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What do I do when I can’t sleep? Come up with Rhack AUs of course:

AU where Rhys is the CEO of Atlas and is at war with Hyperion. Jack, being the CEO of Hyperion, makes it his goal to take down Atlas no matter what but after a peace talks meeting, Jack and Rhys end up hooking up, making their war much more complicated.

AU where Jack and Rhys are actually friends and co workers who work in the same field within Atlas. Rhys is promised a promotion but Jack gets it instead, breaking Rhys’ heart much to Jack’s confusing dismay.

AU where Jack loses his left arm after an incident down on Pandora and Rhys is assigned to help Jack with his rehabilitation. Jack never had anyone look out for him before and he begins to fall for Rhys.

AU where Rhys kept Jack’s AI within his echo eye and the vault he finds grants him one wish and he wishes for Jack to have his body back. The only catch is that now Rhys is cursed to die in less than a year.

AU where Rhys goes to get his tattoos and Jack ends up being his tattoo artist. They spend the next several hours together getting to know one another and Rhys is suddenly showing up pretty often for new tattoos and specially requesting Jack to do them.

AU where Rhys is Jack’s boss and the CEO of Hyperion. Jack is faced with the choice to either assassinate his boss for a vault key or to walk away from the deal. He takes the deal but fails to kill Rhys and oops now Rhys knows and is pissed.

AU where Jack hires Rhys to babysit his toddler daughter Angel but oh no this babysitter is hot and Jack keeps him coming back for more than just watching over Angel.

"Let me put you back together (the right way)" Niall/Harry - Part one.

let me put you back together (the right way)

summary: They meet in the least expected circumstances, but life knows how to works its magic.

Or, Niall has dealt with cancer for the past two years of his life, and Harry is the angel (and a member of his favourite band) that comes to make it all better.

part 1 of 4, word count: 4,526

warnings: no character death!!!, hurt/comfort, angst with a happy ending, more warnings in author’s note.