall covered in blood once again and aching. Riley left the noisy pit and charged towards the liquor store but before she got there, she stopped. Riley decided to go home instead of buying more alcohol, after all she still had a slight hangover from the night before and what she really needed was a hot shower then bed.

The next morning when Riley awoke her face her, looking in the mirror she had a slight black eye and bust nose. “Fucking great.” Riley sighed. She pulled open her dresser drawer and applied some concealer around her eye and nose, she splashed on a bit of mascara then went for her run, afterwards she changed into fresh clothes and went to work. As soon as she arrived Eric called on her, she followed him to Murphy’s office where Nikki was sitting in a chair.
“What happened last night?” Murphy asked.
“It was her, she attacked me.” Nikki said first, both her eyes were swollen and purple, her lip was also swollen with a large cut spreading across her bottom lip.
“Are you fucking kidding me, she blamed me for getting kicked off Alpha, I only defended myself.” Riley said unwaveringly.
“Sir I can confirm what Riley is saying is the truth.” Eric paused. “I was there, I seen it all.”
“Well looks like my decision to kick you off Alpha was the right one huh Nikki?” Murphy said. Everyone stayed quiet. “So, for this incident the only thing I can do it put you on probation.”
“No fucking way!” Nikki yelled.
“Watch who you’re speaking to Lieutenant.” Murphy barked. Nikki retreated back into her seat. “That is all, carry on. Nikki report to Trevor in the armoury.”
“I’m on weapon duties?” Nikki asked.
“Yes, now leave.” Murphy ordered. Riley who hadn’t sat down saluted her boss and left his office, Eric repeated the process then caught up with Riley on the way back to the squad room.
“Hey wait up.” Eric called after her but she didn’t slow her pace or even turn to look at him. Eric jogged to catch up with Riley. “You handle yourself pretty well considering your size. You had her.”
“Damn right I did.” Riley said confidently, Eric smirked down at Riley, he was over a foot taller than her but he didn’t intimidate her, not like he seemed to intimidate everyone else, although Riley had grown up with 4 brothers who were all much taller than her and she could still win a fight against them; size isn’t everything. It wasn’t until this moment though that Riley noticed how wide Eric’s shoulders were, how he stood up straight and ever so slightly puffed out his chest, the veins in his biceps popping out, she noticed his swagger too, it was kind of hot actually, wow, what the hell Riley thought to herself. “I’ve gotta go.” Riley abruptly said and run off in the opposite direction of Eric.

french vocabulary - nighttime & getting ready for bed

🌆sunset (m) - coucher de soleil
🌃night(time) (f) - nuit

🌙moon (f) - lune
🌟star (f) - étoile (pl. les étoiles)
💫shooting star (f) - étoile filante
✨a starry night (f) - une nuit étoilée
🌌constellation (f) - constellation

🛏bed (m) - un lit
🛌sheet (m) - un drap (pl. les draps)
⛺️blanket (f) - couverture
👕pajamas (m) - pyjama/s
🐻teddy bear (m) - nounours

👄toothbrush (f) - brosse à dents (to brush your teeth - de te brosser les dents)
💋toothpaste (m) - dentifrice
✅dental floss (m) - fil dentaire
🚿 shower (f) - douche (to shower - de se doucher; to take a shower - de prendre une douche)
🛀🏽to take a bath - de prendre un bain

😚to say goodnight - de dire bonne nuit / bonsoir
😴to sleep - dormir (to fall asleep - s'endormir)
😌to dream - rêver
💤to snore - ronfler

⭐️dream (m) - rêve (pl. les rêves)
🎵lullaby (f) - berceuse
🕚bedtime (f) - (l'heure de) coucher
📖bedtime story (f) - histoire

🌉good night! - bonne nuit !
😘sweet dreams! - fais de beaux rêves !

3 AM

Vegas | 3 AM | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: Read this so you can understand what’s going on a little better lol. So this is not v7. This takes place in between Vegas and Tease, so just keep that in the back of your mind while you read. This is the story of how Y/N got on birth control. Also, credit to @adothoe for a couple lines of dialogue she helped me with.

Word Count: 3066

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: smut, lazy sex, pharmacy, little bit of jealousy, cursing

Tagging:  @jordanfishest @jazy2015 @alexanderhamllton @this-ally-loves-you @duckoffury @hamrevolution @curiositykilledthecompanion @thegirlonhamilton @shinymarbles @legattoassassino @nadialinett14 @an-abundance-of-hannahs @someonesblogger @the-ashy-phoenix @hamiltrashinn @texasprincess3 @patchesthed00t @teenage-band-loser @hetafairyaot @hmltntrsh51 @kkoolaid1 @londonbridgefalling @ashthewinchestergirl @aquamarrineee @pearltheartist @bluesnowyangel @iguanamineral @vickyvickerson @edge-oftonight @vishuddhakid @kink-george @loopietoopie @hamil-scribbles @iamgrayfox @zaire-is-worth-it @hamiltonwasbienough @butter-times @lilybutterworthstuff @velvetsirius @fandom-nerdness7 @snoozing-hippogriffs-23 @agent-fangirl @traash-canz @meand-mybrain @jadee-ee @oshlow @me—lancholy @ridiculousn3ssfangirl @newyorkyoucanbeanew @pearltheartist @bluesnowyangel @sitdownjohn-youfatmotherfucker @finnydraws @exhibits-no-restraint @secretary-thomas-jefferson @completehamiltrash @clamilton @for-god-sake-john-sit-down @pandoraspieceofcrapbox @thenutella-cat @manateegrl @meavenel @hamilsquadsrighthandman @seungcheoljpg @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @i-am-trash1828 @helplessly-hamiltrash @haletotheking24 @bootybiersack @thoughtfulbearpanda @5vibesofsummer @completehamiltrash @canadianfruitpunch @faatlouie @accidentally-impeccable @ask-sherlock-221b @missgallaxy @nonxstop @emilysyrup @erinlikestrains @basheverythingyesterday @yukiyoru @duckslier3 @drwhomtrenchluvr @sweetestjensener @pearltheartist @dulharp-a

Daveed sighed as he laid on his back in bed next to your sleeping form, restless because he’d been wide awake for almost an hour now. It was one of those nights where his brain was on overdrive. His mind wandered from replaying the lyrics to the new clipping. song he was working on to images of the small baby animals he saw while doing a voiceover for a Disney documentary.

Letting his eyes fall shut, he wrapped his arms tighter around you, pulling you up against his chest. He buried his face into your neck, trying his hardest to clear his mind as best he could.

You stirred in his embrace, awakening groggily and slowly due to the new feeling of Daveed’s warm breath on your neck.

“D?” you murmured tiredly, shifting closer to the warmth his body created.

“Mm,” He hummed against you, his voice rough from not using it for a few hours. He was tired, yes, but the way his train of thought couldn’t come to a stop kept him wide awake, awake enough to respond with no sleep evident in his tone at all.

“D, go the fuck to sleep.”

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Thirteen things you should not invite to supper

1. That one friend who is usually lovely apart from when they eat supper, which owing to some long distant evening mishap in the woods makes them transform into a giant bear which is on fire.

2. The mining robot from the future who has been knocking at the window for some time with its garbled message about people living in great tunnels and it doesn’t seem to know how to talk about anything else other than mines and people in mines and ash and devastation and anyone sitting next to it would probably get frightfully bored.

3. That hole, the one you can pick up and put places and you’re not quite sure where it goes but it certainly caused conversation the last time you invited it to supper.

4. A worm that eats chairs.

5. That great white whale that you have become obsessed with and which could conceivably be able to attend if you fitted out the room with some sort of harness and pipe apparatus and knocked down a wall or two.

6. A charmingly subcritical mass of plutonium that you met at the romantic old nuclear waste dump out of town and which you still turn to from time to time when you need subcriticism on a piece of writing.

7. That dress, you know the one, you tried it on and it was a great fit but unfortunately the colour drove wasps and bees into an unsettling frenzy so you had to take it back, or more accurately it floated back by itself because it was full of bees.

8. The asteroid.

9. That other subcritical mass of plutonium which friended you on facebook once and you weren’t really sure that you knew it but you mistook it for the other one and by the time you’d realised your mistake it was a bit too late to unfriend it,

10. The pirate who mistakenly believed that you crimed off their rubies some ten years ago and has spent the last ten years levelling up in ninja in an attempt to make a more dexterous revenge someday.

11. That pirate’s pet Tyrannosaurus, which is currently being followed around by a reality TV team who are making a documentary, but they will stay outside if you ask.

12. Death, the destroyer of worlds (usually busy, but might attend if it is a slow work day?).

13. Yourself, in the case that you have already invited the other twelve; it being tremendously bad luck to have thirteen at table.

Hello friends! Guess who’s back? Spoiler - it’s me. So I have a confession - I love soulmate AUs. I’ve not written Pietro in a while so I eased myself into this by focusing predominantly on another character. It needs a second part to finish it off which I’ll upload soon. Hopefully the plot is twisty and interesting enough for you guys. Thanks to @sxnali for the request; I loved it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: (if you don’t mind) can you do a soulmate au where the first words they say to each other are tattooed somewhere on the other’s body? with pietro please? (im sorry if this sent twice i think i hit send in the middle of typing this but im not sure oops)

‘Almost a Mistake’ (Part 1)

There was a reason that New York was considered the city that never sleeps. Regardless of the hour, life was buzzing, left, right, and centre. Cars clamoured the roads in lines of traffic, and birds flew overhead, seeking and taking every opportunity amongst the crowds of hungry people that swarmed the streets.

The smell of hot dogs was prominent – especially on a Saturday when everyone and his mate was out on the streets. You wished that you could say you too had come out for fun but work had called you in for overtime, and the coming winter’s energy bills convinced you to take it.

With your headphones safely nestled on your head, you navigated the bustling tourists with your eyes on your iPod, trying to pick the best tune for the next leg of your journey. You’d splashed out on new headphones and for good reason – there were noise cancelling. As far as you were concerned, that made them worth the cost, tuning out the soundtrack of the city as you walked.

Each time you skipped a song, there was a moment of quiet where the world bled in. You heard horns beeping, steps smacking against the pavement, and even someone shouting in the distance. Probably a food vendor trying to sell to a passer-by. You skipped another song and got another flash of reality. Cooing pigeons, roaring engines, and still a person shouting. It was definitely male, and getting closer.

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