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The Star Wars Battlefront 2 BETA

My experiences with the beta so far have been wonderful (the beta is in it’s last day and I’ve had this post saved to drafts and forgot about it till now oops) and beyond expectations tbh. Obviously with the announcement of new content being added everyone assumed this one would be better based on that aspect alone but just the overall depth they’ve added into everything has made this a much nicer game to enjoy in my opinion.  

Where to start?…

The class system! 

They got it right back in the classic battlefront games and I’m glad to see its somewhat return. This system not only brings some balance to the game-play but also a bit of flavor via cosmetic differences between classes. They have a class for the 4 main styles of combat Assault for people who like to get in there and shoot things, just your average normal aggressive trooper fit with grenade and shotgun. Heavy which fills more of a tank/support role but with the benefit of being able to put out quite a lot of damage, heavies will definitely be the backbone of any squad while you hold the lines in the firefights or help your team defend or push an objective. Officer class is definitely the support role you can buff your team mates and provide a sentry to help defend an objective along with some other unique abilities. You have low HP but your officer pistol packs a pretty serious punch. And lastly the specialist, you’re the sniper and the sort of the ranged toolbelt of your squad capable of sneaking behind enemy lines or picking off foes from a distance. Personally I sunk a decent amount of time into all the classes but id have to say Officer/Heavy being my favorite Assault stealing a close third.  

The reinforcement system 

I got to try out all the available reinforcements, the Super B2 standing out as my favorite. One thing I don’t really like is how it seems like all the “jump troopers” for all factions are relatively the same with minor differences in weapons obviously and am hoping at launch this is maybe expanded on. I also feel the flame trooper could use some work, while totally kickass looking as they are I just don’t feel like you’re as big of a deal as you should be in game. 

 Space combat. 

I only have played a bit of the fighter assault mode but oh my god let me tell you how much nicer it is. The atmosphere, the handling, the hero units. It literally feels like everything they did to this was an improvement on the old fighter assault mode. I got to play as mauls scimitar in one game. Tore shit up let me tell you they did my boy right in this game if nothing else you’re a beast in the air and on the ground. 


 Strike which is sort of like CTF is an 8v8 mode and is surprisingly fun and I feel they just need to maybe balance out some things with takadona map. Overall though had some very enjoyable games in strike. I do hope TFO gets some more customization options because they have managed to look completely void of individuality and that might be the point but not really that cool from a player stand point. I personally would like to stand out even if its just the cosmetic differences between classes. I feel the clone army and the droids do this very well in the beta. Galactic assault which from my understanding will be different depending on what map you’re playing on is a very nice mode. I feel like maybe if they stretched out the matches a bit longer or added in 30v30 it might make it more intense but I had fun none the less. The attention to detail in the naboo map is astounding.


 Last but not least the Heroes sadly; I’ve only gotten to play a lot as maul and fett but I am really enjoying the hero changes. They feel a lot more tactical and less like god mode as they did in the first game. Maul is a beast but he is all aggro, as a trooper I’ve taken him and boba fett down plenty of times because they would try to take on too many troopers at once. Through teamwork you really can overcome even sithlords and rocket barrage happy mercs. Crazy I know.