oops it's 3 in the morning

The types as thoughts I often have at 3:00 in the morning
  • ENFP: LOL1!!1!1! THiS iS A ReALLy fUNnY VIdEO!
  • ISTP: I should go get food.
  • ISFP: But my bed is so comfy... I'm too lazy to do that! So I won't.
  • ISTJ: This fanfiction is amazing!
  • ESTJ: Why the heck am I still awake? It's 3 A.M!
  • INFP: *crying hysterically over the 10000th episode of some cheesy TV series that I started watching tonight*
  • INTP: Hmm, I wonder what would happen if someone put a goldfish into a fish tank full of Coke and left it there for a month...
  • INFJ: *existential crisis*
  • ISFJ: I need more blankets! It's cold! *gets eleven blankets and wraps self up inside them*
  • ESFJ: I should text every single one of my friends even though they're all asleep!
  • ENTJ: This is pretty much the worst way in the world for me to waste my time. Fortunately, I no longer have anything to live for.
  • ENFJ: It's so dark and lonely... :(
  • ESTP: LOL! My friends are going to be so impressed that I'm still awake! I'm a #CoolKid!
  • ESFP: My late-night thoughts are so ridiculous that if I made an MBTI-related shitpost about them, everyone would love it! (HINT HINT)
I’m Back :DDD

I just had the busiest weekend of my life and it’s finally over and i just wanna curl into a ball and snuggle my pupper and play sims for the rest of my life.

Anywho its 2:25 in the morning i just came back from a concert and gave my puppy a bath and have decided to end my hiatus early :D YAY! So expect stuff today!!!

Also I realized my posts are kinda long so being the considerate person I am, I am showing the first line or two and if you’d like to continue reading you can press the Read More. I’m trying not to take up too much of your dash :3. If this is actually more inconvenient than helpful though lemme know :D 


[its 2:30 in the morning and im in a really loud mood im sorry for being like this oops]

So…. this is what I would’ve imagined Saitama as a villain.

…the female version idea is from this. (even as fem!Saitama, the hair’s not there. *shrugs*)

@iron-cap, this turned from a supposed warm-up to full blown colored. So here you go.

‘oh hey this is a warm-up’ i said ‘oh hey, let’s color a fullblown picture in 3 hours’ i said AAAGGGGHHHHHHH why does this keep happening to me

(edit: i just fixed something in there… oops.)


so I discovered that drawing with colored pencil is loads of fun for several reasons; 1) IT DOESN’T SMEAR LIKE GRAPHITE, 2) colors look really good and are refreshing to have in my sketch book!! 3) something about colored pencils are just smoother feeling while I draw

anyways, here’s a bunch of overwatch colored pencil sketches :y enjoy!

(click for captions!)

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

pjo characters + their favorite britney song probably
  • percy: probably like. if u seek amy. this boy is a FREAK.
  • annabeth: baby one more time. stickin 2 the classics.
  • jason: LUCKY he listens to it every morning fight me
  • piper: till the world ends!! it was her pump up song for defeating gaea
  • leo: oops i did it again. he has a running tally of how many people have punched him in the face when he's tried to serenade them with it.
  • hazel: hold it against me but she would never EVER admit that to anyone
  • frank: 3. he thinks it's about 3 best buds. he tells hazel and percy that it should be their song and they're like UHHH
  • nico: everytime when he's feeling sad about percy, i wanna go when he's feeling angry-horny about percy
  • reyna: circus for sure
  • thalia: if you ask her she'll tell you that she's never listened to britney but it absolutely is womanizer
  • grover: grover can play toxic on reed pipes

Oops! I did it again. Here, have some more leafy photoshopped pictures. Your welcome. Also thank you guys for 100+ notes on my previous photoshopped leafys. It means a lot to me. Welp, I’ll see ya’ around stalkers!