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please tell me the gangsey's favorite movies pretty please

ok, so, i’ve seen 4 movies in my Entire life, so this is maybe not the gang’s favorite movies, but instead just. some movies they saw and liked for various Reasons. @ everyone please add more because this is an insufficient answer to this question fkjcf

  • ronan likes the fast and the furious because he is Gay for both boys and cars
  • also probably fight club?
  • and alice in wonderland was canonically niall’s favorite book so ronan definitely has a soft spot for the movie 
    • (the disney cartoon, not the live-action one)
  • i’ve never seen dead poets society but. looks like a gansey movie 2 me?
  • also atlantis. gansey is basically milo?
  • and he’d have a surprising affection for pacific rim because the idea of “drift compatibility” pleases him and validates the intense emotional connections he has with his friends :’)
  • blue likes mad max: fury road because a) it’s visually stunning and b) it condemns the violent patriarchy. “we are not things!” “who killed the world!” 
    • (ronan also likes this movie because tom hardy and Big Cars and explosions)
  • also she loved mulan as a child because mulan is a Badass and also because there was no annoying True Love’s Kiss crap
  • adam grew up on the neverending story because escaping into books is The Dream?
  • idk though i don’t see him as much of a movie person? like. who has the Time.
  • but eventually the gang sits him down for a star wars marathon and he loves it, especially the force awakens
  • noah likes napoleon dynamite and every single will ferrel movie
  • and also, inexplicably, the matrix
  • henry is also not a movie person but he would die for the rocky horror picture show, even though that’s more of an experience than a movie
    • (this quickly becomes one of blue’s favorites too)

@kitty-fabulous : Heyooo look who’s dun a goof again. I freaking live for your fanfic and oops would you look at that? More fanart because I love the skeles and I love you

the tortoise’s two cents: AHHHH, LOOK AT ALL OF THE SKELEBAES!

Pffft, I love you.  <333  
And I also love everything about this group pic!  It’s a pretty accurate picture of how the skeles are right now with the Lady.  Sans may be standing off, watching, but he’s still got his eye on her–and Red’s keeping his hold on her, too.  

I love it!!  Thank you so much!! <3

I took a picture of some of my Miraculous merchandise and realized I may have the same shopping problem I give Adrien in a few of my stories. Oops…

EDIT: I totally should have included this info above. (@frostedpuffs) The large plushies are made by the fabulous Jennifer at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HandmadeStuffs/items. They aren’t on her site right now (I bought them at a con), but I think she takes order for characters even if she doesn’t have them currently posted. 

The little ones from the Puppeteer episodes are from eBay and I’ve seen them on the Wish app.

The big yo-yo at the bottom is amazing quality and is from https://www.etsy.com/shop/KeahCreations. It doesn’t look like she has them up right now, but keep checking back if you’re interested. She also does a deluxe one that opens up with an akuma on one side and Chat Noir’s face on a call on the other and it is sooooo cool.

Everything else is from Target or Walmart. :)

Okay so I initially wanted to draw Eijun and Miyuki posing with their favourite foods but then the illustration guide book revealed that these two dorks are like, the least pickiest eaters ever with no specific food as a favourite?? The only thing listed was that Eijun would eat anything but nattos and Miyuki is weak to sweet things. I was about to give up on the food idea when I realized… hey, I can actually work with this.

I just did Eijun’s one because it would be the most hilarious. I’m sorry Eijun. I love you so much, but you are too fun to tease……….

Another thing - LINE has this series of emoticons that remind me way too much of Eijun…..:

I liked the second one so much I adapted it for this picture HAHAHA

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Matchup? I'm not gonna describe my appearance because I'm my profile picture. But I am a homosexual transboy. I'm not too picky on partners but I prefer someone who's kinda goofy and or sweet. I really love animals and the outdoors. I also play a lot of instruments and sing part time. I'm an ENTP personality type so I'm pretty much always up for a debate. I'm also a huge history nerd so I like talking about that too. Also lots of people don't talk to me because my dyed hair and piercings :/

(Oops! I was gone longer than I thought!)

I would have said Hanzo for you because he seems to be like the type who would be into history, too, or at the very least admiring those who learn so well from the past. Even though I still think you too would work, you said you wanted a goofy, sweet s/o, so instead…

Originally posted by wolfyfloofs

Genji would be the better option. He’s just as serious as his brother, but he still has a few voice lines that hint at his more silly side. He can be a dork when he wants to, and although it’ll be hard to see those moments at first, you’ll begin to see them the closer you grow to him. Genji would also be up for debates or discussions. After spending some time with Zenyatta, he learned about a lot of controversial topics and how to respectfully debate someone on them. And he looks pretty odd himself–he’s a cyborg ninja–so I don’t think he’s one to judge based on appearance.

–Mod Sirana

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Handsome and lovely! That is our gentle-krem - oops - gentleman Krem! I love him…

@tessa1972 replied to your photo

Seeing Blackwall so sad, makes me sad, too! Nevertheless an amazing picture!

@tessa1972 replied to your photoset

Serious and fragile moments… adorable pictures!! Many many thanks… <3

@tessa1972 replied to your photoset “From my latest trip to the Winter Palace!”

Our beloved friends are looking very dashing…. ;-) Great!!

@tessa1972 replied to your photo “Managed to snag this picture of Dorian before my game crashed… only 10…”

Charming and adorable - Dorian and the picture! Thank you so much!

@tessa1972 replied to your photoset

Our precious friends…*sigh*… :)

@tessa1972​ replied to your photo

WOW - another great shot! Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much!!! Your comments couldn’t have come at a better time; I wasn’t sure in which direction I should take my screenshots, but now I know that whatever it is, I have to do it and not stop taking said screenshots. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them and that you have a great rest of the day <3

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Okokok so your picture of the last scene of hang the fool chap 10??? Too perfect. Not allowed. 100% too cute and it's just how I pictured Jesse's room looking and the emotions and the subtlety and the light and the AaarGHAGGA IN SHORT (oops caps) it's perfect I love it well done please moreeeee *leaves offering*

omg thank you so much for the nice message! im so happy that you enjoyed my art so much (btw did u notice the chair in the middle of the room? I went out of my way to put it in the scene just so i can make this reference lol)

and since u asked so nicely have a hanzo brushing mccree’s hair

How they take their coffee

Author’s choice list. :)

If Bleach characters drank coffee, how would they take it?

1. Yachiru: 99% sugar, 1% coffee

She basically fills the mug with sugar, and then adds a couple of drops of coffee.

Yachiru: I don’t like to have too much caffeine!

Ikkaku: But all that sugar is fine..?

2. Ishida: 99% milk, 1% coffee

He likes to make sure the drink stays a nice, Quincy white.

Ishida: Actually, you know what?

Ishida: Just hold the coffee.

Ishida: Mmmmm….milk.

3. Orihime: With sugar and whipped cream

Orihime knows that the best coffee is basically a coffee-flavored milkshake.

Orihime: It’s not even expensive if you just make it at home!

4. Aizen: Using fresh, whole beans, his own grinder, and a French press

Because he doesn’t see the point of doing anything if you can’t make it as complicated as possible.

Aizen: I also don’t drink it.

Aizen: I just make it.

Urahara: This is exactly the sort of planning that landed you in jail.

5. Nnoitra: Black

He also drinks it immediately, no matter how hot it is.

Nnoitra: I’m going to finish my coffee before you do, Nelliel!!!

Nelliel: Is your tongue supposed to be smoking?

6. Unohana: Black

And she drinks it immediately, no matter how hot it is.

Isane: C-Captain! Doesn’t that hurt??

Unohana: Doesn’t what hurt?

 Isane: With fake sugar and non-dairy creamer

She’s afraid that otherwise, the extra calories will just make her grow more.

Isane: Caffeine stunts growth, right?

8. Hitsugaya: Decaf

He heard that thing about caffeine stunting growth too.

Hitsugaya: Also it’s not like I need to be *more* high-strung.

9. Matsumoto: With alcohol

She prefers “Irish” coffee…or whatever you call sake in a coffee cup.


Matsumoto: Oops! Forgot the coffee again!

10. Rose: Cappuccino with pictures in the foam

So that his coffee is both artistic and delicious.

Love: But the pictures only last for like three seconds before you drink them.

Rose: Art!

Love: I just…

Love: WHY

11. Hisagi: Old and foul-tasting, usually

He has a tendency to reuse coffee grounds.

Hisagi: I’m not cheap so much as poor…

12. Bazz-B: Boiling hot

He insists that heat can’t touch him because he IS the heat.

Bazz-B: If it’s not hot enough, I just stir it with a burner finger!

13. Rukia: Iced

She just likes cold coffee better than hot.

Rukia: Mmmm, nothing like the feeling of one’s core temperature getting lower!

Bazz-B: What’s wrong with you?

14. Byakuya: With sugar cubes

Only peasants take their coffee using sugar that is not shaped like tiny cubes.

Byakuya: Look, Rukia, I have built a tower out of sugar.

Rukia: That’s so cool!

Byakuya: I know.

Byakuya: I cannot believe Renji recommended against entering this into the art show.

15. Sasakibe: With tears

He’d just so much rather be drinking tea.


Yamamoto: So that’s a no on “coffee with the boss,” huh? 

Hey everyone I’ve just reached a follower goal so I decided to do a ff! I just want to thank all of my followers because you guys are the best and I appreciate each and every one of you (´▽`ʃƪ).
With that being said, I just want to thank all of the amazing people whom I am following. You guys are lovely and the absolute best! Thanks for filling my dash up with pretty, funny, cute posts. I was going to bold my favs but I’d have to bold every username because you’re all my fav. Ohh yeh, some of you guys don’t know this, but my previous url was joonamii.

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because I can't reply on the post itself: I love the "singing" picture so much, I have such a weakness for Bull on top of Dorian (in the case in nonsexual situations, but also, that too) and you conveyed that sense of comfort and intimacy and I'm just having some emotions, okay. rock on.

I just want for them to be happy, and warm, and comfortable. 
So thank you. 
Here’s another–

Happy Spring, darlings~!
I’ve wanted to draw Neo in the dress I made for her for a while, and I also wanted to draw more future P&P stuff, so it just kinda morphed into one picture ^^;;

This was super fun though, so I’m pretty happy with it <3

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Soulmate au where everyone finds charms that relate to their soulmate and Magnus has had many (being over 300 years old) but he hasn't seen one in the last century or so. That is, until one day, a charm shaped like an arrow head is on the pillow beside his when he wakes up one morning and he immediately puts it on a necklace and wait patiently for the day he meets his archer soulmate/boyfriend (lol this suck sorry but I saw the picture and my imagination ran wild oops)

Omg I love this! I just stole my brother’s computer so I will use this opportunity to answer all my asks lmao.

Anyways, I love this so much I’ve been thinking about it a lot?? Like in the bus on the way home and stuff like that. Imagine if this is the typical “the charm appears when the soulmate turns xx” so let’s make it 21. Imagine Alec being born with his charm and Maryse gets really scared and nervous because holy shit my son’s soulmate is too old for him. So she hides his charm from him, because she doesn’t want him trying to find his soulmate.

I can see Izzy getting hers (a paintbrush *wink*) and Alec, 23 year old Alec, staring at his sister’s happy expression while he thinks that maybe he’s broken or something. Until one day Max comes running to him saying that he found something really weird in his mom’s drawers (he was probably looking for something Maryse took from him) and he shows to Alec this weird diamond-like stone that kinda looks like a cat eye and for some reason Alec feels that this is his. This has to be his charm.

So he asks Izzy for help and they somehow put this rock in a necklace and Alec starts wearing it all the time when they go out on missions, just in case he can find his soulmate around. And one night when they are surrounded by demons, bow and arrow in hand, they are helped by a warlock with cat eyes who can’t take his eyes away from Alec (more specifically, his bow and arrow).

It must be destiny, they think when they finally see the other’s charm hanging from their necks.

Thanks for asking, Ana!

A thank you doodle for the hard work you did with the prints (which arrived in my mail a few days ago). You made this person, among others, very happy! m(_ _)m

(P.s.I might have said this a bit too often. Heh. Oops 😌)

WalkingMelonsAAA: AWW I LOVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! you’re so welcome about the prints I’m glad they got to you ok! :D and thank you so much for this thank you picture it’s so sweet and cute and it’s adorable and I love it so much! XD 

Nate Maloley Engagement Imagine

Today is my birthday and Nate is on tour. He told me he wasnt avle to get off tour with the Jack’s. Good thing my mom flew all the way out to L.A for my birthday.

I was getting ready to go out to dinner with my mom. I really truly just wanted to stay in go on skype and watch chick flicks with Nate but no I have to go out. My mom insisted. Since it is my birthday my mom bought me a dark red dress that came to my thighs and tied into a bow around my neck. I put on some black heels and my dress. I curled my hair just the way I liked and did my makeup.

“Penn dear are you ready? We have a reservation!” My mom yelled to me at the top of the stairs.

“Yeah just hold on for one minute!” I went ro my jewelry and pulled out an infinity necklace engraved with Nate and I’s names on it. I smiled in remembrance from the romantic night. I smiled and turned out my light. I walked downstairs to see my mom looking at her watch. She was wearing a black dress nude colored pantyhose and black heels. Her hair was pulled back into a sock bun.

“Mom, Is it too much?” I ask feeling a little over dressed.

“You look like the most beautiful girl in the world! Now lets take a picture!” She said. She held out her phone to me. “I’m no good at selfies honey. Bare with me and take one for me.” She said. I laughed and took some serious and funny. I handed her back her phone.

We went outside and hopped into her Honda CRV and drove off to our dinner date at someplace called Azumi. I looked it up its a really expensive sushi place. I wasnt paying attention and the car stopped suprisingly at a park.

“Um, is the sushi place in a park or..” I asked. She chuckled slightly.

“No, Penn just follow the path and you’ll get there trust me. Now go! You wont regret it.” She said and headed back towards her car. I headed towards the paved path. I walked for about a good 2 minutes until I saw ballons on a bench. It read.

“Penn you look stunning in that dress. Even though I havent seen you in that dress you always look beautiful to me. Oh by the way it’s Nate. Anyway on your birthday i have a suprise for you. Do you remember this bench? Well its where we met. I sat right next to you. Do you remember what I said? I said what is a beautiful girl like you doing all alone at a park in the summer at 6:00 pm? You looked at me funny with those light brown eyes that sparkle every time i tell you, you look pretty or when i sing you a song. Those dimples that make your cheeks so cute. When you blush my legs get all like jello. Your smile. Dammit that smile. You could kill someone with that smile. Its so contagious just thinking about makes me smile. This is like what a million pages long? Anyway turn your phone on and i hope you brang headphones. Put in the headphones and put on Often by the weekend. Go to youtube it should be on my youtube page and listen to it. Keep walking down the path. Love you Penny!”

I smiled at the note. My face is probably extremley red but hey he makes me like this all the time. I turned on my phone plugged in my beats buds and went to his youtube page and started playing the video.

“I love sleeping all alone
This time around bring your friend with you
But we ain’t really going to sleep at all
You ain’t gonna catch me with them sneak pictures
In my city I’m a young God
That pussy kill be so vicious
My God white, he in my pocket
He get me redder than the devil ‘til I go nauseous.” Nate sang. I felt my legs go all jello knowing it was all for me.

The song and video ended. I looked up to see pictures of me and nate together throughout the four years of us being together. I saw the note tucked under a ribbon on a present.

"Hey beautiful Nate again. Just wanted to remind you to bring a jacket. Oops too late. Anyway I remeber you stealing my jackets so remember how I never let you touch my Omaha high school sweatshirt. Well open the present love. Dont forget to keep walking down the path babygirl.”

I put the note in my clutch and opened the present. I saw his omaha sweatshirt neatly folded in the box. I felt so overwhelmed knowing how much he loved this sweatshirt. I put on the sweatshirt because it suddenly got really cold. It smelled like him. It made me miss him like crazy.

I walked until the path came to an end. I saw a red carpet lead to a car. I walked up to the car. Matthew Espinosa stood there with the door open like a gentlemen. I hugged him as he let go he slipped a piece of paper in the sweatshirt pocket.

I went into the car. I put on my seatbelt. I was really thirtsy so i popped open the mini fridge to find the only drink was champagne. I mentally groaned and took it out and started drinking it. I took it out.

“Like the drink selection I see. Babe you know you cant deny it. I know how thirsty you get ;). Anyway these past 4 years 2 months 5 days 2 hours 34 minutes and 56 seconds has been the best years of my whole life. Now look at the screen that Matt the gentleman will now provide just say the words Nate is a sexy fucking daddy. Love you Penny.”

I chuckled at the last part and randomly said “Nate is a sexy fucking daddy.” I giggled as Matt shook his head. A little screen came down. I saw Jack and Jack.

“Hey Pennsylvania!” Gilinsky said as I chuckled at my name he gave me.

“We wish we could be there for your 19th birthday! Sorry we booked a show on your birthday!” Johnson said.

“You jacks have you seen my last clean pair of socks?” I heard Nate say in the backround. He came into the frame. He looked straight at the camera. “Nevermind. Hey princess you look beautiful.” He said and winked. He then left the frame.

“Anyway we cant give you your gift in persin so kindly pause this video and tell Matt the gentleman to give him our present to you.” Gilinsky said.

I paused the movie and tapped matt. He gave me a flash drive. I chuckled. And unpaused the video.

“We know you dont have your laptop so thats why when you get home you can look at it!” Johnson said.

“We love you Pennsylvania! See you soon!” They said in sync. The video ended and so did the car ride. I saw my dance studio. It said “Angles and Lines Dance Company” in big red glowing letters as i stepped out of the car/limo. I saw a trail of rose pedals leading towards the door. I walked in and saw the receptionist Ashley. I took off your sweater and placed it on a hanger and went into Studio A. I saw my friends and relatives with a few of my famous viners i am friends with.

“Penn this song explains you and Nates relationship. What better way to show you then to show you what you do and dance to it.” Jess said. My mom pressed play on the cd player as “I Wish You Would” by Taylor Swift started playing. My guy friends started dancing to the beat. Then the girls took over. The capable relatives that werent old started dancing. I laughed. Everyone was dancing in the end. At the end of the song I saw a familiar face dancing. I stood up straight after leaning in the doorway. It was Nate dancing. He made his way to the front. It made evey good sense in me not to go up and run into his arms. The song ended and I clapped.

“Penny, I love you ever since I met you when you were 15 in that park. When you were writing down choreography for the schools musical Grease when you were Sandy. Well now I guess I’m Danny. You’re the Bonnie to my Clyde. The Tris to my Tobias. The Ginny to my Harry. What I’m trying to get at is, if you werent in my life I probably still be searching for you. So Penny.” Nate said. He suddenly got down on one knee. I was almost in tears. My hands covered my mouth as he pulled out a small black box.

“Mari Pennington Boatwright, you’ve already gave me four years of happiness, will you now give me eternal happiness and marry me?” He asked as he opened the bow to reveal a ring with a small diamond on it. It looked like my grandma’s but updated.

Tears were flowing out of my eyes by now. I couldn’t speak so I nodding and gave him my left hand. He got it out of the box and slipped it on my ring finger it fit perfectly. I wrapped my arms around him and engulfed him into a hug and started crying. I realeased and pulled him into a makeout session. I heard someone unclear there throat. I pulled away and held Nates hand as my relatives clapped and came to congradulate us.

This was for the beautiful and lovely Penn 💕 or aka magcon-omahasquad ily ❤️

Dont forget you can always request!!!

2/28 — 10:32 AM // what i bring with me to school on the daily (in two pencil cases, respectively)

1) Lexar 8gb Flash drive: holds my docs and presentations. necessity.

2) Papermate Flair Pens: i only have 13 because i lost two and one ran out of ink. still really good though, lasted me a year and still going strong.

3) Eraser: i believe this is the pentel hi-polymer one, but it is v v good. stuck with me through loads of graphite. tough little nub.

4) Miscellaneous: uncategorized things: ie. sharpie ultra fine point, uni-ball signo orange, and zebra retractable ballpoint.

5) Bic Pencil 0.5mm: simple, cheap, reliable. nice thin tip for me since i absolutely hate 0.7mm tips pencil-wise.

6) Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pens: i personally hate these pens. oops. i have the periwinkle pictured but i also have the black one in my possession. too skippy for me.

7) Staedtler Triplus Fineliners: MY BABIES. i love these so much. i lost the majority of them a while back but these are the remaining. needless to say, i cherish them.

8) Papermate Intro Highlighters: they work okay for my needs. basic colors, purple, blue, and yellow.

9) Stabilo Point 88 Pens: I LOVE THESE AS WELL. there are 26 here because i kept the yellow ones at home and two of the tips split, sadly. they’re up there with the triplus fineliners but maybe a bit better since they’re cheaper.

I refuse to believe Cora-san is dead! No no no, I won’t listen to you..! I’ll just keep drawing pictures of him being his happy dorky clumsy self, together with little Law (who is secretly happy and dorky as well)!!! 

Again, instead of sleeping, I’ve spent the entire night drawing - in the middle of a busy week..! Oops! And this was supposed to be just a silly doodle… Better go to sleep now..!


I took a picture of the collection of Raouken corsets I own at this point, after Raouken was curious about the collection I had kind of built up. I thought it wouldn’t be too bad, since currently only one of my girls were wearing one. Normally a few of my girls are often in them!

I currently own 11 of them. I still feel like I don’t own all the colours that I would really like either… Oops! Although I should ban myself from pink ones, since I own 4 pink ones! However I do very much love corsets, and I love them for me as well.