oops just noticed someone posted this before me

This was about a few months back. November ‘15 to be exact before Tinder took away moments from the app. Anyway, I really wanted to go bowling but I didn’t want to pay (oops) so I posted a story with the caption “someone go bowling with me.”

About 2-3 guys replied but I just went with the first one who said they would. I had to pick him up which was no problem because he was paying. Anyway, I pick him up and first thing I notice is that he basically showered himself in cologne. It was a good cologne too but since it was so strong, it was just disgusting.

He was alright, not gorgeous but not ugly either. Anyway, we were talking and out of nowhere he was like “Don’t fall for me because I won’t catch you” which turned me off because like dude, okay? The rest of the night was alright. I mean he was a pretty chill guy. A little loud but chill. End of the date came and I agreed to hang out with him again but by the end of the night, I just knew that I couldn’t see him more than a friend.

We would text each other but sometimes, I would ignore him for a couple of days because I just didn’t like him like that. Luckily, he was only visiting as well but I hung out with him like 3 days before he left but I made it clear to him before we hung out that I only saw him as a friend. I also made it clear to him that there would be no cuddling or touching of any sort when I hung out with him. I didn’t hug him or anything the first time we met so why would I the second?

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