oops i never posted this in march

this has been such an incredible journey these four months and it’s been so fucking therapeudic and i’m honestly baffled that i’ve come this far and i want to personally thank each and every one of you for helping me get this here.

this blog was created on march 28th 2017 at zero followers, no one even had the faintest idea who i was or what my blog was going to be about. i chose the username buildingsimm for a reason that i can’t even remember. my first post was a reblog of a hair recolor i was going to use for not so berry (i never ended up even downloading it oops) and the first person i followed was lilsimsie & mintiphresh. i went in game, created a sim named pepper mint and began to play. it wasn’t until april 12 that i began to post the screenshots. i posted and introduction picture and it was reblogged by @notsoberry and liked by @alwaysimming giving me enough recognition for someone to follow me. my first follower was @calisimgirl who has greatly helped shape the blog i am today. at first my screenies were sparse and raw. today, my blog has changed an astronomical amount and im three generations into a challenge i thought would last me two weeks. i’ve had a blast of a ride and i’m only going up. you guys are the best.

special thanks and credits to the people that have helped shape by blog: @notsoberry @alwaysimming @calisimgirl @panda-plumbobs @mintiphresh @berrysweetboutique @tainoodles @our-dazed-sims @lea-fey @pxelkitty @cherryvanillasims

Writing Commissions Info [Including sales - July 2017]


I have been planning to open commissions as early as March. But I’d never actually made an announcement post about it until this point because I was getting some of my eggs in order oops well here it is now.
I’m going to be starting my masters’ degree in September and I need help funding it. All I’ve done here since first getting a Tumblr blog in 2012 has been to write and translate, and I had nearly a decade’s worth of experience before that - so by now, I guarantee that I am pretty good at it. And if I can put it to good use and make some people happy, even better!

The main info post is here; things like payment info and fandoms can be found within. But fundamentally, I am available for those services and those prices:

* Oneshots (ON SALE) *

Fanfiction: £10 each
Fanfiction (NSFW): £12 each
Original: £12 each
Original (NSFW): £15 each

All oneshots are defined as any completed piece of 3000 words maximum.

* Custom Orders *

Defined as anything that is longer or more labour-intensive than the deal above: I mean something like a 10,000+ words oneshot, chaptered fic, translations of your existing fiction, etc. Please message me with the needed details and prompt and I would love to discuss it with you.
I will revert to the minimal industry standard pricing in this case, which is £0.01 per word/ £10 per 1000 words.

* Translation Services *

I deal with Korean, English, German, French, Old English, Old Norse, and Japanese in varying capacities. My maximum rate is £0.12 per word but this may change according to need. Please check out the commissions page for exact details and to what extent I am capable in each language.

Examples of my written work are on my AO3, my fanfiction tag, or my links; for translations, there is my translation tag and the blog @edmtranslations for your consideration.

Please contact me via email (linked in the commissions page) or message me here on tumblr for details. I charge via paypal and use invoices, so there should hopefully be no problem with account locking.
I have charged in GBP because I currently live in the UK. How much you are willing to pay ultimately dictates the length of your commission - please consider that if you take the cheapest deal here, 3000-word max. fanfic oneshot for £10, that is the equivalent of £0.003 or $0.005 per word. It’s pretty much a two-thirds discount to my usual rate! Please make use of it! 

Thank you very much if you have read this far. I look forward to writing for you. Even if you have no need for commissions at the moment, I would appreciate it greatly if you could signal boost this! Thank you <333

the birds are mocking me, a mix for the girl whose smile might mean anything ;

01. part 1 — duke ellington ; 02. chick habit  april march ; 03. caravan — duke ellington ; 04. pretty girls  neko case ; 05. bones  ms mr ; 06 the silence  bastille ; 07. you’re a wolf — sea wolf ; 08. broken crown  mumford & sons ; 09. laura palmer  bastille ; 10. raise up your weary hands  the builders and the butchers ; 11. black dirt  sea wolf ; 12. what a wonderful world  angel’s music box


anonymous asked:

so im not sure if kintownsafespace is inactive but it hasnt posted since march. are there other blogs similar to it that post more regularly or is it the only one the mods know of? ive been considering making a similar blog if there arent any others. tysm!

Yeah I tried sending them a ‘hey you active?’ message but they never replied it turns out! I guess they are dead, which is too bad because I’ve sent stuff in that’s never been published ha ha I’m not upset about that [I actually might be oops :’C]

I honestly don’t know if there’s a specific kinfession blog specifically for talking about abuse experiences in one’s canons! It’s fairly clear there is a use for such kinfession blogs, and I hope they come back, or at least someone starts up a new kinfession blog just for that! 

I mean, we do take kinfessions about in canon abuse, but maybe sometimes a person would feel comfortable in a space dedicated aimed at only that theme. It’s nice to be in similar companion, despite the circumstances of getting there :x

Mod Party Cat!

kittyalexrose  asked:

{For the blog rates} I really love my girlfriend, we've only started dating today but we've been best friends for a month and friends since March 2017 but yeah I really really love her ❤

That’s so cute aaa!

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Hiya people! (I don’t know what was that)
So i recently hit 300 followers (PARTY) and changed my URL! (again oops)
To celebrate the occasion, I thought about doing a Tumblr Award!
(If this doesn’t get any notes i will pretend this never happened)


♞ Must be following your favourite multifandom trash (that would be me)
♞ Reblog this post
Likes only for bookmark
You have until March 19th to enter (must reach 25 notes)


One winner per category and maybe 1 or 2 runner ups depending on the notes
♞ Check out my family // twitter


♞  Best URL
♞ Best Theme (including mobile)
♞ Best original content *
♞ Best multifandom
♞ Best Doctor Who
♞ Best Sherlock
♞ Best Supernatural
♞ Best Overall
♞ Nicest blogger (personal favourite


A follow from me if not already
♞ Spot on my sidebar (winners) **
♞ 3 edits on request (winners)
♞ URL graphic (runner up(s))
♞ 3 promos on request (winners)
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♞ My undying love and friendship :)

* Send me an ask of your original content! (edit, graphic, writing, art, anything!)

** For some reasons, my theme does not let me put an update tab, so this is the best I can do, hopefully it is even better ;)

If you have any questions, don’t be shy to send me an ask or a message x