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Kept Hidden Part One

Title: Kept Hidden Part One

Pairing: Damian x Reader x Tim Drake

Words: 1097

Request: Hey! So I was wondering if you could do a Soulmate!Damian where the reader is a couple years older than him and dating Tim, amd is really kind and sweet and Damian doesn’t know why he likes them and then finds out they’re soulmates? And then maybe we see them in the future a bit together like after they’ve had/adopted their first kid? If not that’s fine, (also if u want a tumblr friend I gotchu).

Notes: Yikes, this is my first Imagine so I am nervous and sorry and omg I didn’t have anyone to edit. I hope it is what you wanted, if not I’ll redo it. I hope it’s okay that I’m doing this in two parts…the next part will be much better I promise.

Y/N= Your name

Y/C/E: Your color of eyes.

Extra Note: I made some changes, oops.


Looking back at it he supposed it was obvious this whole time, but he couldn’t find it in himself to admit it. They were suppose to be the family of the greatest detectives, so how did not one of them figure it out?

“Tt” Damian scoffed, looking away from the seemingly happy couple across the dinner table. Y/N was over, again, to have dinner with the family. Normally Damian was oddly excited about this arrangement, but ever since he saw the mark on their shoulder all he could feel around her was irritation. Or maybe that was more towards the caffeine addict he referred to as Drake.

Looking up from his potatoes he saw Tim kiss their cheek, causing Y/N to turn a dark pink at the act of affection that no one else seemed to look at. The irritation seemed to grow at the sight as  he stabbed his potatoes with his fork.

It was definitely Drake.

“Damian, are you alright?” A soft voice laced with concern sounded, causing Damian to look up once more, only to see everyone looking at him with different expressions.

Father and Grayson looked confused, while Jason and Tim looked uninterested. Y/N was the only concerned looking one, staring at him with their wide eyes, waiting for a response.

Looking at Y/N he caught himself studying them a bit more than he would others, so instead of handling the situation like any other seventeen year old would do, he pushed his plate away and stood up abruptly.

“Of course I am, I’m going to finish homework.” He announced, walking out of the dining room. He could faintly hear Dick mumbling about how it was summer, and Tim comforting the same person who had been concerned and asked a simple question, who he basically snapped at.

The same person who had an identical mark to him on their shoulder that they  covered up with makeup so they wouldn’t break their boyfriend’s heart.

“Grayson, I am not in the mood for your antics today,” Damian snapped, removing his black headphones from his ears and placing them around his neck as he turned around. To his shock, it was Y/N, Tim’s significant other,  standing where he believed his brother was.

Apparently the shock showed on his face, because they giggled and took a step towards him, hugging themselves almost shyly, as if covering up,though he didn’t seem why. They were wearing simple workout attire, nothing to be embarrassed about.

“Sorry to sneak up on you, but Tim said I could use the treadmill down here whenever, so I came down.” They informed, biting their plump lower lip as they watched Damian for a reaction. After twelve seconds of Damian just staring at them with his normal hard stare they cleared her throat. “I can leave if you-”

“No, you’re fine, I was just thinking. The treadmill is over there, don’t trip.” He said, pointing to the left before he put his headphones back in and turned around.

Y/N watched him beat a bag for a few moments before they made their way to the machine, thinking about what had just happened.

The two of them were close enough, much to Tim’s dislike, but it probably had to do with the closeness in age. While Damian was seventeen, they  were nineteen and Tim was turning twenty-one soon.

Shaking their head as if to clear their thoughts Y/N started the treadmill  and started running, blocking everything else out as they focused on their workout.

Damian wasn’t that lucky, he maybe got a few hits in before he got distracted. From what, he wasn’t to sure but he did find himself flustered when he looked to the left.

Y/N was running on the treadmill, which was normal, but the thing that wasn’t was the fact they had taken their hoodie off and was just running in a black tank top.

Now, Damian had women, and some men falling at his feet, but for whatever reason he always found himself flustered around his brothers significant other

Never his finest moment.

The tank top wasn’t what had gotten his attention, though it was a close second. Instead, it was the dark, triangle shape on the top of their bare shoulder. It wasn’t the fact that it was a tattoo that bothered him, but more so the fact that it wasn’t.

He didn’t know much about the whole soul mate mark thing, his mother hated it and his father never spoke of it, so his only source of information was Dick. From what he could recall, it was a dark brown, and your soulmate would have the same exact mark in the same place as you.

Damian looked over at his shoulder to be sure, his eyes passing over all the light scars littering his body as he caught sight of it. He had the same mark in the same place as Y/N.

Tim’s significant other.

Clearing his throat, Damian took a few steps towards Y/N in hopes to clear this up, there must be a mistake right?

“Y/N” He called , them being one of the few he called by their first name. Due to the lack of headphones, they heard him right away and paused the machine, turning around and panting a bit before answering.

Their face was flushed red while their chest was rising and falling at a quick rate, and for some reason Damian had never saw someone more attractive.

“What’s up D?” they asked, standing taller and leaning against one of the rails of the treadmill. Damian crossed his arms as he thought about his next choice of words.

“Is that your mark? The soul mate one that people talk about?” He asked, gesturing towards their shoulder curiously.

Y/N’s eyebrows creased in confusion, following his gaze to look over their right shoulder before blushing a bit and not meeting his eyes, which caused Damian’s dark brows to raise.

“Um….yeah. I normally cover it up because I don’t really…believe in that stuff that…much.” they  trailed off, their Y/C/E’s landing on his bare shoulder as well. It seemed as if they stopped breathing for a few moments, the shock being too much.

“Good, neither do I.” Damian snapped, turning on his heel and walking out of their private gym and not once looking back. For whatever reason, he felt hurt that they didn’t believe it. So instead he left Y/N, alone and confused as he went to go wallow in his room alone.


A/N: I haven’t wrote in a long time and am getting back into the swing of things, so I am a bit rusty and I am sorry.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter -  Localization Blog #4

Hey, guys. This is Brittany from XSEED. Trails in the Sky Second Chapter launched! FINALLY.

Considering how huge the Trails series is and how we’ve had three different translation/editing teams for all three games we’ve done so far (Trails FC, Trails SC, and Cold Steel), it’s a small wonder we’ve been able to keep track of as many of the thousands of terms as we have. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. The series is constantly redefining terms even in the Japanese, and sometimes we just happen to come across an innocent or previously unclear term in earlier text that suddenly takes on a whole new meaning thanks to the latest game in the series. Sometimes we learn something from a random NPC, sometimes it’s from a guidebook only available in Japan, and sometimes we just have to straight ask Falcom what the hell something means. Or, you know, we just mess up an already-defined term in some way. It happens.

That being said, some terms discovered while localizing Cold Steel I and II (or learned thanks to knowledge gained from other games in the series) have clarified certain terms in Trails FC and SC, so we’ve revamped a few terms for the PC version to give fans the best experience they can possibly get.

Unfortunately, the PSP/Vita compatible versions of these games won’t be seeing these updates, as it’s impossible at this stage to patch PSP games. Being that the three games as a whole have had seven editors in total (which sounds like a lot, but averages to a little under a million Japanese characters each among the three games), it’s also been a challenge to keep the voice and terms of the series cohesive as well. We’ve tried our best, but please know that we’ll always strive to do better.

To keep fans of the series in the loop, I’ve been trying to log all of things we’ve updated. This isn’t everything, but mostly things that won’t reference or spoil the entire series as a whole. Also, keep in mind that these won’t impact your experience if you’re playing the PSP version, as the game is plenty comprehensive and enjoyable without them if the testers’ reactions are anything to go by. I just like keeping things tidy for my own sanity, and it’s good to give a heads up to the fanbase and say, hey, this is why things are slightly different between the two versions!

I’d also recommend you play through at least FC before looking at this list because there are definitely spoilers for Trails FC in here.

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Translation: Shakespeare

Hellooo! So despite this taking ~way~ longer than I originally intended… here is the Shakespeare translation!! *cue fanfare* And it seems like it’s just in time as people are getting their Bluray/DVD copies of the show! Awesome. 

I’m sorry I don’t have the means to create a subtitle file. If anyone is experienced in those, and would be interested in making one, please feel free to contact me and let’s see if we can get something to work. :) 

Otherwise, I hope you can enjoy reading along while watching the show to enjoy it to the fullest! 

Update 4/03: I had a chance to watch the bluray while reading through and made some changes. And added some missing lines oops. Hopefully it is easier to follow now.

I’ll make a few notes at the beginning, but everything else under the cut is the full script! Please enjoy! Thank you so much :)

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