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We talk about how much Mike must miss Eleven but we never talk about how much Nancy must miss Barb. Barb whose been Nancys best friend since elementary school and who Nancy has probably spent every Friday night with since she can remember. Barb who Nancy planned on going to college with and who exchanged secrets with her about their worries for the future. Barb who Nancy probably blames herself for her disappearance every single day. Nancy must miss Barb so much it hurts

Ha ha I am all about a secret cat Brian right now so have some thoughts about it! 

Brian is NOT the kind of cat that lets just anyone pet him or pick him up. He is quite picky about it. A big surprise to everyone is that he really likes to sleep on Ross’s lap, especially if Ross is animating or doing something at his desk because Ross gets so focused and Brian can just curl there and nap for a bit. 

He also really likes Dan’s lap, but Dan is usually busy or on the move so it is very rare for Brian to be able to sprawl out and sleep there without Dan having to constantly move him. 

Barry really wants cat!Brian to sleep on his lap but Brian won’t do it and Barry is sad, and Ross is like “He can sense you want it too much.”  and Barry is like “Shut up, Ross.” and all grumbly. 

But then like one day Barry is working on a video and Brian hops on his desk and sits directly in front of the computer screen and blocks Barry’s view, and Barry is like “Hey, man,” and Brian like nuzzles against Barry’s hand and Barry tentatively gives him skritches, and then Brian slips into Barry’s lap to sleep there. Barry is calm on the outside but on the inside he is like “BE COOL MAN, DON’T SCARE HIM AWAY.” and when Brian goes to sleep on him Barry looks down at his lapful of fluffy gray cat and is like “I have been blessed.” 

Also there are times when Arin is sleeping or lying in the sumo bean bag chair and Brian will curl against him because Arin loves cats and Brian can sense it. Arin is always really respectful too where he’ll ask before he touches Brian, like “Bro, can I rub your tummy?” and Brian starts to purr which Arin takes as a yes, so he rubs Brian’s fluffy tummy and Brian is all purrs and rolling on his back, little paws kneading at the air. 

AND Holly would hands down take the best care of Brian in cat form. Brian’s got a really low meow and she’ll hear it and she’ll get him a can of tuna and put it on the floor for him, because she feels really bad giving him cat food since he is still also a person at some points. And Holly will sit on the floor and Brian will rub his head against her knees or the pad of her foot and Holly is the only one he trusts to let her brush him because he’s got long fur that tangles easy, and Holly is very gentle and she coos at him while she brushes him and calls him handsome. 

Also sometimes Brian can half-transform and he’ll be a mostly human Brian with a fluffy cat tail, and occasionally he’ll have the ears and he lets NO ONE touch them except for Suzy because she is gentle too, and sometimes Barry if they are recording because Barry is staring at him with big moon eyes, all in awe, and Brian leans in, forehead against Barry’s shoulder and lets Barry pet his ears. 

Also when Brian goes from full cat back to full human he is always a little embarrassed and kinda needs to unwind alone, but sometimes he’ll seek out Ross or Dan and ask, face down and cheeks pink with embarrassment, if they’ll come and lie down with him for a bit. 

ALSO Vernon would fucking adore a cat Brian. He’d take selfies with him and like, bring toys to the office and like watch Brian while he naps. Vernon is overbearing cat dad to Brian. 

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what is 'zankie'?

it was the summer of 2014 when frankie grande and zach rance first met 

they were both thrown into the bb16 house together and things went off to a rocky start after their first conversation together

but then the glory started to happen

there were cuddles

and lots of hammock dates

and hand holding 

and TONS of hugs

and they went to bed together A LOT 

and LOTS of other things


but they had this HUGE fight and didn’t talk to each other for a few days and zach got really angry and upset 

but then they made up and everything was fine 

and when they left the house they continued to be friends and see each other often even though frankie lives in new york and zach lives in florida 

and they dressed up as each other for halloween 

and one time zach surprised frankie in new york 

and that my friend is what zankie is 

“Okay so I’ve been seeing a lot of hate on Starco recently, and I think it’s because it’s becoming more canon as the show moves along. I understand it’s cliche to some people but other people just think it’s cute. Some people have the most absurd reasons for disliking the ship. I even heard someone say they dislike it because it’s heterosexual. I support lgbt+, but come on. That’s a bit rude and hypocritical. I want to stop seeing all the hate towards Starco other ships. The ship war is childish.”

- Anonymous

i finished yowapeda and cried a lot but also where are my imaizumi/onoda/naruko hugs??? ;_;

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Do you have any headcanons about ushiyachi since you said you ship them?


i used to headcanon that ushiwaka lived in the same building as yachi since he was running around the area. at the end of ch76 he bumped into tobs+hinata+yachi outside her building after some tutoring thing (though in the anime tobs and hinata just got lost somewhere during a run then bumped into ushi)

yachi herself never used to see him around until she started coming home late because of volleyball, and she’s really, really cautious around him because other than being a super ace, he’s just generally fuckin scary. elevator rides are the longest part of her day now

she thinks he can’t be that bad though?? sometimes he’ll hold the elevator door open for her when she has a shit-ton of stuff. sometimes he’ll offer to carry though she ends up declining the first couple of times out of fear. she comes around eventually; a smol person like her can only handle so many huge art supplies

OKAY once in a while she makes onigiri (or something, idk) for the boys and when she makes too much or has leftovers she (VERY RELUCTANTLY AND FEARFULLY) offers ushi some who surprisingly just takes it because hello f OO D. he usually returns her things the next night and he thanks her and she beams at him and he’s just?? W O W ????

ushi’s not a bad guy. i also generally think he’s kinder (in whatever manner that is) to people who have nothing to do with volleyball. yeah, yachi’s a manager, but it’s not like she plays

they make elevator small talk sometimes. she usually initiates, asks about practice, what shiratorizawa is like, etc. his responses are short, and she used to think that maybe it was annoying talking to her, but she later on realizes that that’s just the way he is

BONUS: awkward elevator ride after shiratorizawa’s loss to karasuno. she has no idea what to say to him but he surprisingly doesn’t seem all that down about it. she tells him he was really cool today though and can’t wait to see his future matches and he looks at her like a cute girl just handed him flowers and he smiles (holy shit!! a real smile!!!!) at her and she’s jUST

AMONG OTHER THINGS. it’s a fun headcanon, though now i think ushi (and his mother’s side—idk they seem rich af) is more likely to live in a massive compound with a thousand rooms and several ponds


Softly wheezing because @inashibe made this wonderful little thing for me.
I love my friend and I also love my baby Poth child, Vital. He’s lovely.
Yall should go check out Shibe and their art.
Goth belongs to @nekophy
Palette belongs to @angexci
Pastel belongs to @torosiken
Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies
Reaper belongs to @renrink
Ink belongs to @comyet
And finally, Dream belongs to @jokublog

I’m pretty sure there are more Poth kids out there but I literally am only aware of Pastel because of @blogthegreatrouge

Im…gunna put all that extra information about Vital in again…

• His name more or less refers to life-or-death situations.
• Not so much ‘shy’. He just doesn’t talk much.
• As you can see, he’s blind in his right eye. There was something wrong…at birth that caused all these glitches picked up from Geno
• He’s pretty small, only about 4'4". Just a little shorter than my Mad Scientist/Inventor Sans (around 4'6" to 7")
• He’s generally pretty calm and collected.
• Vital has the ability to at least prolong a death but not grant immortality.
• Unlike Palette, he isn’t very artsy with paints or the like. However, Vital does like to take pictures. His hobby is photography.
~And here’s some more added things~
• He enjoys small animals quite a bit
• Vital inherited his blush (kind of) by Ink
• He’s camera shy
• If anyone tries to hurt his family he will try to stand in the way of danger, even if it means getting hurt himself

More detail on his personality and Stats:
Vital is more of a quieter skeleton. He isn’t shy as he just never really sees a point to speak unless he needs to. Usually he’s laid back, even if someone makes him mad. Once he does reach his breaking point he’ll turn and book it. He isn’t going to deal with anyone’s shenanigans if he’s ticked off. Overall he won’t pick fights with anyone. Being as quiet as he is, it’s a little harder to make friends.

LVL: 3
ATK: 15-20
DEF: 10

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Where did you get the inspiration from for your Do No Harm MercyMaker fic? It's really a beautiful piece, It's taken me on a roller coaster of emotions more than once already and I will admit I've teared up during certain scenes, What's your secret?

Thank you so much!

@dinochoobs told me that Mercymaker was a thing a couple months ago, but there wasn’t a lot out there for it, especially in the way of longer fanfics. I felt like people weren’t attracted to the ship (despite the fact that it’s two pretty badass ladies come on now) because there wasn’t a good foundation for it–because they couldn’t make it make sense in their heads. I sorta felt the same way until I started thinking about it…

…Then my thinking about it turned into a giant emotional rollercoaster of a fanfic. Oops. Sorry not sorry!

So long story short, I guess Do No Harm is just me sharing my overly complicated Mercymaker headcannons with everyone so that they will ship it too. Is it working? :)


Romance in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema


”The Misadventures of Kuru and Hua”

Now introducing my favorite weapon in all the fire emblem community. The Wakizashi, the sword that you can throw from afar 2 range and instantly pop back in your hands at the end….BUT YOU CAN’T USE IT TO FIGHT THEM 1 RANGE IN PERSON.

I used Kuru and Hua because of what @krazehkai showed before with her awesome art QwQ. These two would probably get into a lot of mishaps because they’re both a bit dumb and oblivious with some things. (and they’re both secretly cry babies oops spoilers lolz). I get the feeling if Hua is feeling excited he gets swept away by those feelings and acts sporadically sometimes like his mother lolz XD 


I’ve seen a lotta people talk about “make Hanzo be more affectionate and show his love!” And I’m all for that but concept:

What if Hanzo thinks he is showing his love openly, but it’s only obvious to himself?

Like, it’s little things he sees as big things. Like making Jesse coffee in the morning or letting him ramble on and on without snapping at him or telling him to be quiet. Indulging him quietly. Such small things, but to him it’s like screaming from the rooftop how much he loves McCree.

Then one day Jesse asks why he’s so distant around the others? Like he’s gotten kinda insecure about their relationship but he’s too embarrassed to outright say it, but he’s nervous Hanzo doesn’t really… care. And Hanzo is so confused cause he’s like???? I let you watch me train???? I put your serape in the dryer quickly on cold days just before you get up so it’s fluffy and warm???? He says it so simply, “of course I love you.” And love wasn’t even what McCree said outright but it’s what he’s been desperate to hear… Hanzo just didn’t think it needed to be said.

McCree says it all the time after that. Hanzo says it rarely, but that’s mostly cause he’s all abot actions speaking louder than words. He understands that Jesse is like 90% words tho.

Basically: Hanzo isn’t a people person and gives Jesse a lot of leeway that is so normal for everyone else that it isn’t immediately seen as the huge show of love and trust that Hanzo thinks it is.

u can’t tell me there isn’t somewhere in oblivia to take a really cheesy family picture 

i stayed up way too late working on this oops, but i just really wanted to draw this cute family.  probably should have aged them more to fit better with my headcanon that Ukulele Pichu becomes a Ukulele (alolan/oblivian) Raichu as the years go by, but oh well!! 

they’re a cute family who have lots of lazy beach days, resting their heads in the others lap while ukulele chu plays them a special song he composed just for them!!! 

To the annon

That asked if me and bethany are Dating I accidentally deleted your ask when I meant to press answer oops sorry! But we are not dating we r both gay asf (katie said being pansexual lol) but we aren’t dating even though most of my class think we are and my friends ship us lol. We are just best friends and she is the best egg to ever exist.

Also no one would ever date me lol, I have a lot of issues and I’m ugly. Me and my friend leonie have a plan tho so it’s all coolio

- @straightasdeanwinchester

Splendour- Murphy Imagine

Where on earth have I been all weekend? I’m so so sorry for leaving you lots of empty promises (I promised like, a million ship requests and about 3 one-shots oh my). I kinda hibernated all weekend, so uh, oops? Anyway, I’ll try to be better I promise! (I should really stop with the whole promise thing omg) Have a good day/night! Xxxx

P.S- if you want a part 2 to this let me know!

John Murphy x Reader

Word Count: 701

Sitting at my throne, I was discussing plans for Polis with an advisor when I heard a noise. I looked up to see Indra at the door. She gestured behind her, signalling that we had company. When I nodded, she walked into the room, standing at my side as the visitors followed, a figure I couldn’t quite make out, and an old, strong-looking man. He walked solemnly into the room, pulling along a dirty boy, tied up at the wrists.

Heda,” he immediately bowed at his words, dragging the boy down with him. I gave him a slight smile, nodding to him as he rose.

Ogeda hef souda badan op- “I cut the warrior off, raising my hand to quiet him.

“Please,” I smiled. “Speak English. We have a guest.”

The man glared at the boy upon processing my request, but continued, abiding by my wishes.

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ok but please consider shipping terushima/futakuchi

after managing to convince ppl in my group chat that this pairing is gOLDEN i am here to spread the word of terufuta. ( under the cut because this post got very, very long!!! like 1,300 words long. lots of nsfw too oops ). credit goes to @sdaishou​ & @anakajima​ for supplying & building on some of these headcanons!!!! please join us in the deepest circles of rarepair hell, it’s so worth it

  • they meet a practice match or something for the first time and end up getting really competitive with each other. at some point in that match terushima inadvertently calls futakuchi a pretty boy when he’s trash talking 
  • teru really does think futakuchi is pretty but never meant to say it out loud
  • futakuchi never lets him live it down
  • it all goes downhill from there
  • also pls also note that during the karasuno/johzenji game futakuchi’s in the stands watching the match clearly to cheer on his boyfriend #canon 👀 👀

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