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yes, its the end of an era…

maybe we wont hear stories about their annoying neighbors, or maybe we wont get any more of dan’s ‘guess the crime’. maybe we wont get to hear about phil running into the glass door or get injured by the table. no more complaining about the (actually ridiculous amount of) stairs, and joking about getting their only exercise from them. maybe the background of their videos will never be the same, maybe dan will never lay in that hallway again and contemplate the meaning of life and the purpose for his existence. maybe we wont get the same thing we’ve gotten from this house..

but its also the beginning of a new era…

a new adventure for both of them. new stories about getting used to the layout, listening to the complaining about unpacking. an aesthetic change for dan(?), a new place to put all their useless knik-knacks no more complaining about storage. no more complaining about stairs. heck, they might even start working out together because of the lack of exercise. a dog might be in the future. a new house. new stories. a new home…

…their new home

Uhh, a Reddie soulmate fic?

Based on this post I made, some people wanted me to write it out, so I am! Here’s the first one with RichiexEddie, and I plan on doing the other 2 soon. It’s not very well written oops but hey it’s my best shot at sitting down for an hour??????? It’s also longer than intended so oops???????

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daisy fresh girl – jeongguk (2)

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part one, part three

word count: 2k
genre: fluff

librarian jungkook x reader

you couldn’t really believe jungkook liked you, so you tried your best to avoid him for a while; but fate didn’t think you’d outpower it.

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“It’s ghosts, michael, ghosts”

“Yeah okay sure jer”

OTP Idea #847

Person A hates makeup, they don’t like the smell of it, the look of it or the feeling. Someone tells them that they look disgusting and they should start using makeup. Person B sees that Person A is wearing makeup and asks them about the reason why. Person A tells them the reason, but B doesn’t think A needs makeup and convinces them that they’re beautiful just the way they are.

Cred to @slothiss <3


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 


The Librarians Shipathon 2017 - Week 2: Cassandra & Estrella (castrella)

— burning cities to taste ashes // p.d  (x)


was gonna write some shitty edgy caption but lets be real man dealing with watching yourself die? killing your alternate selves that didn’t make the cut? thats some rough stuff. if you could go back in time would you?

Gift for @cats-artbag

I ABSOLUTELY love voicing SWAPOUT. Now i had a thought…
What if SwapoutPap met me. Im gonna guess he would be like. “boi, why.”

I AM SUPER PROUD OF THIS ONE!!! QnQ im honestly still trying to find what mouth imma use for myself. ugh. But that (swapyrus) though… YAAAS!!! I am SO happy about how it turned out…. your style is so interesting and i wanted to try it…

Swapout Papyrus: @cats-artbag
SwapDancePapyrus: Me/Tsupachi.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tivruskis!!!

21p hell au bokkuroo commissioned by @ilgaksu :’))) 

this was so much fun to do i love them so much these gross sappy boys

A Change of Perspective, Ch. 5

Prompt: Bruce gets caught in a magical accident that turns him into a 1-year old for a week or so. The kids find out, don’t realize he’s still mentally an adult, and subject poor Bruce to bathtime, cuddles, tickles, teasing, raspberry-blowing, Batman onesies, and lemon slices. Of course, this had to be the one week that Alfred decided to take a break. Chaos ensues.

Genre(s): Fluff, Humor, Family

Warnings: Embarrassing situations, Non-graphic diaper change

Notes: Quotations inside <<>> are mental dialogue, or thoughts. No words are spoken.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Chapter Five:

Bruce was not happy with the bubbles and bath toys that surrounded him. Why couldn’t everyone see that he was still an adult? Bruce wasn’t a simple minded infant who needed playthings and bubbles to stay entertained. Not mentally, at least…And he didn’t exactly feel comfortable with his eldest son bathing him, either.

Bruce glared as Dick added more and more bath toys to the tub. << “Dick, seriously. What child needs 15 toys just to take bath?” >> Dick simply grinned as he reached into the plastic bin full of children’s bath stuff. But instead of putting another toy in the tub, Dick quickly pulled out something and hid it behind his back.

Bruce noticed this and leaned closer, trying to catch a glimpse of the toy.  << “Hey, what’s that you’re hiding? I want to se-!”>>, Bruce was interrupted by a jet stream of water directly in his face. Ah. A water gun. Classic Dick. 

“Surprise!”, Dick cheered, and continued to spray him. << “Ah! Dic- Ah, stop! STOP IT!” >> Bruce giggled, desperately trying to hide his obvious glee, and failing miserably. He quickly grabbed a rather large rubber duck and began to spray at Dick. Two could play at that game.


Bruce winced as baby powder rained down on his backside. Dick attached the straps of Bruce’s new diaper, and patted his bum gently. “All done!” Dick cheered. Bruce simply sighed, and laid his head on Dick’s mattress cover. Well, that could have been worse. << “Okay, can you take me downstairs now?” >>, He asked, though all Dick heard was baby-talk. << “I want to do something. I’m tired of sleeping in my crib all day.” >>

“Wait there, I’ve got a surprise.” Dick said, as if Bruce was able to go anywhere without him. Bruce groaned mentally. Dick was very fond of surprises, but they had the tendency to be more fun for him than anyone else. Especially Bruce. However, his jaw practically dropped when he saw what Dick had returned with. 

It was a onesie. Not one of the normal ones he had been wearing, but a black Batman onesie, complete with logo. Dick was grinning from ear to ear. “It finally came! I ordered it as soon as you were turned into a baby, and I’ve been waiting forever for it!” Bruce just stared in horror, then immediately scowled. Nobody was going to humiliate him this way. Not if he had anything to say about it.

<< “Absolutely not.” >> Bruce protested. <<“There’s no way I’m wearing that.”>> Dick unsnapped the buttons on the crotch area of the onesie, and proceeded to pull it over Bruce’s head. Bruce couldn’t stop Dick, but he could make things more difficult for him. He began to squirm and kick, refusing to put his head through the shirthole. “Come on, Bruce, stop being difficult!”, Dick exclaimed, only slightly frustrated. 

<< “No! I said I’m not wearing it!” >>, Bruce whined loudly as Dick held his arms steady, and gently pushed them through the holes. He knew full well this was a battle he was losing, but didn’t want to give Dick the satisfaction of winning. If Bruce had thought earlier about how immature he was being by refusing to give in, he might not have put up a fight in the first place.. 

Despite what he liked to think, Bruce wasn’t entirely mentally an adult. He still had childish instincts and was very prone to giving in to them. After a few more minutes of struggling, he decided to give up and let Dick pull the the onesie over his head, though not without crossing his arms and pouting. 

“Ah! There we go.”, Dick said, then lighted up suddenly, an idea crossing his mind.  He reached into one of his jean pockets and pulled out his phone, then turned on the phone and immediately went to the camera app. Bruce watched from the opposite direction, curious what had made Dick suddenly grab his phone, when Dick immediately gave him the answer.

“Smile!” Dick cheered, holding the phone in front of Bruce for a picture. Bruce growled and pulled another scowl, crossing his arms even tighter. He wasn’t some accessory to be shown off. But to his surprise, Dick took the picture anyways. “Perfect!” He exclaimed. “Totally saving that one.”

Bruce groaned and fell back on Dick’s bed.


Here’s chapter five! (Because I can’t stop churning these babies out) Dear lord, this is even longer than the last chapter! Decided Bruce would be awake for his next diaper change. How else is he going to get used to it?

Bruce finally goes downstairs in the next chapter because that baby’s been imprisoned long enough.

P.S. Hooray! Batman onesie make its appearance! Here’s a visual ref of which kind of onesie i’m talking about:

Like that, but with his Rebirth symbol (more modern bat silhouette with yellow outline, no oval)

Enjoy! -Maca ♥

Kyouhaba Week Day 1 - Plants // Music

AU where Yahaba owns a flower shop and plant nursery and Kyoutani is a homeless kid whose favourite place to busk for money is outside Yahaba’s store. (There’s so much more to this AU but I might give it its own post later to save this from being super long)

(Posting this just as lines bc I’m super busy today and probably won’t have time to actually shade it in whoops. And I’m so sorry for how much tumblr squished it.)