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have you drawn any of the supporting roman characters like the fifth cohort demis? or will you maybe do it in future?

when i have more free time, i’ll definitely draw them! for now have a jason n gwen doodle from a thing i started ages ago (and should probably finish oops)

Favorite Characters

 I was tagged by @acourtofhopeanddreams​! 

The rules: choose 10 favorite characters from 10 fictional worlds.

  1. Finn Connolly The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater (And Puck Connolly. And Sean Kendrick. And George Holly. Just…literally all of The Scorpio Races. But Finn gets the spotlight this time!)
  2. Chihiro – Spirited Away
  3. Howl Jenkins Pendragon – Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
  4. Eilonwy The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander
  5. Finn – Star Wars
  6. Ella of Frell – Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine (not the movie)
  7. Peeta Mellark – The Hunger Games
  8. Tiana - The Princess and the Frog
  9. Wall-E 
  10. Lucy Pevensie – The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
afterwards, you stretch empty fingers
into dream-space, wishing
for your own adventure. you pray
your hand closes around a dragon egg,
a jewelled sword-hilt,
a bloodstained rose, a crown.
you keep your eyes on your shadow,
keep your eyes open
as night’s breathing slows, waiting.
the air smells like snow, sharp and clean;
you exhale hard, picturing smoke-clouds,
picturing flames. patience remains
fleet-footed as a nymph, her laugh
as mocking. renown lives in distant mountains
past realms unknown, but here,
beauty grabs your wrist as you pass,
a bright-eyed temptress draped
in frozen pine needles.
afterwards, you build your own story.
you name your favourite pen,
compare word counts like a kill count, argue
the merits of quality over quantity. palms
dripping dream-dust, you shape your own world,
your own adventure, chase magnificence
at the speed of thought — you know it is yours,
surely as the long-lost heirs of faraway lands
believe in a waiting throne.
—  glorification, for @mirrorsandwindowsabstractedfocus

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VDFHDHD OMYGOD IM SOBBING THIS IS THE BEST ASK BLESS UR S O U L ;^; ok but, imagine all the great things this au would include???

ok now i rlly wanna write this au so like… maybe i will one day??? fudegkjdh i have a whole plot in my head now bl e s s u ;-; i was originally gonna do headcanons but!! now that i’ve decided to maybe write a fic, i can’t… give away too much. so just… some things to think abt:

- rapunzel!jimin (bc blond jimin is…. y e s) and eugene!guk

- jimin’s lil’ chameleon companion, yoongi

- jimin wanting to see the floating lights and even trying to replicate it one day, only he almost sets his tower on fire bc he doesn’t know the first thing abt lanterns (he’s been… holed up in there by a witch since he was tiny, remember)

- jeongguk steals the Lost Prince’s crown one day, and ends up in the damn tower, only to be trapped by sassy blond jimin who is… really just a scared bean who wants to see the lights ;-;

- jeongguk has never seen a boy so Pretty, and he’s never seen such long hair either (“have you ever cut your hair???” “no, have you?” “ummm, yeAH?”)

- jimin using puppy eyes to get outta the tower :’))) to see the lights lmfao

- can u imagine jeon complaining abt how the makers of the wanted posters can never paint his nose correctly, bc i certainly can

- guk introducing jimin to every crook and criminal he knows, only to find that. jimin??? is really sweet and they all take a liking to him, instead of scaring him away

- jeon finding out that jimin likes to paint, so he buys a whole lot of new paint/brushes for him (jimin gives him the biggest smile ever, and his heart goes bOOM and this was not part of jeongguk’s plan)

- this. freaking. scene.

- hiding from palace guardsss ahahaha. squished next to each other ahhhh ;-;


- guk letting out this high pitched scream when he finds out that jimin’s hair glows holy shit but then thinking it’s… really beautiful (“your hair glows and heals people… perfect representation of your personality, i’d say. golden. beautiful.” “s-stop saying weird things.” “you’re beautiful you know.”)

- slowly falling in lov with each other omygoddjfhkdjk

- imagine jimin teaching jeongguk how to use frying pans for self defense i can’t i’m whe e zing

- when jimin finally does see the lanterns, he gets… the dreamiest, happiest smile on his face and oops, jeongguk is in love with this smile

- kisses under the starlit sky, i’m YELLING

@kwakwekwaek @jimintensify (u guys like tangled yeah??) how does this au sound?? shOULD I DO IT MAYBE I SHOULD ;A; @shyjimins jo idk if u like these sorts of aus but!!! i’m tagging u anyway ;u;

Post-Skyhook hurt!John for navyandredstripes because 25G? come on

“E…EOS…” her name slides out from between John’s gritted teeth as a choked gasp. “C… call my brothers.” His face is grey and his arms are wrapped tightly around his chest as he angles his neck back to stare blearily into her camera hub. He’s seeing in monochrome. Tunnel vision. Slowly, as they watch each other, one of his nostrils begins to stain crimson. The bead of blood wells up; trickling out of his nasal cavity and sliding down over his lips; but John doesn’t even seem to notice it. “I thought I was ok,” he mumbles, his eyes unfocused, “just bruised… but I’m starting to think that…. maybe… something is…” suddenly John breaks off into a coughing fit; full bodied and hunched over with his lungs hacking away and an awful rattle in his sternum as he gasps for air. There’s blood, red on blue, all over his fingers where he’d covered his mouth and his knees have gone weak under him. John topples, like a puppet with it’s strings cut, and he hits the glass floor of the Centrifuge hard; as if the force of gravity is suddenly once again twenty five times more than it should be.

EOS...” he just about manages, “help…”

someone should stop me oh no

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Hello Frywen! How do you think would the Lords (and maybe side lords), getting tagged by their daughter/son to watch Winx Club on a Friday night while the wife is away? OwO

I love everything about this ask! I’m in love with Winx Club, I should really catch up to it, the last time I watched they hadn’t aired all of season 7 yet 💕💕💕

I chose 7 lords who I thought would be cutest (my bias might show, oops):

“Daddyyyy! Mommy always watches the Winx Club with me. It’s too scary to watch alone!” His child clung to his leg, their lip pouting slightly.

Nobunaga felt irritated. There couldn’t possibly be anything interesting in a kids show, especially one as… pink as Winx Club. But before he knew it, he was hugging his child yelling at the television “Noo! Don’t go there, Bloom! Watch out for the Trixies! No! Why did Tritannus do that?!” After the kid went to bed he started to watch the series from the beginning, so he got a full grasp of the plot (and got irritated by the inconsistencies between the seasons).

Inuchiyo thought he could get a nap while his kid watches the show, but instead, he got sucked right in. He kept hugging the kid, scared of what will happen in the final battle against Acheron, “Why does mommy let you watch a scary show like this?” he asked his kid, who just looked at him, like he’s stupid, “Daddy, the Winx aaaalways win.”

“At least they have somebody who isn’t a complete dullard,” Mitsunari sighed when Tecna came into action. “Daddy, hush!” his child commanded him, curling tighter to his lap, “You’re ruining it!” “You know what’s going to happen next, I know you have seen this countless times,” Mitsunari sighed again, but couldn’t hide his smile when he gently stroked his child’s head when they clung to his shirt, trembling with excitement.

Kenshin was baffled at first. How could this kids show be so… pretty? “What’s happening? Why is her transformation different from the others?” he asked seeing one of the fairies look even prettier than the others, “She has Charmix power! The others only have a regular fairy power and in the other seasons, they have even prettier powers! Daddy, will you watch them with me too?” Kenshin couldn’t but laugh and hug his kid close, “Of course I will. I think this show is now my favourite.”

“Waaaah! Too scary!” Hideyoshi’s child cried, hugging him. “Okay, we’ll watch something else then,” he says and tries to pause the DVD. “No! I wanna know what happens! What if Tecna died? Daddyyyyyy! I need to knoooow!” his child wailed. “Okay, what if we build a pillow fort and watch it from there?” Hideyoshi suggested, trying to calm his child down. “Okay…” they sniffled. When you came home late at night you found both of them fast asleep in the middle of the living room inside their huge pillow fort, the TV still on.

Saizo pretended to read while his child watched the show from his lap, but he kept a close eye on them. Every time their little face scrunched even the tiniest bit, he fixed his arm stronger around them and every time a smile spread across their face, a small smile appeared on his face too. He wouldn’t admit it in a million years, but he loved moments like these with his child.

“A-are they naked?” was all Yukimura managed to stutter before he covered his eyes. “No, daddy!” his child laughed, “They just transformed to fairies. Look, that’s Flora, she makes the plants grow! And that’s Musa! She can sing and do all kinds of things with her voice! And daddy look, look, those are the pixies, aren’t they the cutest? And that’s Layla! She’s my favourite, I think she’s like mommy!” “I-I see… And who’s that?” “That’s her boyfriend.” “And what about that one?” “That’s her boyfriend too. She had another one, but he died. I was sad, I really liked him…” “The… whaaat?” Poor Yukkins couldn’t wrap his head around the plot when his kid explained it but he tried Very Hard.

it was only a kiss [1/?]

crooked-queen was having a bad day yesterday (because people like to try and make perfect people feel like crap, too bad they didn’t succeed), hooksandheroics, did you really think it was over?, wetbellamyblake, you deserve to be tagged in this for distracting me by making lovely gifs

prompt - I’d love to see Bellamy and Clarke as the football player/cheerleader of rival teams who have this obvious sexual tension every time they see each other at away games, and it finally snaps one night and he takes her up against the locker room lockers. 

AN: I have no idea when I will finish this but Naiche will make me.

Bellamy joined the football team because when he started looking at possible ways to get into college. Now that might not make a lot of sense, but if he wants to into a good college and so that his sister can go to one as well, a scholarship for football is the best choice for him.

He worked his ass off all through high school to be the est and he was definitely becoming the best.

Then Clarke Griffin, the blonde with too attitude and that haughtier than thou face, came along and he had trouble concentrating. It wasn’t just the fact she was beautiful (she was, she looked like a fairy princess, small and delicate but also strong and powerful) but then he noticed how she watched the plays. How she would wince as one of her team fumbled or passed in some way, each of these would end in a resounding tackle from a member of his team.

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So How About an Unhealthy and Angsty Blackice List?

Ehhhhh, y'all! 

So i made a list of healthy relationship blackice fics and i think the other side needs some lovin (YES REAL LOVIN’. FROM US. NOT THAT STOCKHOLMEY FAKE SHIT. (but er…thats just us, lets proceed on to delicious fictional Stockholm HOO BOYO! BRING IT!))

For this list I will delve through my bookmarks and subscriptions more because frankly, awesome dark-fic is surprisingly hard to find for this muy delicioso shippu!

Ao3 First:

Lovely Dark and Deep - Jack can’t shake his loneliness when the Guardians don’t immediately step up :( poor babu! Guess whose there to comfort him :>
Enslaved - Unfortunately unfinished and most likely abandoned, but Pitch finds Jack when he’s only 100 and takes him in. brainwashing ensues hur hur, but p. sure this, if it would ever be finished, would end up Jackrabbit, and that might not be our cup of tea! 
Go Back to Sleep - Pitch classically invades Jack’s dreams for some nsfw and super dubious fun. *3*
Time Enough for Everything - my all time FAVORITE JACK WHUMP FIC like honest to god, nothing is more distressing. I LOVE THIS SO HARD! Pitch captures Jack and submits him to some ridic torture Jack will *never recover from*. But, it has a hopeful goldenfrosty ending <3.
Gilded Box - Pitch makes a deal to hand over Jack’s memory box in exchange for DUN DUN DUN a…SMEXING. LOL it’s super dub con, but Jack likes it. we know he do. also Pitch gains feels at the end UH OH! so actually, this one has the potential to be rather healthful if their relationship grew from a 1shot story…
Glue - Adelaide Rain’s story. need i say more? its fucking legit, yo.
Everything That Rises - HOLY SHIT THIS STORY! ITS FUCKING AMAZING Jack is on Pitch’s side, but he redeems himself and poor Pitch has to suffer the consequences (poor pitch? pffff he gets what he deserves, and he gets it fucking good. ouch my heart!)  
Failure to Protect - OOOOooookay, so this technically is Jackrabbit, but it involves Pitch raping Jack and Jack’s recovery from it and Pitch’s demise because of it. Its really graphic. REALLY graphic, read at your own risk. I still enjoyed it :)
Skinny Chai - Jack doesnt cope well with a bad breakup (basically this is just Jack whump. its delish) 
Shiver - LOL DOES THIS NEED A DESCRIPTION??? don’t read it y'all its terrible. 
All the Love in the World - WELL FUCK ME SIDEWAYS. WONDER WHY I INCLUDED THIS HERE?! its the *good* fight fic. the one where they kill each other. multiple times. -squees-
Pomegranate - Hades Persephone Au, Pitch is a bad person, Jack still likes him tho! 
So the Sun is Ashamed - dubious sex. lol what more do need, really? 
The Weakening Eye of Day - Post apocalyptic setting because JACK AND PITCH ENDED THE WORLD TOGETHER LOL also Jack goes bonkers and kills humans while fucking them because they look like pitch who won’t touCH JACK WITH A 10 FT POLE!

OK, so thats basically my bookmarks LOL. Its all stuff i’ve read and know pretty well. Love it all. its delish!

As for on tumblr, we have our authors linddzz (also see selkie stuff omg), kalael (SO MUCH WHUMP AND ANGST YESS), charmed7293 (horrific depictions meant specifically to horrify. yiss! but mobboss is still adorable FIGHT ME!) , dildarium (WOW GET THEM TO LINK U TO MURDERING JACK!), adelaiderain (Like Drowning, whats listed above, but otherwise mostly healthy) , and uhhhhmmmmm…

those are just a few i know who are prevalent in the fandom who have written in this vein. THere are tons of others who write awesome and not terribly upsetting stuff!

Other good mentions are ionahi because King Frost is defs not in a happy place, and i see they are making ‘The Failed Guardian’ which is really promising for awesome jack whump and terrible jack decisions! wooo

I’m going to mention Mary P Sue, Gretchen Sinister, When the Ocean Met the Sky, Mira Eyeteeth, and Emerald Embers because of NDU things and their various prompt fills. NDU Jack is a sad sad sad hampster being buffetted on the ill winds of FOUR FUCKING PITCHES?! GOOD LORD BOY. RUNNNN! 

and meexart needs a mention because their blackice artwork (while made a while ago) definitely depicts very clearly that they are not quite all there. hehe.

and this isn’t even RECENT STUFF OH MAN! i had to dig way back to find these links, and some of em might be abandoned stories and unfinished (SORRY!) 

its much easier to find them being cute these days <3 (maybe HALLOWEEN PROMPTS WILL CURE THAT, EH EH EH EH?) (sideyes self. i should work on those too. oops)

tumblr app just updated on my phone (I’m on android) and I was like oh no I bet this is why I couldn’t tell if any of my posts had been flagged and sure enough. also they weren’t showing up as flagged in the browser the other day either so beats me maybe they just took their sweet time getting to my blog.

the two sets I expected to be flagged (6741 table scene and the breath play one) were fine (not that these should be flagged..I mean I sometimes put a tag on them to avoid people getting in trouble if they’re browsing at work (I usually forget to do this oops), but I do not consider these sensitive content by any means). gifs of the mayhem twins literally sitting in a car? flagged.

like I saw their post about it being how their software reviews images, but, uh, I think the problem may be the person who wrote their algorithm was just really bad are their job.

5 things tag!

Shoutout to my friendo @meowingatthesea for the tag!! Thanks mar!!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
• my camera
• emergency fruit rollups for when my sugar goes low
• probably a can of soda
• headphones/chargers etc
• maybe my bloodsugar meter?? I mean, that should definitely be in there but most of the time i forget where i leave them lol oops

5 things youll find in my bedroom:
• my basses & guitars
• clothes literally fucking everywhere omg sorz
• plantsssss
• food probs esp emergency candy for once again, low sugars
• things that change color and/or glow in the dark!!

5 things that make me happy:
• photography yoooo
• nice bass lines ugh yes
• rainbows/holographic stuff
• animals
• sleeping in

5 things im currently into:
Hmm thats tough my interests literally always change rip but for now
• socks with fun things on them lol
• cacti
• dying my hair
• lindt dark chocolate truffles
• not wearing any makeup lol

5 things on my todo list:
• travel!!!!!!!!!!
• get a job :/ yikes
• do like literally 15 projects/finals in the next few days
• get a second nose piercing
• get a tatty

5 things people may not know about me:
• im so fucking shy dude its kinda bad actually like in school i literally do not talk at all ahhg
• i have type 1 diabetes
• i was born with a limb diffence so my left hand is missing some fingers
• im 17
• idk?? My instagram is @ limeyak you should follow me bc ill love u forever

i tag: @hadmatter39 @saxo-sexual @vaaallyyy @annoyingicing @mykinkisfriendship@thefaultinmydiabetes @iwritesinsnotfanfictions &&& anyone else who wants to do this can say that i tagged them!! Have a nice day friends :)

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uuuh don't worry! ;; maybe i didn't express myself in a good way but i absolutely didn't want to start a ship war or anything!! yeah, i agree! for example, i don't like many mysme ships that are actually really popular in the fandom oops haha, but i think everybody should be free to ship what they want if they like it. if something really makes you that uncomfortable you should just blacklist the entire tag (i'm saying this in general, not to you!)

oh! no, it’s ok I understand! Don’t worry about it, there will be no ship wars in this house!!💛

and I don’t either ^^;;;; which is really weird because I usually do! I just- can’t with the mysme fandom. I don’t know why, but oh well. Reblog the ships you want! Please don’t attack people who ship harmless ships;; (also in general, not to you!) and just;; yeah, ok im not the person to go for ship asks whoops

So I’ve been wondering… would anyone be interested if I did the ‘Meet the Artist’ meme? I haven’t actually been tagged to do it by anyone, so I’m not sure if it’s something I should bother doing. I don’t mind doing it, but I don’t know if it matters, or if people care. And if I do, should it be after I post my next comic update, or before?

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do you know any victuuri or yuuri art thats like motivational or something?? i want some to encourage me to persue my skating, but all the art i can find is just romantic victuuri or yuuri making funny faces (which i adore but isnt very motivational)

oops, I’m sorry I didn’t answer this sooner; thanks for reminding me!

I haven’t found any that can be added to this blog yet, but if/when I do, I’ll be sure to tag it “motivational”. I’ll make a modpost for you when I find one, ok? (I could really use some motivational art myself, haha! maybe I should just draw some)


im really proud of me right now ok shh ahrhuhgh

i plan on doing more aw yeah this was sort of just a ‘do i even really know how to lipsynch’ sort of practice…i think it was relatively successful all things considered hhh/// SORRY ITS ONLY LIKE 3 SECONDS LONG LAFFS..

audio taken with permission from heerrree B] TYTYTY to fadeintocase because he’s p rad and runs that blog and said 'gopher it’ when i had indirectly asked for permission.  hah..puns.

so yEA..expect more maybe B] theres a really long one i want to do but i think i should practice more before i tackle that one hwehhh..

So I, uh…“updated” my fave Funhaus fanart since we have lost a couple members and now have more to take their place. (And I finally know what Dan looks like)

Welcome Omar and Dan! 😄

(And RIP Spoole and Joel, forever will they be missed.)

(Also sorry for all the tags….my b…)

Feet first, don’t fall (and we’ll be running again)

A/N - Poe’s getting married but whoops, Finn has a confession to make which fucks everything up. Damn, Finn, you sure have some great timing. Title from Roman Holiday by Halsey.

“There, uh, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time, and I feel like I have to get it off my chest now, because if I don’t say it now, then I never will, and I’m not expecting anything of you, I just need to tell you.” Finn rambled, standing awkwardly in the uncomfortable tux. Poe laughed at his nervous blabbering and cut him off.

“Finn, just say it, you can tell me anything.” Poe grinned widely and Finn’s heart ached.

“I’m in love with you.” Finn blurted out and Poe stumbled back like he’d been punched in the gut. “I know my timing is shit, and I should have told you years ago, and now you’re getting married, and I don’t expect you to change that. I just needed you to know. I needed you to know that I love you. And I’m sorry for not telling you before.” Finn explained, while Poe watched him with a somewhat shell-shocked expression.

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