oops i started with 6

anyway uh i need to go pack i’m leaving for glasgow in like 6 hours and i havent started oops
also uh i’m not taking my computer with me so i probably won’t be able to translate stuff through the weekend but y'all can still leave requests and i’ll do them when i get back 👌🏻
i probs won’t be here much either but i’ll put up a queue!


Yeah idk how long ago I was tagged in these but Im doing it anyway kinda
Anyway I was tagged by ashlonirweed, raciekay, blowmikey, ashtonirwinyo, and calumxhemmings for the 6 selfie/20 beautiful people thing but thats a lot of work so Im just going to just tag punkrockinsomniac loldonttouchmeplease ohlookitsashton hemmoriginal