oops is he losing his memory

how about mixing two amnesia tropes scenarios for the sake of your OT3…

so, a person (Derek) loses their memory and comes to in the middle of fucking nowhere - all he knows is that:

a) he’s naked

b) he has a really great sense of smell, sight and hearing and also he heals abnormally fast

and he’s found by a very handsome deputy (Stiles) who makes it his job to help and find out who Derek  is and “what the fuck” he is because human eyes don’t change colour this way.

so the two of them work together to figure out what is going out and OBVIOUSLY they get close. not intimately close but there’s potential for that.

and in a normal story Derek would get his memory back, there would be some villain to fight (probably) and he and Stiles would live happily ever after.


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