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Twainthorne and 15?

//gasps I love this ship but I don’t have the chance to talk about them much thank you for sending this in

//sorry if it’s terrible I haven’t written with either of these two before :’D

//it turned out way longer than I expected it to and I’m regretting every word oops

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15. things you said with too many miles between us

It was a hard thing for Nathaniel to admit that he was in love. People said he was more like a monk than a simple reverend, for all the time he spent in solitude with nothing but the Word of God to pass the time. Sex and romance might as well have been forbidden to him, but they were things that he had all but sworn off himself many years ago.

Perhaps it would have been easier on him if his feelings had been more… “Traditional”, as his fellow clergymen might have put it. His acquaintances, especially his old allies, many of whom were now his rivals, had speculated that he and Miss Margaret Mitchell were engaged in some form of courtship. It would have been simpler if that were the case. But God had not granted Nathaniel a simple life. 

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Decided to do some end of the semester stress relief anatomy practice and what better way than drawing all the overwatch ladies 8)

EDIT: I feel that I didn’t convey Mei’s beautiful chub well enough so I hope to fix that wrong here!


“Jennifer and Josh are the funniest pair and a joy to watch. They have a language all their own, and it’s really funny. The chemistry that they have on screen is really a reflection of the friendship they have off screen.” - Jeffrey Wright

Lenny Kravitz (about Jennifer) : “She has no internal filter, no system of selection of words”
Elizabeth Banks: “She does. The filter name is Josh Hutcherson. He really helps her.”

“You can totally tell that Jenn and Josh adore each other.” - Megan Hayes

“Jen and Josh’s amazing relationship and the amount of new ways they could fuck with each other. Yeah the chemistry between those two is sort of (a gift) yeah it’s incredible.” - Jena Malone and Sam Claflin.


One Year of The 100

Day Four: Favorite Relationship → Marcus Kane & Clarke Griffin [nonromantic]

“The Grounders trust Clarke. Maybe we should too.”

first michael loses daniel, then his passport and the next thing he’s going to lose is his hair