oops i meant to post this days ago


I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but somehow I forgot? (Oops!)

But well, now that all the high quality versions of the artwork covers for the SnK Season 2 Character Imagesongs are finally out, we can see Eren and Levi together in full size! \(^-^)/

Eren’s song (Helpless World) is already available and Levi’s song (Dark Side of the Moon) will be released on June 21st!

Mental Health Month

well shit i meant to post this 17 days ago oop sorry i’m a POS

Take some extra time the rest of this month to do some self-love magick

Love-spell baths

Love spell foodie magick

Love spell bags under your pillows

Self love sigils

Self love incantations in the mirror

just be especially kind to yourself

your mind and body are your temples

respect them more than you’d respect your gods (don’t believe in gods? just respect yo damn self)



“Those bruises on your neck,” Sam starts, a few days after Steve breaks them out of prison.

“It’s nothing,” says Steve, firm, final, a clear order: back off.

“That serum makes you heal faster than normal,” Sam continues anyway. “So to leave a lasting mark like that, I figure you’ve gotta be getting the same injury daily. Or nightly?” He looks at Steve significantly.

“Forget it,” says Steve in the same tone of finality.

“Hey man, I’m not judging,” says Sam. “As long as you’re staying safe, whatever gets you–”

“It’s not like that,” Steve interrupts, flushing slightly. “We’re not– Bucky has nightmares.”

Sam presses his lips together and gives a noncommittal hum leaning toward disapproval.

“He just doesn’t always wake up right away,” says Steve, a little defensively.

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Soulmate!Wonwoo AU

The person sitting next to you in the bus wouldn’t stop checking their clock. You felt a mild irritation pass over you as she nervously checked it over and over again. She seemed so entirely dependent on the clock. The seconds that it counted down, the minutes and hours. It seemed as if she could not live without it. You hated that.

You couldn’t help feeling relieved when you came to your stop, getting off the bus as fast as you could. The woman, thankfully, did not follow. As the bus left again, you walked down the street until you came to a small, dingy looking store. There was no board announcing the store’s name, just a carving of a clock on the door. The place seemed dark and for the first time since you had decided what you were going to do, you felt a flash of doubt in your mind. Was this really what you wanted?

Standing in front of the store you tugged unconsciously at the sleeves of your sweater. The sweater covered the clock that you hated so much; the soulmate clock that counted down the seconds to the day to when you will meet your soulmate. Over the years you had watched as your friends met their soulmates. You had watched as they had fallen in love with whoever they were meant to be with. And you had also watched the pain they felt when they lost their soulmate; either to illness or an accident. They had relied so much on that clock that would tell them who to be with that when it failed, when the clock disappeared along with the person they loved, they were at a loss for what to do.

Thinking about it all, your resolve strengthened. You mind would not change. Taking a deep breath, you walked into the store. A bell rang loud and clear inside as you opened the door. There was a pleasant smell in the air, something that reminded you of vanilla but was not quite it. The place was startlingly empty. There were a few shelves here and there with clocks on them; not soulmate clocks but regular ones.

“Can I help you?” The deep voice surprised you, making you realize that you were not alone in the store. At the back was a counter and behind it was the most gorgeous man you had ever seen. Your breath hitched when you noticed him, all black hair and brooding eyes. He was looking at you and it took you a minute to realize he had asked a question. “Uh, yes.” you said, blushing. Keeping your head up high, you replied. “I would like to have my soulmate clock removed.” This was what you wanted. No going back now, you told yourself silently.

The man raised his eyebrows. “Not a fan of the system I see.” He didn’t give you time to reply, raising the counter. “Follow me.” He told you before disappearing into a door behind him. You nervously complied. In the room was a chair, not much different from the chairs you may find at the dentist. Around it were tools, that made you scared to look at it.

“It’s not going to… hurt is it?” You tried to keep the anxiety hidden from your voice. The guy nodded at the chair, gesturing for you to sit in it. “No, it’s not going to hurt but it’s going to be a big change. Are you sure you won’t change your mind?” He looked into your eyes as he rolled up the sleeve of your sweater.

You nodded. “I’m sure. I hate the soulmate clocks. Who’s fate to decide who we can be with and who we can’t?” Your voice shook in anger. He gave you an amused smile.

“Sometimes a push from fate is just what we need.” You looked away and he looked down at the clock on your wrist. If you had been looking at him you would’ve seen the way his face paled when he saw your clock. If you had been looking you would’ve seen the way he glanced at his own wrist. If you had been looking…

“If you go through with this then you won’t have a soulmate anymore. If you go through with this then your soulmate’s clock will stop as well. This is your last chance to change your mind.” There was a slight tremor in his voice but you didn’t notice it.

You were quiet for awhile before answering. “Please, just get it over with.”

The procedure didn’t take long, maybe a few minutes. He had been right, it didn’t hurt but it felt so wrong that you were almost tempted to tell him to stop. In the end you didn’t and in less than an hour your wrist was as blank as it had been the first few seconds you were born.

The man had been quiet as he had worked and you weren’t particularly in the mood to talk either. When the deed was done and your wrist was clear, he looked up at you with a small smile.

“So I guess now that you don’t have a soulmate, you wouldn’t mind going on a date with me would you?” At first you were shocked, then, happy. You now had a choice. You answered yes, shyly. He seemed happy as well.

“What’s your name?” He asked after you had given him your number.

“Y/N. My name is Y/N. What’s yours?” You asked, smiling.

“My name is Wonwoo.” He replied. When you left the store, that was the name that echoed in your head over and over again making you blush.

And when you the door closed behind you, Wonwoo was left rubbing his now empty wrist. The clock on it had disappeared along with hers. Along with his soulmate’s.

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IIIIIIII meant to post these two weeks ago.. oops..

Anyway, I did a Max a day for a week. I found these cOOl markers, soo.. I choose 5 random colors to line/shade with. My least favorite is Brainwashed!Max, because I got neon yellow AND neon green, and then two shades of pink…

My favorite is the Coraline au. I like the colors I got for it. He’s in so much motion and it doesn’t look like crap either, so… My other favorite is Dadvid. He’s just showing of his scarf. “Did YOUR dad give you anything THIS cool?” Also, it will pain me forever that I couldn’t write “I went to camp and all I got was my stupid dad” on his shirt.

Portal Portal belongs to @portalportalau

Coraline AU is from @boodles-art

I don’t know if I should tag anyone else? Please tell me if I didn’t credit anyone!

here’s a post-link joker kaichi fic i wrote last week

ahhh i think the basic idea was something like kai was reversed for so long that after being unreversed he loses the ability to feel but??? don’t ask me where i was going with this )))


title: (the resolution doesn’t matter)


Kai felt that something was missing.

Kai had lost most of his memories from the time he had been reversed, and though he was concerned enough about his laser-guided amnesia, there was something else he felt was wrong. Something was different, something on the inside—and he’s not exactly sure how to describe this; it’s like a fleeting pain that he can’t quite shake off, a metaphorical vacuum in the middle of his chest. He’s convinced that his time with void (or rather, his time being manipulated) has taken something irreplaceable from him.

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a weight has been lifted

i finally have been able to tell someone something really intimate and dark that i have never told anyone. it took almost 2 hours of them promising me they won’t tell anyone or change the way they look at me, taking bizarre guesses, and even giving me a pen and paper to write it on which I blankly stared at for a good fifty minutes. when it finally came out we talked and even made a few twisted jokes about it and it was truly one of the best feelings ever.