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OH MY GODDD, YOUR FEUILLY/BAHOREL IS AMAZING. Do you have any stories about F/B after a long, sexy night, just morning rutine and a lot of fluff, coz they are so sooooo in love

THANK YOU I love those two c:

Bahorel is personally offended by mornings.  Deeply perturbed that there exists a time before noon and that every so often he himself is subjected to them.  You can imagine how his morning classes suffer.

Feuilly’s a disgusting early bird.  It’s not so much that he likes mornings, he just has a drill sergeant of an internal clock and can rarely force himself to sleep much past seven or eight.  He could have gone to sleep at three the night before and still at seven oh five on the dot his eyes will snap open even as his body and mind recoil in horror.  It’s is both a gift and a curse.

So a normal morning for them often starts with Feuilly waking up and either

a) if he has to work and Bahorel doesn’t, he’ll very quietly extract himself from the bed, get dressed, prepare for his day, and have a quick breakfast (usually like a piece of toast or a thing of yoghurt or something, he doesn’t eat much on his own and rarely anything fancy). Usually he’ll also take whatever extra time he has to sit up and read the newspaper – it’s a relaxing thing for him to ease back into the real world, stimulate his mind, and see what’s what before meeting up with the other Amis later – then he heads out after drinking about litre of coffee.

b) if both he and Bahorel have to get up it’s merciless.  Bahorel is a fucking bear in the mornings and Feuilly doesn’t have time for it. He’ll leave Bahorel in agony for a little while as Feuilly’s phone alarm goes off (the phone which he, of course, keeps with him so that Bahorel can’t turn it off) and from there will pull the covers away, try to shove Bahorel out of bed, and usually in the end bribe him with coffee.  Bahorel will grumble and groan and curse the entire way but if they both have enough time Bahorel will make them a good breakfast, with like bacon and eggs and toast or hashbrowns.  It almost makes the morning not completely suck.

c) on the rare mornings where Bahorel has to be up before Feuilly he always ends up feeling really bad.  Because he can’t wake up without an alarm, but the second the alarm goes off if Feuilly isn’t already up he will be and dammit that boy needs his rest.  But when he has to get up for something Bahorel tries his damnedest to wake up quickly and turn his alarm off… and will then threaten Feuilly with coffee restrictions or bodily harm if he dares follow Bahorel out of bed instead of going back to sleep.

And finally d) if neither of them have to get up?  Bahorel will wrap his arms around Feuilly and refuse to let him leave the bed because he is warm and cuddly and it’s just really nice to wake up next to someone in the mornings, okay?  So Feuilly’s bedside table is full of books and/homework so he can lay in Bahorel’s arms in the morning without getting completely bored while Bahorel is half-asleep half-awake and has his face pressed into Feuilly’s curls.

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i managed to get my work for today done! :D so i wrote a thing.

kiwiitin​ asked “maybe Jack getting to see just how bad Rhys is in the kitchen? By accident witnessing him trying to make something maybe?"but left it up to me to put it in canon or in quid pro quo verse. Because I am a masochist, I’m gonna do both. This is the one for the canon verse!! The other one I’m saving for tomorrow <: along with claptrap/loader bot bc #challengeaccepted

This one is gen and set during the title sequence of ep.3!! No shipping sorry s: next one, i promise! (although if you squint you could probably see rhack bc i am v v predictable)

heavily inspired by kiwiitin‘s art, specifically, this one <:

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maybe freewood for the "shit, are you bleeding" :0

Thank you for the prompt!! This one was particularly fun to write ^^

Word Count: 1,800

“I’ll be back by midnight, I promise. It’s only a few games of Lazer Quest,” Gavin had assured his concerned boyfriend. They shared a lingering kiss – one that they both savoured – before Gavin pulled his car keys from his pocket and left the apartment.

“This is gonna last longer than we planned.” Gavin cringed when he heard Geoff’s voice crackle through his earpiece. He had to raise his voice to be heard over the gunfire and the irritating screaming of civilians. Meanwhile, from his position outside the rear entrance to the bank, Gavin sighed and checked his phone. It was barely 11pm, but he still had a bad feeling about this.

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