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pa pa pa pa, plucking petals off each flower

OTP Idea #847

Person A hates makeup, they don’t like the smell of it, the look of it or the feeling. Someone tells them that they look disgusting and they should start using makeup. Person B sees that Person A is wearing makeup and asks them about the reason why. Person A tells them the reason, but B doesn’t think A needs makeup and convinces them that they’re beautiful just the way they are.

Cred to @slothiss <3


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 

anonymous asked:

heyo!! I love your art to death ahhh it's so pretty. you're a great writer too!! I kinda want some cheezy but cute Janstar or starkie fanfiction, if you don't mind!

i’m so sorry my dude, this could’ve been cheesier amd better written but i haven’t written in like MONTHS and also i had to look up a prompt lmao but i looked it up on pinterest so ye, gotta find the link laterrrr

decided to go with starkie bc TRYING NEW THINGS SMALLY and also there’s like no starkie fanfiction?? wtf guys this ship is really good i swear

(also tysm for all the kind words!! u silly sweetheart ;3)

Jackie hadn’t been ‘lazer-tagging,’ - as she had called it as a child - in years. And oh boy did she miss it. It was the first week of summer holidays and after the horror that was finals, she decided to organise an outing between herself and her friends.

She had beamed as she’d slipped the glowing vest over her head, and ran in cackling out loud – despite the employee asking them not to run. Pfft, as if. She quickly hid and had somehow avoided being hit so far, snickering as she hid behind structures – shooting her friends when they least expected it, while remaining hidden.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tivruskis!!!

21p hell au bokkuroo commissioned by @ilgaksu :’))) 

this was so much fun to do i love them so much these gross sappy boys

Kyouhaba Week Day 1 - Plants // Music

AU where Yahaba owns a flower shop and plant nursery and Kyoutani is a homeless kid whose favourite place to busk for money is outside Yahaba’s store. (There’s so much more to this AU but I might give it its own post later to save this from being super long)

(Posting this just as lines bc I’m super busy today and probably won’t have time to actually shade it in whoops. And I’m so sorry for how much tumblr squished it.)


imagine your otp ft. preath, krashlyn and… who? kellex? no i’ve never heard of them *sweats nervously*


tg:re chapter response from me goes as such:

i’m really glad that kaneki finally gets to realize how much people actually care about and love him, but i feel like having that show sexually almost undermines the importance of platonic affection. to be fair, the only person who only gave him this in bucket loads without presenting as a parent figure was hide, who’s not around in the manga rn. i don’t like the fact that it’s with touka because she does like whacking him which just… isn’t cool. and i have no fukin clue where this is going. im p sure i’m irreverent enough for no one to come and hate on me, but if you’re considering it, don’t bother. 

“not a lot of folks would travel with a ghoul. even one with my kind of charisma.”

i didn’t catch is the sole has a tumblr but if they do let me know so i can give proper credit. :>


“draw this again meme" 

i drew the first thing for my parents for christmas when i was like 5 or 6 (idk how old exactly, just know i was very young) we found it when we were decorating the tree and lots of laughs were had.

i must have been pretty a messed up kid tho like holy cow what is that thing why does it hAVE RED EYES