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set at some vague point in the future when aaron is out of prison 

things you said when you thought i was asleep

Robert felt the bed dip as Aaron sat down next to him, making to open his eyes and talk to his husband, when Aaron himself spoke.

“I’m sorry, you know.” Aaron’s voice was soft. “I’m sorry for punching Kasim. I know it’s my fault that the first few months of our marriage were so hard, and I’m sorry.”

Robert was tempted to say something, but Aaron was clearly convinced Robert was sleeping.

“I love you so much.” Aaron’s hand was in his hair now, gentle against his head. “Mum’s been telling me about everything you did for my lot - our lot - when I was inside. You’re the most amazing person I know, Robert, I’m never going to be able to thank you enough.”

Aaron let out a little laugh.

“God knows I should be saying all these things to you when you’re awake, and I will, I promise, it’s just sometimes its easier to say it like this.”

Robert was confused.

Did Aaron do this a lot?

“You’d laugh, if you knew.” Aaron continued. “I only started doing this when I realised what a heavy sleeper you were. I’m not good with this sort of thing, you know. It’s like I’m practising.”

Robert’s heart could melt. Aaron talked to him like this, when he was sleeping? Aaron was so much sweeter, so much more romantic than he even realised.

Robert wished he could give his husband the confidence to be able to say these things at a whim, without needing to practise first, but there was something so endearing about the fact that Aaron would do this, that he stayed quiet, keeping his breathing slow and even, waiting for Aaron to continue.

“Thinking of the life we’re going to have together got me through being inside.” Aaron said, running his fingers through Robert’s hair. “I told you I loved you so much that I don’t know what to do with it sometimes. I know what to do with it now, I’m going to be better, for you, for us - for Liv. I’m going to make sure nothing like the last few months ever happens again, okay? Because I love you, and I want a proper life with you.”

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Can you doing something like your drunk and you go into pete's hotel room because that's the only room number you could remember and your just really clingy and needy the complete opposite of sober you and all you wanna do is cuddle with him and he's just at a loss of how to handle this situation. ? I really don't know I'm just in desperate need of fluff pete and him not taking advantage of you when he's most capable I just find that really cute, like you making him feel small for once.

i like this tooooooo, but i’m just gonna take a liiiitttllle creative liberty ;D

You stumbled out of the elevator, your head swimming and your legs a little uncooperative. Maybe that last tequila shot that Marty Scurll had handed you was a bad idea.

You were a photographer assigned to follow the Progress/Ring of Honor tour around the United States and had made fast friends with some of the talent. So when you had been invited out by Marty and some of the other Brits, who were you to say no?

But now you were in a bit of a pickle. You’d lost your room key at the bar and you didn’t know if you were in room 512 or 612. You took a gamble and went with 612, hoping that your fellow photographers were in the room to let you in.

You knocked on the door of room 612 and leaned up against the door frame as you waited. You could hear some shuffling from within the room and some grumbling before the door opened.

Oh. That was most definitely not one of your fellow photographers.

This was the Progress World Champion, Pete Dunne’s room.

Oops, but not really.

The Englishman was intriguing to you. He sneered at the other talent and their offers of friendship, but lurked just to the outside of the social circle looking in. He came off as a hard ass to everyone, snarling and snapping if they stepped into his way and just generally treating the crew like shit.

He’d tried that with you too, but you had gotten right back into his face and told him exactly where he could shove his attitude. Chris Daniels and Kazarian had to interject themselves into your argument and pull the two of you away.

But now here was here in front of you, shirtless and in basketball shorts with a serious case of bed head. You didn’t know you needed a sleepy eyed and confused Pete in your life and drunk you just wanted to snuggle up to him.

So you did.

“What the fu-”

His words were cut off by you wrapping yourself around his body and nuzzling your face into his neck. Your arms were locked around his shoulders and one leg had hooked up around his hips, in an almost lewd embrace. You didn’t realize how cold you were until his body heat began to seep into your skin,

“Hi Pete, you’re warm. Why are you in my room?”

Your words were slurred and you stumbled a little. Out of instinct, Pete’s arm wrapped low around your waist to steady you.

“This is my room love. How much did you have to drink tonight?”

You giggled and nuzzled your face into the Englishman’s neck. The arm that was around your waist tightened by a fraction and you could have sworn goose flesh broke out across his shoulders.

“It’s not my fault, Marty kept giving me tequila. I fuckin’ love tequila. How are you so warm? You feel good.”

Pete’s body was as stiff as a board and you could practically hear his not quite awake brain working overtime to process everything.

“D-do you need me to call anyone?”

You shook your head so hard that your entire body swayed.

“No no no its time for bed. Lost my key. Help me?”

You leaned your head back to stare at him, a silly smile on your face. You were leaning pretty heavily into Pete, the alcohol making your sense of balance and coordination practically nonexistent. He didn’t seem mad, his eyes soft with something that your drunken self couldn’t quite identify and a little half smile on his face.

 He sighed, before nodding and assisting you into the hotel room. You gave a whoop of excitement, before releasing your grip and stumbling further into the room.

He stared at your drunken form for just a moment before turning to set the deadbolt on the door.

It was in that moment that he was not looking at you that you had shrugged off your top and wiggled out of your jeans, leaving you in your panties and a camisole. Pete practically choked on his tongue when saw you in your state of undress.

You spun at the sound and made grabby hands.

“Peeeeettteeee, come cuddle! I’m cooolllddd.”

He squirmed uncomfortably, his face hesitant.

“I’ll sleep on the floor, love.”

You screwed up your face in what you think was a frown, before stumbling forward to grab Pete’s hand.

“No. We’re cuddling and that’s final.”

He didn’t resist as you pulled him onto the rumpled bed and didn’t resist when you curled up into his side.You had draped an arm over his broad chest and hooked a leg over his and sighed contently. He was so warm and big and he just felt safe. It was enough to make you practically purr. It was after a stiff moment or two that he relaxed and wrapped an arm around your waist to pull you in tighter.

“G’night Pete.”

“Sleep tight love.”

SO I DID A FREAKING STUPID. I had a prompt for this sentence opener, but I goofed and wrote the wrong pairing. Oops… anon who prompted tony/bucky, I will do you prompt – correctly – but I just didn’t want this stony drabble to go to waste.

“How have you made it this long without someone throwing you out an airlock or something?”

“My amazing good looks, mostly,” Stark replied breezily.

Bucky grunted, but couldn’t argue—Stark was one of handsomest men that worked in the Alliance’s base hanger. Not to mention that having Stark on your spaceship meant that you would pretty much have to be a complete krex to cause a major malfunction.

Still, though, he was a mouthy little shit.

Suddenly Stark straightened up, his eyes going wide. A charming flush crept up under his scruff. He turned and jammed his hands into the guts of Bucky’s fighter in front of him, feigning studiousness.

“Hey Buck.” Steve clapped Bucky on his flesh shoulder, mindful of the spurts of pain his mechanical one gave. (Stark swears up and down he could fix it, but being good at keeping a ship moving through space doesn’t mean Bucky trusts him worth spit to get into the wires that attach to his spinal cord.)

Bucky gave him a smile, leaned into his old friend’s hand.

Steve cleared his throat. “Heya Tony,” he said, much softer. Bucky felt his eyes narrow—there’s red on the back of Steve’s neck, and he’s licking his lips, nervous. Stark’s just as jumpy, looking shy of all things, like two hours ago he didn’t brag about getting on with what’s-his-name during dinner. “What’re you up to?”

When Tony peeked up through his eyelashes, Bucky honestly expected a smarting remark. Instead, Tony said, “Fixing up an issue with the gunner in Barnes’ baby here. Not a difficult fix, any idiot could do it.”


But Steve just smiled, dopey, like he was looking at the two moons and Tony ducked his head back down. The two gorram morons. Bucky hadn’t seen Steve this deep in since Peggy got transferred to the other side of the quadrant.

“So,” Tony said, voice sounding hollowed out. “There’s not much more until tomorrow when you can take her out for a training run so I can see exactly what's—”

Bucky points his metal finger right at Tony’s black flightsuit. “You.”


He turned, and yanked Steve over towards Tony. “You are grown ass men. Any minute now the Legion could attack and blow us all up to shit and you’re dancing around each other like teenagers.”

“Bucky,” Steve hissed.

“Don’t you Bucky me, Rogers. Go fwep this out of your systems so I don’t have to see it anymore.”

There was a loud slam as Tony all but threw his arclight spanner down. “Don’t be a krex, Barnes, Rogers doesn’t want anything to do with me—”

“How could you say that?” Steve blurted. “Tony, I—that is, I think you're—you’re really something.”

Tony’s expression broke Bucky’s hard heart just a little. He looked like a kid, all open and scared. Had no one ever told him something good before?

“You think,” he started softly, already reaching towards Steve. Steve dived forward to grab up his hand, greedy. “You think…?”

No,” Bucky interjected because damnation, there was a line. There was only so much he could take. “Do not make me see this with my own two eyes. I will actually vomit right here, I swear by all the stars. Go to your bunkers. Fwep. Anywhere not here.”

For a split second, they just stared at each other, fingers tightened around the other’s hand, affection making them look like there wasn’t a gorram war going on. Then they scampered off together like a buncha schoolboys and Bucky allowed himself one more smile before wiping it off his face because there was too much to do on this forsaken rock of a planet and too little time to do it in.

Still. Bucky couldn’t deny it felt good to see Steve happy again.

Love’s Truest Language

Title: Love’s Truest Language
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: One-sided Ontae
Wordcount: ~2.5k
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which the touch of your soulmate can make flowers bloom.

(Warnings: This literally discusses flowers growing out of human skin and references, multiple times, those flowers dying or being cut. I guess this could slightly be considered either body horror or self-harm, depending on the context. If this bothers you, don’t read it, please.)

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I have no idea where this came from. *shrugs* enjoy anyway! 

Jack felt almost violated.

The guy two tables over from where he and Mark were seated kept staring at him and he felt like throwing his plate of food at him and running for the hills.

All he wanted was a nice, quiet lunch with his best friend.  He wanted to be weird and nearly choke on his food in laughter and talk about video games, but of course some guy had to be a creep and stare openly at him.

At first, Jack assumed that the guy was simply thinking and had his eyes fixed at some point in space and Jack just happened to sit in his line of sight.  It happened sometimes, Jack himself had done it and embarrassed himself.

He had complained to Mark that the table they sat in was gross and unclean and he wanted to move. Mark, perfect gentleman that he was, suggested moving tables, not really caring where they sat as long as food arrived soon.

As they got up to move to a booth across the room, Jack watched the guy out of the corner of his eye. The man’s eyes followed Jack’s every move as he walked and the guy even had to switch to the other side of the table to keep an eye on him.  

Jack felt chills run up his spine.  He didn’t like controversy, he couldn’t just walk up and tell the guy to fuck off, so he opted to try to ignore him, focusing his attention on a happy, carefree Mark.

Jack tried his best to behave normally, but Mark almost immediately picked up on the shift in his behavior.  He was quiet, not as animated… almost shy, and that raised several red flags in Mark’s mind.

“Are you okay, Jack?”

Jack startled to attention the moment he heard his name.  He knew Mark was in the middle of a long monologue and the fact that he cut it short to ask Jack assured him that he could sense the tense atmosphere.

“Well… “ Jack trailed off, not exactly sure how to handle the situation.  On one hand, he didn’t want to ruin lunch for Mark, but on the other, he was feeling the intensity of the stranger’s stare all over him and it was making him increasingly uncomfortable.

Mark leaned toward him, squinting, “Just tell me, Jack.  You look like you’re about to be sick.”

The stranger had moved a table closer to them.

Jack leaned forward as well, lowering his voice so only Mark could hear, “There’s someone staring at me. They were staring when we first sat down, but I thought he was just lost in thought and staring into space, ya know? But when we moved, he kept looking. He changed seats and everything. Now he’s inching closer table by table and I really don’t want to deal with this will you sit by me?”

The last bit of the sentence came as a bit of a surprise to Jack.  He hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but as the words slipped over his tongue, he knew them to be true.  He would feel much better if his best friend sat at his side.  

Mark smirked, “You just want me to sit by you.  Can’t get enough of the Markimoo.”

Jack scowled and kicked Mark under the table, making the other man wince.  “This is not funny he’s two tables over.  Help me.”

“Alright, alright, here I come.”

Expecting Mark to simply sit down and go back to his monologue, Jack squished himself against the wall and slid his plate of food with him, perfectly content in the small space.

Of course it couldn’t be that simple.

Mark slid into the booth beside him, but instead of reaching for his place and continuing to eat, he leaned back and threw an arm around Jack’s shoulders.

Jack jerked, surprised, his back went ramrod straight.  He looked over at Mark’s face, perfectly calm and collected and gave him a ‘what the ever-loving fuck are you doing?’ look.

Mark gave him a sly grin, “Well, he may be put off by the sight of your dashingly handsome boyfriend.”

Jack rolled his eyes, trying not to concentrate on Mark as the asshole ran his fingers through his hair. That motion was nothing but pure porn and he needed to cut that shit out before some waitress passed the fuck out or the police got involved.  

Or, you know, Jack lost his cool and climbed in Mark’s lap like he was dying to do.

“You wish you had a boyfriend as good looking as me.” Jack said, trying to divert Mark’s attention away from his nearly scarlet face and wondering eyes.

Calm down, Jackaboy. Down, boy.  Not the time or place to molest your best friend.  

Peeking around Mark, Jack could just see the creep from earlier still staring.  Seeking comfort, he pressed himself into the warmth of Mark’s side.  The arm around his shoulders suddenly seemed protective and safe, it was no longer a joke to Jack, it was real protection.

He could appreciate Mark trying to distract him, though.

“He still there?”

Jack nodded and Mark sighed, diving into a ridiculous story to try and distract him.  

Halfway through the tale of Mark getting stung by a bee in his childhood, the stranger moved to a table right next to him.  Jack felt real fear bubble in his gut.

If this guy was willing to make a fool of himself in front of Mark, Jack, and the rest of the happily oblivious customers of the restaurant, there was no limit to what he would do to Jack.

Mark was flailing his arms in a show of his distress at the bee of his childhood when Jack made a desperate decision.  

Throwing every fuck he ever gave about anything to the wind, he reached forward, tangled his fingers in the front of Mark’s shirt, and yanked him down to press their lips together.

A rash decision in a desperate moment can change a life forever.

Mark froze in place and Jack couldn’t help but think “Please, please, Mark.  Save me this one time.  I need it, please.”

To his surprise, Mark seemed to grasp the situation and sprang into action, wrapping his strong arms around Jack and crushing him to his chest.

The steady heartbeat against his own, the hands roaming across this back, and the lips sliding against his own told him that he was loved, cherished, safe.  There would be no harm coming to him as long as those arms were his security.  

Oops, he got lost in his fantasy again.  

Breaking himself away from his dreamland and from Mark, Jack poked his head around Mark’s shoulder to find the guy gone.  He was still cradled in Mark’s arms, so when he relaxed in relief, he practically melted all over Mark’s chest.  

Jack heard him inhale sharply as his head came to rest on Mark’s shoulder.

Realizing what position he was in, Jack began to lean away and apologize.  “I’m sorry, man.  I was just so scared and thank you for going along with it.  You could have-.”

His sentence was cut short by Mark’s warm lips molding against his own once again.  

Hands gripped his shoulders, pulling his closer.  He could feel a strong, quick heart thumping in Mark’s chest and he could never describe the feeling of happiness that spread through him.


100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

sacrifice; the au-ish fic where Hope finds a baby on his doorstep
(this one is suuuper long, just to warn you!)

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When Danny said there was a house for rent just down the road from him, he wasn’t sure why he vetoed it. It’s a great neighborhood, close to Grace’s school, even closer to work, and the owner wanted to get out of it fast. It was the perfect storm of house hunting and Danny would have been a fool not to snap it up. So he’s not exactly surprised when a week later Danny says he’s put down the first, last, and security.

“Complain all you want Steven, but this will be good for us. We’ll each get our own space again, you won’t be waking me up anymore in the middle of the night to go commune with the whales or whatever it is you do out there in the water, and I won’t be annoying you by sleeping with the tv on,” Danny explains like his sleeping with the tv on is actually a bother to him. He’s had to sleep through gunfire, an infomercial with the volume on low is not what was bothering him. It’s Danny being just downstairs, in nothing but a t-shirt and boxers, that’s keeping him awake at night. But he can’t say that the only place he want’s Danny to move to is his bedroom so he settle on listening to Danny explain all the reasons why him moving out is a good idea.

It’s not a good idea, as Steve learns just a week after Danny moves into his new place. He doesn’t run often, choosing instead to swim in the mornings, but his normal route takes him right by Danny’s new place so he decides to switch things up. It only takes him a few minutes to get there and when he looks over to check out the house he trips over his own feet when he sees Danny through the window. He’s clearly just got out of the shower and is dressed in only a towel as he walks around his room. He can feel his blush over his whole body when he looks away, feeling like a peeping tom, and starts running a little faster.

It’s only through years of training that he’s able to push thoughts of a wet and naked Danny out of his mind. He manages to keep himself together during work and by the time Danny drops him off at home he’s nearly forgotten the whole incident. That is, until the next morning when he finds himself running past Danny’s again.

This time he’s getting dressed, pulling an undershirt on over his head and tucking it into his unbuttoned pants. It’s even more indecent than when he was just wearing the towel.

“Do you have curtains?” he asks as soon as he gets into the Camaro later that morning.

Danny stares at him, mouth open, trying to figure out what he missed, “Hello Steven. Good morning to you too, I'm doing great, it’s so nice of you to ask.” He fires off before answering that yes, he does have curtains.

“You should keep them closed. Your house is right by the road, it’s a big security risk when a lot of strangers can see right through your place. If you were ever attacked they would have a huge advantage.”

“Woah, woah, woah, I do not plan on getting attacked in my own home, okay? And how do you even know my curtains were open?”

“I went running by your place this morning,” he admits and by the look in Danny’s eye, he knows he’s said too much but Danny doesn’t say anything more on the subject.

The next time he goes running, three days later when a storm is brewing and the water is too choppy to swim in, he checks out Danny’s house just as his partner is putting on his pants.

He feels like a creep, running past Danny’s even though he has no reason to today. The water is beautiful, he should be out in it and not running by his partner’s house hoping to get another glimpse of him through the window. He should just turn around, there’s still enough time to get in a quick swim and then he won’t feel like a peeping tom spying on his best friend. The only problem is that by the time he decides to go for a swim instead, he’s already in front of Danny’s house.

Danny is standing in front of his window again, wearing nothing but a towel which he promptly drops and Steve can’t take it anymore. He stops running and goes to knock on Danny’s door, waiting until Danny opens it wearing just his pants.

“You know I can see everything right?” He asks, out of breath, as soon as the door opens.


“You, changing. Every time I run by your house I can see you changing in your bedroom window. That’s why I told you to keep your curtains shut.”

“Oh… oops,” Danny says. Oops like he just gave Steve the wrong order, not like he just found out he’s been giving his partner a peepshow every time he goes running. Then he sees the challenge in Danny’s eye, the option to stop pretending that they’re not attracted to each other and finally do something about it so he acts. He takes a quick step forward and kisses Danny hungrily, grabbing him by the back of the neck and holding him close. He hears the front door slam shut and then they’re moving as Danny drags him down the hallway and into the bedroom, only stopping when they both collapse onto the bed.

The next morning Danny’s bedroom curtains are closed and Steve gets to watch him get dressed in person.

Not husbands...or are they?
  • Louis: Harry, half of the larry fan base thinks we're secretly married.
  • Harry: We could be.
  • Louis: We're not.
  • Harry: Remember when Ross kinda married Rachel without her permission?
  • Louis: He didn't. He just stayed married to her without her permission.
  • Harry: Exactly. But imagine if you didn't remember getting married to someone?
  • Louis: Your mind baffles me.
  • Harry: My point is...do you remember that night a couple of years ago when you were completely off your face? You couldn't remember anything the next day. I had to hold your hair back for like, almost six hours.
  • Louis: Good night, that was.
  • Harry: You don't remember it!
  • Louis: Exactly.
  • Harry: Anyway, my point is. You never asked me what happened when you got back....
  • Louis: I know what happened. You tucked me in and I kept rambling about some chapel where the Virgin Mary looked exactly like you.
  • Harry: Yeah...and I thought that was curious so we went on a bit of a journey and one thing lead to another and-
  • Louis: HARRY EDWARD STYLES. Did you stealth marry me while I was drunk?
  • Harry: I don't know...did I?
  • Louis: I. Where's my ring? You sneaky bastard. My mum is going to kill you. The boys are going to kill you. I'm going to kill you!
  • Harry: But you don't want to divorce me?
  • Louis: Is the sky blue?
  • Harry:
  • Louis: What the hell? Why are you crying?! I just told you I wanted to stay married to you FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and I'm stone cold sober. You're supposed to pick me up and swing me around now.
  • Harry: We're not.
  • Louis: Excuse me?
  • Harry: We're not secretly married at all.
  • Louis: Harry. What the fuck. Why would you-
  • Harry: Now I know how you feel. About marrying me I mean. Come here please.
  • *Louis moves into Harry*
  • Louis: Hi
  • Harry: Oops
  • Louis: Are you about to less than stealth marry me?
  • Harry: I'm about to marry you so hard, you'll never get married again
  • Louis: That's what I like to hear. You can pick me up and swing me round now.
  • Harry: Don't mind if I do.
Are you working on anymore prompts? I keep thinking of how amazing it would be if Sheldon overheard the way Bernadette is mean to Amy sometimes and my learning she had encouraged Amy to cheat? Idk? I'm feeling mischievous.

Oops I did it again… Somehow this turned into another reconciliation story. Until I find out how it happens I will never tire of writing and reading them.

Sheldon walked by himself to the comic book store, Leonard and Penny were fighting so he could not prevail upon Leonard for a ride. Ever since their disastrous almost nuptials in Vegas their nights had been fraught with tense discussions. They were too busy with their own troubles to listen to his.

Stuarts comic shop was a bit of a walk, but he thought that some exercise might do him well. Help him clear his head a bit. Lately he had been thinking about Amy a lot. Amy was clear they were still together, she still loved him, she just needed time to think. Think about what exactly though? There was nothing about her that he needed to think about, when he had a feeling he knew it. He knew with perfect clarity that he loved her and he wanted her in his life forever. He thought Amy had felt the same way.

Thinking back seemed to him that she had not been entirely happy and he could not fathom why. He supposed he could just ask her what was troubling her and how he could fix it. What if the answer was him? He could not fix who he was.

Heartbreak was not an emotion he had ever experienced, and he was not fond of it.
Everything he walked past seemed to remind him of her. The donut shop where she had wiped the jelly of his cheek, the spot where first held hands, the wine bar she liked to frequent with the girls. He looks through the window of the bar thinking about the time he had discovered her there when she had lied to him about being sick. How hurt he had been to discover she did not want to be with him, she had been growing tired of him. Then after discovering her there Penny had dragged him to that blasted psychic.

“Everything will fall into place once you commit to her.”

“Amy is the key to your happiness.”

How right they were, he just wishes he had listened sooner. How was he to know that a phony bologna physic and Penny of all people would give him the best advice of his life. He feels himself on the verge of tears and he is annoyed with himself. Then he spies something through the window and his heart skips a beat.

There she is sitting at one of the high tables facing away from the him. Her dark hair covering her face, her delicate hands fondling the stem of her glass. Amy looks sad, Bernadette is there too talking and gesturing and Amy is just nodding her head glumly. He gulps hard as he watches her, it had been a week since he last saw her and she is a vision to behold. Like a moth to a flame he feels drawn to her. Another instance he had been wrong. He had called her his little moth, but clearly the roles were reversed.

“Hold on little moth the flame is coming for you.” He mumbles pushing the door to the bar open. Then as he walks inside the he has second thoughts. Amy does not want him here. She asked for her space and he told her that he understood. Sheldon decides not to bother her, he will just sit near her so he can hear her voice make sure she is well then he will leave her be.

Sheldon chooses a booth near her close enough where he can hear her and Bernadette but tucked in the corner. They are so engrossed in their conversation that they don’t notice him at all. When the waiter comes up to him he orders a sparkling water and then holds the menu up to shield his face even though they are not even looking in his direction. Sheldon is thankful for his Vulcan hearing as he listens to the two woman with increasing horror.

“I am just saying there are other fish in the sea Amy! I mean I know you don’t feel like you have the most sex appeal but there is some lonely guy out there that would love to have you.”

“I don’t want some lonely guy, I want some guy who loves me and wants to be with me Sheldon loves me and wants to be with me. I just need to sort out why he does.” Amy tells her and he tilts his head to the side How could she not know why he wants to be with her? The list was endless, her attributes knew no bounds.

“Sweetie, you could find some guy that actually wants the same things you do. There is only so many years you can waste on a sexless robot man.” Incensed he has a good mind to go tell Bernadette how he feel about her but Amy defends him.

“Sheldon is not sexless, nor a robot man. You guys never give him enough credit. Sheldon is a very complex man with plenty of emotions he just does not care to show them to everybody.”

“You say that but the fact remain you were with him for five years and only kissed. It took him four years to tell you he loved you, and at your first and only sleepover all you did was cuddle.”

“Who is to say that even if hypothetically I get a new guy that it will not be the same thing.” Amy says.

“Even the new guy is reluctant at first do what you did with Sheldon with him.”

“What exactly did I do with Sheldon?” Amy asks

“Wear him down and doggedly pursue him until he feels there is no choice but to love you.” Sheldon feels his ears start to burn red. How dare Bernadette say that to Amy. Bernadette had no idea how he felt about Amy. Wear him down? Amy had not worn him down nor doggedly pursued him. If anything he had been the one who had pursued her.

“I did not pursue Sheldon, I mean I had followed your advice and gone a date with Stuart. Sheldon is the one who tracked me down in a movie theater and asked me to be his girlfriend.” Sheldon smirks that a girl tell that blonde hyena what’s what. It annoys him to this day thinking about Amy on that date with Stuart. Amy was his and his alone, his stomach curls thinking she might use this break as an opportunity to seek out another man. “Why are you always trying to get me to date other men.”

“Because you should! Think about it if you had followed my advice and say… gone on a date with one of those guys from the hotel bar. You could have been having steady sex with a decent guy for years. Instead you are a a thirty five year old virgin pining over a man who will never love you the way you love him.” Guys from a hotel bar? What is sam hell was this wench talking about? Had Amy been given the opportunity to be with someone else and turned it down?

“I don’t want sex with a “decent” guy. I want sex with Sheldon, and if not him then it will be with nobody.” Sheldon’s mouth goes dry, it is all he wants to hear.

“Don’t you think that is a tad dramatic Amy? I mean I know you don’t think you are worth it but underneath all those layers of wool there is some real potential.If you just tried and put yourself out there… “

“Bernadette you are missing the point entirely this break is not about sex at all.” Here it is he thinks , what is this break about.

“Then what is it about Amy?” Bernadette asks and it is the only thing that has come out of Bernadette’s mouth tonight that has made any sense.

“I just want to be sure that being with him is the right thing for me. I put so much into our relationship to make it work. I just want him to give as much back as I put it. That does not mean sex by the way. It means I want him to give me romance, I want him to be sentimental about our time together. ”

“I am sorry Amy but it is time to give you tough love. Breaking up with Sheldon was the right thing to do. No matter how much you put into your relationship he will never give you back what you want. Sheldon is incapable of loving you the way you the way you love him. He loves you the way someone loves their sister or their best friend. Howie as told be that Sheldon said that he does not consider your relationship to be romantic. You can shove romance down his throat all you want but he does not have romantic feelings for you at all.” Bernadette tells her and Amy bows her head looking defeated. It is the last straw for him, he will not allow this woman to talk to Amy like this. Bernadette has no idea how he feels about Amy, she has no right to tell Amy how he feels about her. Sheldon throws some money on the table to pay for his drink. Then he strides over to there table.

“Excuse me ladies.” He says as he walks over to them. “I could not help but overhear your conversation.”

“Sheldon!” they both squeak.
“How long have you been here?” Bernadette asks.

“Long enough.” He answers without looking at her, he only ha eyes for one person right now.

“Amy, would you care to go for a walk with me?” he asks her and she looks up at him like she is trying to size up the situation.

“Okay.” she concedes getting up and following him out the door. Once out off ear shot of Bernadette she asks him. “ Were you following me?”

“Don’t be absurd, I was merely on my way to the comic book store and I stopped inside this establishment for a water.” He says skirting around the truth, not technically lying to her.

“You stopped in a wine bar for a water when there is a Starbucks next door?” she asks raising her eyebrows.

“I may have seen you through the window and that spurred me to come inside.” He admits. “ I did not mean to eavesdrop on your conversation. I was just curious to your well being since you have cut off communications with me. Then suffice it to say I was not happy with the advice your fiend was imparting on you. Does she always speak to you like that?” he asks

“Bernadette can be a bit forward and bossy but she means well.” Amy says.

“She is wrong you know that right?” he says quietly bowing his head.

“Wrong about what?” Amy asks wanting to hear him say it.

“Wrong about everything, about you dating other men, about breaking up with me being right, about how I feel about you.”

“You heard me defend you. “ she says quietly

“Yes but you also said you felt I was not sentimental towards you. Amy you knew when we first met I was not partial to sentimentality.”

“I know that…” she begins but he cuts her off.

“But you have turned me into a sentimental fool, I was walking this street and my heart was heavy because it all reminds me of you.”

“It does?” she says looking up at him and he stops in the street and takes her hand in his.

“Right here is where we held hands for the first time, down the street under the streetlight you kissed me good night. You had parked your car there and I walked you to it.”
“Then those teenagers wolf whistled, and you were embarrassed.” Amy says wistfully.

“I told you not to kiss me in public anymore.” He admits sadly stepping over to her and placing his hands on her hips. “I was wrong, I have been wrong about a lot of things and I want the opportunity to make them right. Amy will you give me that opportunity?” He asks staring into her eyes imploring her to stay with him.

“Sheldon…” Amy says not knowing what to say.

“Please Amy, allow me to show you exactly how I feel about you. I swear if you come back to me I will make it my mission to make sure you never doubt how I feel about you ever again. Amy I love you, more than anything and life without you has been hell.” His blue eyes bore into hers and she has never seen him look like this before. It is heart wrenching to see him look so broken.

“I missed you.” She tells him smiling.

“Does that mean we are back together?” He asks.

“It means I missed you, and I love you.” She tells him and he bends down and catches her lips with his own. Pulling her tight against his body, deepening the kiss and gaining access to her mouth with his tongue. He has never kissed her like this before and Amy responds to him kissing him back ardently. They pull away from each other breathless and he smiles down at her. “Now that kiss deserved a wolf whistle.” She tells him.

“If someone had I wouldn’t have cared.” He tells her kissing her again moving his hand upwards to cradle her face. Stroking her cheek as he breaks away. “ I have a good mind to take you back to that infernal wine bar and kiss you like that in front of Bernadette to shut her up.”

“Maybe you should, that would certainly silence her.” Amy says to him biting her lip wondering what has gotten into him. He looks lime he is considering it but then he shakes his head no.

“No, not right now, right now I want to get you alone so we can discuss some revisions to the Relationship Agreement. Next time we are both in her presence together I am going to kiss you like there is no tomorrow. “

“I am counting on it.” Amy says smiling up at him as they continue to walk hand in hand down the road together.

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Yo!!! I don't know if a story would be ok? But I'm stoked for your hc's too! So it's all cool! Setting up the scene a bit! Talon capturing Tracers, Momma Mercys s/o. They get Widowmaker to torture Tracers, momma's s/o. They record it and send it to overwatch for everybody to see!

I’ve been waiting for more angsty requests
As you wish dear anon

This is my 100th post!!


Getting a message was rare for the Overwatch base so Winston was naturally curious to see what it could be. He thought nothing of it as he opened the file, only perplexed why the video started out blurry and out of focus. When things began to clear, he was shocked - mortified at what he saw next.

“I still don’t understand why you called us all in here.” Soldier 76 spoke, arms crossed as he watched unimpressed and highly annoyed Winston had called the whole team in for a video. But it had to be serious so he tried to keep most of his opinions to himself. Winston worked wordlessly, pulling the video up and enlarging it so one of his entire screens was covered. He looked worried to say the least and oddly stayed closer to Tracer and Mercy as the video began.

It started out blurry and out of focus, as if someone was adjusting the settings while recording. Slowly things started to become clear. In the center of the screen was someone tied to a chair, a bag over their head. It an obvious Talon base, Widowmaker standing beside the body. Everyone in the room clearly tensed. Someone muttered something off screen, Widowmaker nodded at the silent words and pulled the bag off. The entire room fell silent. There you were. For a moment you didn’t move, just sat there lifeless. Only when Widowmaker nudged you with the end of her gun did you move, weakly lifting your head to stare into the camera. Blood seeped down your forehead and dripped from your nose and lips. Bruises and dirt covered your face and neck, tears gathered in the corner of your eyes.


“Angela…” You choked out, voice hoarse and barley above a whisper. Mercy’s hands covered her mouth as she watched you through the screen, her own eyes watering at the sight of you. What happened? How did they get you? What did they do to you? Everything she saw was almost enough to break the doctor, her legs wobbling.

“Help…please…” You began to cry, a wheezing and painful sound as your tears slid down your dirtied cheeks, small drops of blood mixing with the tears. Mercy let out a quiet sob, unable to hold in, her chest feeling heavy. Her heart ached. After a minute of nothing but your sobbing, Widowmaker pressed the end of her gun to your temple in silent a demand. Sniffling and with a few deep breaths, you were able to calm yourself and keep eyes contact with the camera.

“Talon has a few demands of Overwatch.” You’re voice shook, unsteady in fear.

“If you ever want to see me again…alive. You’ll do exactly as they say.” The video cut to the wants of Talon and Mercy’s legs could no longer support her and she fell to the ground, feeling weak and helpless as she cried into her hands. She didn’t know if that was the last time she’ll ever see you and something told her that it was.


“Lena…?” You spoke quietly, eyes staring at nothing as your head slowly bobbed in all directions, a sign that you clearly out of touch with what was happening, confused and scared. Tracer stiffened instantly, almost like she was ready to run to you at a moments notice. But…she didn’t know where you were or how you got there. Or if you were still alive. Your eyes continued to blankly stare at nothing while darting around the room you were kept in.

“I..Lena…you…it’s..” Tears fell down your cheeks as you struggled just a little in your seat, finding it hard to form a correct sentence. Widowmaker grabbed the back of your head, forcing you to look forward and into the camera, whispering something to you that caused all emotion to suddenly disappearing from your face. It scared Tracer just how emotionless you became.

“Talon has a few things to ask of you.” The coldness in your voice and dead stare set something off withing Tracer as she tried to zip out of the room. Solider 76 had to hold her against his chest to prevent her from running off, blindly looking for you.

“My life depends on these demands. Refuse to obey and you’ll find my corpse in the mail.” Now she was crying, screaming, demanding that she be let go to find you, that you needed her. Tracer was a mess as she weakened in 76′s arms. The video cut off to the wants of Talon and she fell apart. Clinging to 76 and sobbing.

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What do you think it is about the story of Harry Potter that makes it so powerful? I've been asked why I love it so much, but I honestly can't express it. I'm not very good at putting things into words...help? I know, it's kind of a tough/random question.

Hehe it is a tough question but do you know what? I love it! In fact I started to well up just thinking how I would reply to this message. It doesn’t help that I’m now listening to a HP soundtrack playlist on youtube either. I don’t help myself really.

I think that for most of us here on Tumblr, the significance of it is that we grew up with it. It doesn’t matter if you were 13 when the first film came out, or 5, a whole generation grew up with it. My mum works with a 22/23 year old who is apparently just as obsessed with it as I am, quite a lot of my friends love it, and I am moulding my 3 year old sister to love it - in fact she calls me Dumbledore, and calls herself “Romione”, which is how she says Hermione (for some reason, though she can say it properly), which I love. But, having said that, my dad loves it too, he read the books when I was a child and took me to see the films, and took me to the HP Studios, and actually wants to go back. I feel like I was lucky, because I got into it at a very young age. My parents took me to the cinema to see PS in 2001 when it came out, simply because they had seen on the news the success, and the recommendations that it was a great film for kids. That was that, I then became obsessed at 5 years old. Oops. It’s my parents fault, I swear!

I think that the series is a rare thing. The outline of the plot may not be that original - “The Chosen One” versus “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”. But Jo is a mastermind. She embellishes it so that it is something that has never been done before: a 7 book series, that are so closely interwoven that there is foreshadowing for the ending in the first book! And amazingly it never gets old! I read the first book 12/13 years ago now (I was 5 or 6 I can’t remember exactly how old I was), and read the rest of the books when they came out. I’ve probably read each book half a dozen times, more likely a dozen times each. But I never tire of them. Whenever my parents see me settle down to read one of the books again, they’re amazed that I can still read it, even though I probably know each sentence by now, and even though the plot to each book is engrained in my brain, so much so that I think I know the Harry Potter Universe better than I know myself. I remember when I was like 8 or 9 years old, they told me with conviction that I would grow out of it. Now, a decade later, I actually love it even more, which I’m baffled is possible. In another decade, I’ll love it even more. Each time I re-read one of the books, I notice even more about it, more foreshadowing, or moments or sentences that I’ve overlooked and forgotten in the past. It’s these small details that make the series so special. Jo is nothing short of a genius. I’m not joking when I say that I think she should be made queen. Shove over Windsors, the Rowlings are taking the throne mate. 

First of all, let’s look at the characters. They’re painfully real and relatable. They’re all grey characters, no-one is just good or just bad, the line between them is blurred in real life, and they’re blurred realistically in the series. They’re just such realistic people! I’m not going to go into a great deal of detail with the characters because I was planning on going to sleep at some point tonight.

Let’s look at Harry, who could so easily have been written as “The Chosen One”, perfect boy, poor unfortunate soul who handles his burdens with an air of grace, and just manages to defeat the evil one every time because he is so goddamn brilliant, like most of the protagonists are in YA. No. Our Harry is a goddamn idiot. He is the biggest idiot ever! He is a sarcastic little twat who, if he wasn’t the chosen one, would be an average student who just happened to be good at sports. He is overly loyal and forgiving, and wouldn’t be able to do anything that he did do without his friends. 

Now, Hermione. In the films she is little miss perfect, but in the books she is far from it. She’s not just the smart girl, who in quite a lot of YA novel would fall in love with the protagonist. She’s ruthless: she punched Malfoy, cursed Marietta, set fire to Snape, and set a flock of birds to attack Ron.

Ron grew up in a very poor household, overshadowed by his brothers, then came to Hogwarts, where he was overshadowed by his best friend. He earned the right to be pissed off with him. But he’s loyal, and intelligent too, which most people seem to forget. No he didn’t get great grades, nor did Harry. But did you see that chess game he played in his first year????!!!?!?!?!

Moving on from the trio, what makes the series even more rare is the development of the secondary and tertiary characters. Think of the silver trio, Draco, Dumbledore, Lupin, Dobby, Cho, Lily, the Weasleys, even Crookshanks! They are all so developed that it’s amazing. How did Jo even do it? What’s more, they’re all realistic too. I don’t think there’s anyone in the series who wouldn’t exist in real life. I don’t know any other novel or series ever to have so many characters that are so well developed. Every character is so interesting, from Harry, to Luna, to Rita. My mind bogles at the thought! This makes the series special, because everyone has that one character that we relate too. I can’t even articulate how Jo has written so many characters that we love and adore and hate and relate to and who are all so important in their own right and so amazing. We also see them grow up, from children to adults. But I think one important lesson is that no matter who you are, you’re loved: Harry didn’t think we was loved, and then he became on of the Weasleys. Also, the fact that even the wisest of characters, Dumbledore,makes mistakes, and so teaching us that it’s okay to make mistakes, and not to know what you’re doing. And, that despite how you’ve been brought up, no one is more important than another because of their birth. 

I think that brings me on to this: the series has so many important life lessons in it, and that, for a series about a wizard, it’s surprising the parallels it draws to our world. For a supposed child’s series, it touches on some very real and important topics, but masks them. Like racial prejudice for example: the prejudice of purebloods against muggle-borns. The Death Eaters are basically the KKK. There is other prejudice, against werewolves for example (an example of HIV), house-elves, and giants. But in the end, Jo teaches us to throw our prejudices out the window: everyone is equal. That’s not just it. There are very heavy topics in the series. Abuse (the Dursleys), PTSD (Harry), grief after death (Harry and Cho), moving on from loss (Luna, Harry, Cho, Neville), the inevitably of death (Tom), the importance of having love (Harry vs Tom), depression (Dementors). This educates kids without it being obvious what it’s about, learning the lessons about acceptance without the prejudice. I don’t think this is a kid’s series, but the fact that so many children read it is fantastic.

Finally, the world that Jo created is so magic. It’s so like our own, but just different enough for us to be entranced by it. She created this world and it’s people so cleverly. You never want to leave. Once you’ve read one of the books, or seen one of the films, you have to come back. The depth that Jo went in to creating this universe is outstanding, and I’m amazed that I’m still learning stuff about it, nearly 14 years later.

That’s what makes the series so powerful. It’s so hard not to fall in love with it. It was so cleverly created, and, in my opinion, stands head and shoulders above most literature. I think that people are going to be reading the books and watching the films for centuries. I’m already looking forward to reading the books to my kids - hell, I’m excited to reading it to my little sister (if she would let me, her attention span isn’t quite long enough yet). 

In short, the series is just magical.

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For fic-writing night, I'm sure you're swamped, but if it appeals to you, could you do “who did this to you?” with SteveTony? Hope you're having a fun Saturday!

Ahh thanks doll, I slept most of the day, whoops? 

I definitely didn’t write a 616 CW era angsty fic or anything. Oops? Concept: time travelling, Steve lands about a year in the future. 

Also wtf I haven’t written them in so long I think I forget how? If anything sounds rough it’s because I’m rusty, oh boy. 

When he landed, it felt the same as all the other times; the force jolting through his bones, resonating through his core. He grunted, his vision whiting out for a long, disorienting moment, his hand shooting out to brace against the nearest wall, all but slumping against as he fought to regain his balance. 

Once the dizziness started to pass, his vision began to focus as he blinked away the blurriness and disorientation. 

Before his vision fully returned, he knew exactly where he was. He’d been in Tony’s shop enough to recognize it in an instant.

It looked pretty similar to how it did that morning when he’d been in there, but there were enough differences around the room that told him that he wasn’t in the same time that he had been when he’d spoken to Tony in his shop earlier. Things had been added or moved, enough that it was all recognizable, but unfamiliar. 

Gathering himself and straightening up as he felt the strength return to his body, he heaved in a deep breath and made his way over to the nearest screen. A quick look up in the corner told him that he’d landed around a year in the future this time. At least he was somewhat close to home. 

“What the fuck are you doing in here?”

Steve’s head snapped up at the familiar voice, which was hard and brittle in his ears. His eyes met Tony’s, and for a single moment he felt relief pass through him. 

Then, he saw Tony’s face. 

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Can you write me some fluff about Bellamy letting Clarke paint onhis back?

“What are you drawing?” Bellamy asked as he turned his head to try and get a glimpse of his back over his shoulder.

Clarke pushed his face a little to get him to look forward again, smearing a bit of excess paint onto his cheek by accident as she did so. “Hold still. It’s not like you can see your own back anyways.”

“Exactly. You could be painting anything,” he pointed out and a small smirk formed on his lips as he teased, “What? Are you drawing a big sign that says ‘Property of Clarke Griffin’? Or maybe ‘If found, return to Princess’?  Somehow I don’t think that would make good war paint.”

The entire camp was filled with energy and anticipation of the fight to come and many had started to draw war paint onto their faces and chests. Bellamy, on the other hand, had agreed to let Clarke do his paint for him. When he’d agreed, he hadn’t been expecting that she was planning on painting on his back, but he wasn’t going to stop her.

“You wish,” Clarke muttered. “But no.”

Bellamy was starting to get a little impatient as she walked around to face his front so that she could paint across his chest. But as she began again, his curiosity was peaked and he ducked his head down to watch her as she concentrated on her work.

At first he couldn’t tell watch she was doing, but he eventually realized that she was painting surprisingly detailed looking body armour onto his chest. Clarke’s inner artist had let loose, resulting in him having war paint that seemed to be inducing a fair bit of jealousy in the others, whose own paint jobs were much more basic.

As she finished painting the armour vest, Clarke realized that Bellamy’s war-paint had gathered quite a bit of attention from the rest of the camp and there were a few people who had just stopped altogether to watch her work.

She wasn’t done yet though. She thought his arms looked a little bare, so she switched to some black paint and drew a few swirling lines along his arms, making it appear as if they had tattoos curling down their lengths.

She took a step back to admire her handiwork, along with her canvas. She decided that she was almost done, but she still had one last touch to add to her artwork.

“Give me your hand,” she told him.

He stuck it out obediently and she quickly painted the finishing touch onto the back of his hand.

“I like the armour,” he told her. “But I’m not sure how effective the tiara is at making me look tough.”

Clarke smiled a little to herself as she set down her paint.

“I thought you wanted to be marked as my property.”

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So I've recently gotten back into reading because of the bookish community on here (and I love your blog btw). I don't really know where to get started now that I'm back into it. I know that I love dystopians, though. Can I please have a list? (:

I love dystopians, too! *hi-5* and since there are so many of them, I can definitely give you a list :)

let’s start with the ones I’ve read:

  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - if you haven’t read these yet, it would be surprising, but we’re covering all our bases here just in case. These books are fantastic (so are the movies) and they’re a great place to start.
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth - I know there’s a lot of people who will tell you not to bother reading these because they hate how the last book ends, but I think the first book, at least, is worth reading. After that, you can decide to continue or let it go.
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness - Sci-fi dystopian on another planet. These book are perfect and not enough people have read them. 
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi - another sci-fi dystopian! In this one the world outside is a dangerous place to live, so the people built domes to dwell in and live their lives through virtual reality. The people living outside the domes are considered dangerous, and some have extremely-heightened senses. So of course one of the dome dwellers gets cast out into the dangerous outside world. A fantastic story ensues and it’s told in dual POV. 
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • Legend by Marie Lu - dystopian USA, except it’s not called the USA any more. Highly intriguing, totally kick-ass, and all round awesome. This is dual POV as well.
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi -  Great fun to read. The writing is fantastic. Kick-ass characters with awesome powers. Beautiful covers, too.
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • 1984 by George Orwell - basically Big Brother 24/7 in every aspect of life. If you aren’t doing exactly what the govt. wants you to be doing, you get in trouble. It’s kind of terrifying to even think about. Thanks, Orwell. 
    [goodreads link]

now for the ones I haven’t read but I own and need to read:

  • Delirium by Lauren Oliver - Another one with an ending a lot of people didn’t like, but apparently the first book is really good! A world where you’re injected with a cure for love because love is wrong and bad (and illegal??) and then a guy comes along and oops. The story goes from there.
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken - teens with powers that are considered dangerous and are locked up. They escape and trouble ensues.
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • The Selection by Kiera Cass - it’s like the Bachelor, but in book form, and a dystopian. They’re short and sound interesting enough. 
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • The Giver by Lois Lowry - recently turned into a movie, this is supposed to be a utopian society, but it’s actually a dystopian. Nobody has any memories and the world is colourless, until the main character gets the job as The Receiver of Memories, the only person who is allowed to remember things (??). He learns all about how the world is actually a messed up place and it goes from there. This is part of a four book series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • Partials by Dan Wells - The human race is practically wiped out after a war with Partials “—engineered organic beings identical to humans—” according to goodreads. A virus spreads and kills off the majority of the population, and the main character wants to find a solution. She also decides to figure out why the war happened in the first place.
    [goodreads link to first book]
  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner - the movie has just been released! A guy wakes up in a lift and can’t remember anything. There are a heap of other guys there and none of them can remember anything either. They know that the only way out of where they are is through the Maze, but no one has made it through alive. Then a girl shows up. It goes from there.
    [goodreads link to first book]

I hope that’s enough to get you started! These are all of the most popular dystopians around at the moment.

And if all of that isn’t enough, take a look through this list of Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction. Have fun!