oops i mean seven

ok,i take it back.

while it’s not… BLUNT about the romantic story, and it doesn’t put down words like ‘girlfriend’ or ‘lover’ or whatnot.

the language used throughout Jaehee’s route (after about chapter 8???), is super flowery and romantic, though it’s more undertone than anything. I’ve been taking screenshots of the ones that stuck out most to me, and the way she considers you more important to her than Zen (ZEN guys… her biggest source of inspiration).

so i take back what i said about being worried it was gonna be a gal pal route. if you’re willing to read between the lines and pay attention to the dialogue, it’s remarkably beautiful and sweet.

on the other hand, if you prefer the idea that they’re super close friends, that works too! but i just feel like the route is far more of a finding yourself, and accepting yourself. jaehee is still new to having dreams, let alone loved ones. so she expresses it through romantic metaphor and kind words, as well as showing she cares a great deal about you.

so if you’re worried, don’t be~ it’s REALLY cute and lovely!