oops i started this like last september

// so it’s been a long time since the last starter call (the only one I did back in September oops), but first things first, i’d like to apologize for those who i didn’t get to from the initial one! can’t deny that it got overwhelming plus my spacey ass self just missed em.

hence, to start things fresh, here’s another starter call! no caps, and please, if you can specify a muse, it’d be much appreciated!! the list is here

as a side note, i’ll try getting to ones who liked for a starter before.

Tiny Box Tim and I are matching for Christmas! Also, it’s been over a year since I started watching @markiplier! I’d like to take a moment to thank him for enabling me to donate to charity every month for about a year at this point. I think I only missed September. Also, after a year of waiting to here my name said on stream, Mark mispronounced my last name haha. It’s ok though, he said it right later on!

In all seriousness, I’m so happy to be apart of such an amazing and giving community. I’m so thankful for all I’ve been given, and how welcome you all make me feel. The important part of the live streams for me, is making a difference. So thank you for that. It’s a great feeling, even if it was only a dollar or five dollars that I contributed.

So, thank you @markiplier for being an escape from the stress of high school and work, or being someone I can hang out with once a month. You truly are amazing.

Thank you @crankgameplays for being such an inspiration to me. You never stop going after your dreams, and neither will I.

Thank you @therealjacksepticeye for being a kick of energy when I need it, but also a word of wisdom when I’m down.

Most of all, thank you to the communities that have excepted me, helped me through the times when my depression is bad, and theorizes with me when the boys decide to mess shit up. I would try to list a few of you but the list would be way too long.

Thank you, and have a happy holiday