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Identity Theft

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “63 and 67 separately jughead x reader please if its too much then could you just do 67 thank you”

#67 “Are you getting jealous?” - “You’re changing your outfit, now!”

Warnings: I think there’s more than one curse in this one? Also allusions to sex but no actual sex because I’m innocent

A/N: I didn’t want this to get sexual like it did but OOPS I guess I’m just really thirsty lately

Tag list: @1amluke, @betty-coopers-number-one-stan, @keepcalmandflywithtoothless, @lostinpercyseyes, @captainsuperfangirl

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Unintentional Chapter Two: Phone Calls

Chapter Summary: Things have been strange on set since you’d filmed those scenes with Jensen. Things get heated during a convention.

A/N: I just wanted to say this now, this story is going to involve a lot of cheating. I do not condone cheating in any way, this is simply for the purpose of fiction <3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, language (including dirty talk, but I guess that kind of goes hand in hand with phone sex?)

Word Count: 2.3k (oops?)

Unintentional Masterlist

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You were still aching for him. You pressed your legs together to try and help with the need for friction. There was lots you and Jensen needed to talk about. But you just, couldn’t. Then it would become real, and that would become a problem; and you had to avoid becoming the other woman at all costs.


Over the next couple of weeks, things had been…awkward between you and Jensen. No matter what you did, you couldn’t get him out of your head. You’d lie awake at night, watching old gag reels and outtakes, just to see him. Your heart would skip a beat when you saw him smile; and your breath would slip away when you heard his laugh.

You’d also been avoiding Misha and Jared. At least when Jensen wasn’t around anyway. When the four of you were together, there was too much goofing around to give either of them the chance to ask you about anything. They didn’t know about what had happened on set, but they could tell that something was up.

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Here comes a special boy!! Ready to fight!! Put up your dukes!

(Quick sketch during my lunch break, oops :’) )

Things I Wanna Ask Shameless Writers

If Mickey could spell Gallagher in S1, please tell me why he couldn’t in S6… while giving himself a fucking tattoo?

Mickey trash-talking his siblings (to people that aren’t his siblings)? Even Mandy? Did we watch the same show or….?

Mickey not asking how Ian is doing? If he’s keeping his schedule? If he’s needed his meds tweaked at all? If he’s sleeping right? Eating right? None of these things?! Mickey ‘we take care of each other’ Milkovich wouldn’t ask a single one of these questions? Are you sure?

Mickey robbing banks and trying to fight a party full of gangsters and nearly wrecking the car to smoke? Mickey ‘bought all the B’s just to be safe and thorough’ Milkovich doing all this reckless shit after ESCAPING FROM PRISON?

I’m just curious why yall tried so hard to rewrite and erase parts of such a wonderful character. Did you think we’d buy it? Did you think the majority of us would say, “oop, they’re right, leaving Mickey again is clearly the better choice?” No, you just made yourselves look like shitty writers and pissed us off.

Mickey Milkovich deserved better and Noel Fisher was the best thing yall had. Good job fucking everything up, I guess.

mikareally  asked:

Hey there,,, i saw a post saying you were accepting requests,, so i decided yo? Haha sorry for the bother~ Is it okay if i request a scenario for Todoroki and Midoriya where they're training, but by accident they just barely miss hitting this girl (using their quirks) who was going to pass by quickly xD I knowww it's weird but, thank you anyway xD

Of course! I love requests. I hope this satisfies, please tell me if I did anything incorrect. XD

Todoroki Shouto:

You watched from a distance, eyeing the heated training battle between Bakugou and Todoroki with timidity. It was true, you were quite intimidated by the powerful quirk-bearing students, and it was even worse that Todoroki’s skills make your heart leap out of your chest.

You had a pretty useful quirk of your own, but it could never possibly measure up to his power.

“Take this, bastard!” Bakugou roared, coming at Todoroki with an impressive barrage detonating from his hands. Nerves spiked through you, your fingers gripping the material of your gym uniform with apprehension. But the cool-headed boy was prepared.

In one sudden stroke of his arm, threatening spikes of ice surge out from the ground and halted Bakugou’s attack. As expected, Todoroki stood undefeated as his opponent simply became more enraged. You sigh with relief, relaxing your tight posture. Thank goodness.

When you were least expecting it, Aoyama got flung out of the opposite training rink and collided into you, knocking you down. Your throwing knives scattered across the ground, and it didn’t help that the pretentious boy accidentally kicked one out of your reach.

“Oops, sorry! I guess I was too beautiful you-” Aoyama began, but you were ignoring him as you started to pick up your knives. You saw one a couple meters away, so you went over to retrieve it. Just as you snatched it off the floor, a loud BOOM shakes you from your feet up.

You turn to see Bakugou and Todoroki fighting in the air above you, shards of ice ricocheting and flying everywhere. You must have miscalculated your whereabouts. Todoroki and Bakugou landed on the ground again, not even noticing your presence.

“LOOK OUT!” shouted Midoriya, who noticed the danger before you did. Todoroki’s spikes of ice were breaching the ground and heading straight to you. You let out a small scream, bracing yourself for impact, and at the sound Todoroki whips his head around to see you in an alarming situation. His eyes widen, immediately cutting off the flow of ice speeding towards you.

He ran towards you, hoping he didn’t hurt you at all. “I am really sorry, I didn’t realize you were behind me…” he said with an informative but worried tone.

Todoroki reached out to help you back up to your feet, brushing his fingers against your hand to instigate assistance. Your cheeks flushed a little, in which you covered your hand over your face as he got you back up. Concern laced his features, noticing how you hid your face from him. “Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?”

He examined you, gently prying your fingers away from your eyes so he could get a better look. This only caused you to blush even more, your lip trembling. “Y-Yeah, I’m thanks, you’re perfect-” you stumbled over your own words, internally screeching at what you had just said. I’m thanks, you’re perfect? Fuck.

Thankfully he didn’t pay it any mind. But he did notice, “Your face is hot. Do you have a fever?”

“I’m fine,” you stuttered.

In the distance, an impatient Bakugou groaned to himself. “Come the fuck on, guys. Get a fucking room.”

You nearly shrieked at the insensitive words, while Todoroki had no idea what it meant in the first place. “Right, the infirmary. We should get you a room there,” he nodded. Bakugou rolled his eyes, while Mineta came up to the clueless boy and told him to bend down so he could tell him something.

“What is it?” Todoroki asked.

After Mineta had whispered into Todoroki’s ear about what Bakugou meant, he bolted up straight and covered his lightly blushing face with his hand and looked away from you. “Uh, here, have some ice,” he formed some ice cubes and tied them in a handkerchief and gave it to you as a… kind gesture?

You nodded, slightly fazed, but put the ice on your forehead anyways. Shy Todoroki was a Todoroki that you wanted to see more often.

Midoryia Izuku:

“Go, go, Izu-chan! Fight, Fight, Izu-chan!” you cheered on your best friend joyously, jumping up and down to the beat of your own cheer. He turned a deep shade of red, laughing sheepishly.

“I will try my best!”

“Ugh, just get married already you dumb fucks,” Bakugou growled, in which you pouted and smacked his arm lightly.

“That’s mean, Katsu-chan,” you told him off. He was an old friend of yours too, but he didn’t have the same animosity towards you that he did Midoriya. So he couldn’t really bring himself to punch you or scream any more than his usual aggressive self would.

He gritted his teeth as he hissed, “Stop calling me Katsu-chan!”

You giggled to yourself, halting your cheering to call out, “Katsu-chan is Katsu-chan! Right, Izuku?”

Midoriya paused for a couple seconds to glance between you and Bakugou, who had a death glare on his face. Naturally, Midoriya didn’t want to piss off the angriest person on planet earth, so he shyly passed and smiled at you instead to avoid any explosion-related casualties later on.

“Good luck!” you shouted, grinning at the boy. He gave you a thumbs up, and gets into a fighting stance to match against his opponent, Mezo Shouji.

By this time, Bakugou was getting intensely annoyed by your happy-go-lucky supportive attitude towards his rival. Half-way through the match, he was almost at his wits end with you. All the “Go, go, Izu-chan!” stuff was giving him and only him a headache.

“Izu-chan this, Izu-chan that! Fuck, you’re infuriating,” Bakugou pushes you, albeit a little more forcefully than he meant to, but because Kirishima’s foot was in the way you tripped towards the match. Kirishima attempted to grab you before you could stumble out into the midst of battle, but his reflexes failed and you got in the way of the battle.

In these kinds of cases, Midoriya would be the one to run after you and make sure you weren’t hurt. But in this particular instance, Midoriya was the one who posed the danger. In that split second, he had activated his powers with a full on Texas Smash coming straight towards you at lightning fast speed.

“Oh my god,” Bakugou watched with exasperation as Midoriya was about to make the worst mistake in this life. He knew that Deku would never be able to forgive himself if he hurt you and become a sobbing mess which would ultimately piss Bakugou off, so he took it upon himself to send a very resonant explosion to knock the reality back into the poor boy. The blast makes impact, and Midoriya is knocked out of the ring as well as his punch being misdirected to the dirt ground. That must have hurt like a bitch.

You are propelled a few feet back but otherwise go unharmed, while Midoriya’s whole arm is battered from the strain of using his quirk. Once the mushroom cloud of dust and smoke dissipates, you sit up with a stunned expression on your face. Midoriya on the other hand was filled to the brim with anxiety that he might have hurt you somewhere.

“Oh no. I messed up. That was close, I could have killed you, I’m so so so so sorr-” he begins to frantically rant, but you cut him off with a reassuring pat on the head.

“It’s okay, Izu-chan! I’m fine,” you shine with a grin that seems like the sight of an angel to him.

He exhales in relief. “Oh thank god.” On the other hand, he was slightly embarrassed that he had this encounter with you. But he was glad that you were the still the kind and forgiving person you’ve always been.

“That was so cool though, Izuku!” you squeal in excitement, making him turn a shade of pink. Bakugou sticks a finger in his mouth as he gags in disgust, but the two of you ignore him as you give Midoriya a big hug that nearly bursts the circuits in poor Midoriya’s heart.

“Seriously, get married already.”

I hope that this satisfied! These two beans are so precious….

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*・ 。roommate!au ✧*゚

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pairing; seventeen vernon x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!vernon, humor, fluff

✧ a/n; collab with @kpop–fics​ <3 she provides most of the main points & i just expand themm wew

  • you hurried down the halls to your dorm 
  • late as always 
  • like you were an hour late lol
  • you were supposed to get to the office at 10am to be assigned to your room but
  • heh
  • you apologized repetitively to the office woman (you still didn’t get her name) and she just shook her head AHAHA oops
  • so you quickly found your dorm building and room
  • when you enter, you see all these delivery food packages on the floor 
  • wOW is this a welcome present
  • ok no but it was messy lol 
  • “whiCH pig is living with me”
  • then you saw leonardo di caprio your roommate(??) sitting on one of the two beds
  • like the one further away from the wall
  • he looked strikingly like the celebrity actor omg
  • he got really surprised when he saw you enter and you were kind of embarrassed bc you,, forgot,,, to knock?
  • he quickly puts the last mouthful of pizza in his mouth and wipes his hand with a tissue and walks over to you
  • “hi, i’m vernon!” he introduces himself.
  • you introduce yourself too and he helps to move your luggage in
  • you noticed his handsome features after he came closer to you
  • like ok
  • how could that boy still look so good after all that greasy food
  • because you eat it too and you just gain weight lol
  • “Just not eat too much.”
  • you look at him and he’s just laughing
  • and you chuckle embarrassed-ly like
  • “I said that out loud?”
  • vernon just hums in response and laughs again
  • somehow 
  • this boy gets the best grades 
  • you always use that to copy his homework lolol
  • but like,,,,, how
  • all he does is eat and rap and make noise in the dorm
  • he’s noisier than everyone thinks he is lol
  • everyone has that impression that he’s very polite, soft, sophisticated
  • he literally wakes up in the morning and stretches while screeching
  • and that results in your pillow flying to his face bc
  • he keeps dropping things too and you never understood why
  • like he can hold a single book in both hands and drop them 
  • “oops i did it again”
  • siGh
  • the neighbours complain a lot
  • especially the ones living right below you
  • so you just
  • “vernon, honey”
  • “guess what came in today”
  • vernon is oblivious asf istg bc he’s just like
  • “? what??”
  • “complains about your noisy ass, you idiot”
  • and he doesn’t give a shit
  • “so?”
  • “shUT iT PLS”
  • and
  • this boy 
  • ,,,,rude af 
  • like you would be putting on a dress and
  • “that ain’t gonna fit woman”
  • and he just laughs charmingly
  • but he’s just fooling around, honestly. 
  • when you get the dress on and he sees it, he’ll just smile
  • “ok yeah it looks pretty good”
  • yes he! is! very! subtle! in! his! compliments!
  • but on the other side 
  • the perfect person to play pranks with bc he always agrees to them 
  • childish but fun 
  • you two become pranking partners-in-crime
  • he has enough friends to play them on
  • especially on seungkwan from next door
  • that poor little precious treasure HAHAHA
  • seungkwan always gets scared late at night 
  • so 
  • what keeps you two from hiding in his room and making him scared?
  • that’s right 
  • nothing !1!!1!
  • you and vernon are perfect ninjas
  • ya’ll would sneak into seungkwan’s room and hide under his bed
  • and when seungkwan lies down to rest after turning off the lights
  • you guys start slow >:)
  • //silently knocks the bed planks
  • seungkwan would start tossing and turning and the two of you know how he’s getting tense after hearing the knocking sounds from under his bed
  • there was once seungkwan started talking to himself to calm himself down like
  • “go to sleep seungkwan”
  • “you’re thinking too much”
  • “no ghosts would come and haunt such an adorable fluff like yourself who has committed no sins”
  •  vernon started laughing so hard he was shaking
  • and his own hands over his mouth isn’t helping 
  • so you press your two hands over his mouth too
  • yes it literally required four hands
  • but a snort manages to get out and seungkwan literally jerks on the bed
  • and you try so hard to shut vernon up but it’s not going very well because you’re trying to control your laughter too
  • so you and vernon just decide to attack now because ya’ll can’t contain your laughter anymore
  • and the both of you jump out from both sides from under the bed
  • and seungkwan just screams really loud and throws his pillows towards the both of you and pulls the covers over him
  • and he starts crying 
  • and you run to the light switch to turn on the lights and vernon is still trying to calm his shit down
  • vernon pulls the covers off seungkwan who was sitting upright on the bed
  • and seungkwan’s eyes are shut as tears just squeeze out from his eye slits and he just whines nonstop 
  • vernon and you are still laughing tbh
  • you just hug seungkwan and apologize and like just pat his head a few times
  • while chuckling a bit
  • seungkwan and you would’ve gotten really close because of this
  • “why would you guys do this tO MEE” 
  • ^seungkwan would whine 
  • which makes everything funnier
  • you and vernon became closer bc of these kinds of pranks too
  • like it requirED A LOT OF TEAMWORK OK
  • yes so that’s vernon as your roommate slash best friend HAHA 

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Phil's new video was so underwhelming for me... and i think i might be a tad bit salty because of shawna being in it... oops oh well. What did you think of it? [Ofc answer this when you've finished it and all]

i feel the exact same way. i love phil and his personality shows wonderfully in the video i just found it…. a little forced? i mean taking quizzes is always forced so i guess it just lacked the more organic amazingphil feeling. still a good video just not my favorite.

how to be super good at lineart with just one easy trick (SAI)

hey kids so probably a lotta people already know this but for those of you who don’t: like a week ago i discovered this really cool tool in sai for fixing lineart so basically you’ll never have to redraw anything ever again it’s really good

okay so open up your lineart layer

now you wanna use the pen tool

and like now you wanna do your drawing. don’t erase anything. even if the lines barely touch, that’s fine. (this is good for time too)

this is what i did:

okay so clearly that isn’t good lineart, ken, the fuck are you doing. but just stick with me for a sec.

switch to the edit tool

there’s all this shit underneath it so select the second one

and you’ll see all these dots come up on your lines

and get this right

if you click and drag the dots, you can fucking fix your shit ass lineart in like every way imaginable

lines aren’t connected? no problem. edit tool. don’t like how they curve? no problem. edit tool.

here’s a gif to kinda show just how well it works

and let’s say you wanna fix the size of the lines WELL GUESS WHAT YOU CAN DO THAT TOO

use the weight tool and select the size you want the lines, then just click on all of them

to be fair you might wanna set your minimum size to something more stable than what i did but s t i l l

so uh yeah that’s my cool tutorial on how to not be shit at lineart whoohoo


felt like Bat-Villain doodles so I did. not meant to be any version in particular just kind of a mash up tho you can probably guess which versions I like best from this heh

scarecrow’s grown on me, not that I ever really disliked him I just wasn’t as familiar and I still haven’t seen batman begins tbh until recently

I’ve always liked Eddie tho, I mean how can u not

killgirl4568  asked:

Could you do a Void Stiles imagine where the reader is physically and mentally abused by him and she has to try and get over it and you and take it where you want to from there?

Every night you wake up from the same nightmare. Every night you wake up doused in sweat. Every night you see his face and his smile and you want to scream. Every night you are remembered of what happened that night.


Everyone is the pack knew something was wrong with Stiles. Everyone noticed the attitude adjustment and the way his face was changing. Over time it just seemed he got ruder and paler.  The one thing the pack didn’t know was what the new Stiles would do. Scott couldn’t even protect his own pack members from “Void Stiles”.

Soon after the pack found out what happened to the usually goofy boy they started calling the change Void. Apparently some Japanese spirit took over Stiles’s body and used it for evil. You never knew the boy you loved so much could cause you so much pain. It wasn’t that bad at first, small comments that weren’t ordinary. The comments Void Stiles said always hurt though. Comments like, “Sorry love, you’re not as beautiful as before”. Things like that got under your skin.

Then one night you got a call from Stiles, saying how normal he felt and how he’s finally changed back. Sadly you believed him and agreed to meet at his house. Stiles’s dad was working late that night and you felt an eerie feeling as you entered into the dark house. Then you noticed Stiles on top of the stairs with dark circles under his eyes and a cheshire cat type smile on his face.

You tried to turn around and run out of the door but it slammed in front of you. The doors were locked as well, giving you no escape from the house. “God please Stiles,” you pleaded with the boy. Stiles didn’t reply, however he started slowly making his way down the steps. You reached down in your jean pocket and pulled out your phone, quickly dialing Scott’s number.

“Scott! Please help me! I’m at Stiles,” You shouted at him as he answered the phone. Suddenly you felt a hand slap your face and the next thing you knew your on the floor. You noticed Stiles still smiling as he started to get closer to you, you tried to scoot away from him as fast as you could.

“I tried to play nice, Y/N, but looks like someone wants to be a fucking bitch!” Void Stiles screamed as he grabbed a fistful of your hair and yanked you up. Tears started to fill your eyes as you felt hair being pulled out of your scalp. “GET THE FUCK UP!” Void Stiles screamed before pushing you full force against the wall.

“Stiles, please this isn’t you,” you cried out to him, hoping the boy you once knew would wake up. Void Stiles just started walking around you, playing with you like you were a mouse and he was a cat. He kept on doing these ‘tisk’ noises, like he was disciplining you.

“This is the new and improved me love,” He said while laughing maniacally. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you up to him. “Sadly love, you don’t make the cut for the new me,” He said before throwing you into the glass coffee table. Your body smashing the glass into tiny pieces. The shards digging into your flesh.

“F..uc..k you,” You managed to say to the boy, holding on for your dear life. The pain throbbing throughout your whole body. Suddenly you heard multiple bangings on the door and then some muffled shouts.

“Well love, it’s time for me to run,” Void Stiles said before walking out the back door. All you heard was a door being broken down and multiple people running in. The pack surrounded your broken body, someone lifted you up and carried you to a car.

The next thing you remember was waking up in the bright hospital room, Lydia and Scott asleep on the sofa. You tried to lift yourself up and speak to them, but the pain was to much to bare. You just feel back asleep.

A/N: Oops I did it again! I’m like the queen of taking hiatuses I guess. Well I hope y’all enjoy it and I hope the person who requested it liked it! I honestly don’t know how I feel about this imagine, but that’s how I feel about a lot of my recent writing.


PEPSI: …what did you say? love confession?

DEMITRI: oops, was it not obvious? this is me telling you i like YOU!

PEPSI: Demitri, i… i don’t know what to say… 

DEMITRI: an answer would be nice but that’s cool if you don’t! because i’m totally ready to fly away in embarrassment and pretend this never happened at any moment.

PEPSI: well… i, um, i guess i like you too? 💕


Hello, I don’t know where to start but, just thank you I guess??? I never thought I’d get to 100+, I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months or so now? Not my first time having an RP blog but the first time I made one & actually used it for more then a week, & honestly couldn’t have wished for anymore of a welcoming experiences. I’m glad my muse for Noct as well as my love lasted this long to even see me getting this many follows!! He is my tired son & is so fun & easy to write & I am happy that so many of you enjoy my portrayal. I didn’t think I would be noticed that much to be honest ‘cause of how many other Noctis’ there are. They are all just as amazing & great to be honest!!

Onto the people!! Of course gonna but under a read more ‘cause I have a few things I wanna say & might ramble on. But here we go~!!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I really like your blog, you are always very thoughtfully and thoroughly answer the questions, thank you very much. Please tell me how you feel about the behavior of Jensen on his joint with Misha panel on JIB8? His behavior killed me. For me the trick with Collins, that he took off his pants in front of him, completely devalued his hugs with Jared. He was drunk in both cases. It turns out that all this is just fan service?

Anon 2:  Hello, do you think Daniela encourage all the “c*ckles” thing in the jibcon?

Anon 3: Idk how I feel about Jensen attitude in the panel with M, like he forced it somehow. And it feels like he doesn’t care of what M was saying. What do you think?

Hello, all of you lovely people!

I finally had the time to watch the panel and oh boy, I must say I feel a little surprised by Jensen’s behaviour. He was obviously very drunk and a little disrespectful towards Misha. I kind of detected the same vibe from the Jared/Misha panel as well, just not quite as strongly.

I didn’t think much of the underwear moment, not especially now that I read this theory that explains so much. So, Jensen gets a pair of boxers with a bear pictured on them - that’s so obviously a joke directed at Jared’s fear of bears. Can you imagine the giggles the J’s must’ve had over the article of clothing? Anyway, it’s unclear whether or not Misha understood the joke, but he was clearly uncomfortable with this turn of events. Had Jensen been less drunk, I doubt he would’ve done this, but I guess we were witnessing a wild Nesnej.

For my own amusement, I kept a count of how many times Jensen mentioned Jared. Four. That’s not bad for a 30 minute panel, don’t you think? He even said Jared “has been a fairy all day.” Oops, did you mean “all his life”?

It turns out that all this is just fan service? 

I think it was largely a drunken “it seemed like a good idea at the time” case, but also fanservice. I wonder if he woke up the next morning, vaguely recalling what he had done and buried his head in Jared’s armpit with a groan? He doesn’t always board the d*stiel train as we see in this very panel - when a fan asks a question that’s clearly suggesting d*stiel and Misha answers “When in Rome..”, Jensen just aims a long and judging look at him.

For me the trick with Collins, that he took off his pants in front of him, completely devalued his hugs with Jared 

I don’t feel the same way at all. If this was a deliberate bait to the c*ckles shippers, it only goes to show that there’s something that’s happened that created the need to distract the fans away from. Jared did the very same thing in his panel with Misha - the crotch sniff!

And with the kind of convention this was, you can just take your pick. So many lovely and coupley things happened between the J’s that I personally don’t wonder why they felt the need to show how “very friendly” they can be with others too. “Look here, we do this kinda stuff all the time with our buddies!” If anything, behaviour like this from the J’s only goes to highlight all the loving moments between them. Maybe that’s just me.

do you think Daniela encourage all the “c*ckles” thing in the jibcon?

I can’t really present a strong opinion on this. I’ve heard she ships d*stiel, but I haven’t looked into her social media aside from the convention stuff. She did, however, provide Jensen and Misha with some alcoholic beverages during their panel. Wasn’t Jensen drunk enough already? I must admit that the gesture made me think there may be some truth to this. I’ll refrain from making a proper statement because I haven’t got enough information to form a solid opinion on.

it feels like he doesn’t care of what M was saying. What do you think? 

It really looked like that to me, especially at the beginning. He kept interrupting Misha and his attitude seemed somewhat arrogant. We all know what a lovely man Jensen is, though, so perhaps this is how he can get when he’s drunk. I’m not sure whether or not his animosity was directed at Misha or whether the man just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but there’s a pattern with these panels - Jensen seems to prefer to be intoxicated when he’s sharing a stage with Misha. I know a lot of people theorize that Jensen dislikes Misha a lot, but I don’t think it’s quite that simple.

Anyway, I’m gonna close this monsterous response up with the panel video with a some added timetags for all of you who are reluctant to watch the whole thing.

  • (7:10) Daniela shows up to offer them drinks
  • (13:00) Jensen presents his underwear to Misha
  • (14:38) Jared’s been “away with the fairies”-question
  • (16:45) They tell the YANA story that moved Jensen
  • (26:33) The d*stiel question, followed by Misha’s comment “When in Rome” and Jensen’s long oh-no-you-didn’t -stare
  • (28:05) In relation to the same question, Jensen says “Well, I know where I’m going” - I’m perhaps not entirely objective here, but is he thinking of Jared? 

After the cast joins at the 30:10 marker, Jensen and Jared largely take over the dialogue as they thank the fans and Daniela for the convention. Jensen talks about a memorable thing that happened to him on Twitter at the 30:46 marker and Jared knows all about the story. There’s also a little buttslap at the end (35:17) from Jared to Jensen. “Good job, baby”?

I am so sorry this turned out so long. I guess I can shorten it all down to one sentence - “I’m not alarmed by any of this.” When you see Jared or Jensen on stage with other people, things seem to spiral out of hand very quickly. The balance suffers, one might say. On the other hand, these panels are lacking most of those knowing looks and wordless communication that we’re used to hearing from the J’s. I hope my response is sufficient to all of you sweet folks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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A/N: I wrote this a while back and never posted it so I thought why not post it now? Based on the song ‘Oops’ by Little Mix


• Oops, my baby, you woke up in my bed Oops, we broke up, we’re better of as friends •

I groaned as my nap was cut short by a loud knock on my door. I tried to move but quickly realised something, or better someone was holding me back. A heavy arm was holding my waist and I looked next to me to see Reggie sleeping. Without waking him up I removed his arm from my body and tiptoed to the door, opening it to reveal my mom “Hey, honey! I just wanted to say your dad and I are going to be gone for a few hours and I-” she looked behind me and stopped talking, raising her eyebrows “I thought you two broke up?” She asked and I nodded, sighing “yeah we did, but we have a history project together and I guess we both just lost track of time and fell asleep” I rubbed my eyes and she nodded “Just be careful okay?” I smiled at her and nodded “I will, have fun with dad”


• Now I accidentally need you, I don’t know what to do Oops, baby I love you•

My brother was the most important person to me. He was my best friend, my soulmate, my everything and I was convinced I couldn’t live without him. No one saw it coming and no one could have prevented it, but it happened. My brother commited suicide and when he died a part of me died with him.

Today marked the 3 year anniversary of his death and I couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up, all I wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep until this horrible day was over. I never cried on this day, I refused to cry but when I turned around and looked at the picture of my brother and I smiling and looking like we were having the best day of our lives I broke down for the first time in three years.

My phone buzzed and I whiped away the tears from my cheeks, supressing a sob as I read the text.

‘Reggie Mantle: I’m here for you, I will ALWAYS be here for you. Call me if you want to talk. X’ With shaking hands I pressed call and waited for the call to be answered.

“Y/N? Everything alright?” I sat down on my bed and shook my head “No, can you… can you come over?” I asked and I could hear him jogging down the stairs on the other side “I’m on my way”

The door to my bedroom opened and without thinking I threw myself in his arms and sobbed in his arms as he rubbed my back “It’s okay, I’m here… it’s okay”


• If it was up to me I would take a time machine to the day I said goodbye •

Knocking on the door three times I waited for someone to answer and was soon greeted by a happy Archie “Y/N! You made it” he pulled me into a hug and soon the smell of alcohol hit me “Hey, Archie… you are drunk!” He pulled back and laughed “I aaam” he grabbed my hand and pulled me inside where the party was. With our fingers laced together he dragged me along to a table that had all sorts of drinks on it “I’m gonna go and look for Valerie cuz.. I want her back” he slurred and I laughed and nodded as he walked away. I grabbed a red cup and decided to make myself a vodka soda “Y/N?” I turned around and smiled as soon as I saw Reggie approaching me “Reg, hey!” We hugged for a few seconds before I pulled away, his hands still on my waist “I didn’t know you were coming tonight?” He smiled down at me and for some reason my heart skipped a beat “Yeah, my parents aren’t home so I thought why not?” He chuckled and put a strand of my hair behind my ear “I’m going to see what Chuck and Moose are up too, see you around?” I nodded and he kissed my cheek before leaving. I sat down on the chair and sighed…. why did I ever say goodbye?


• Now I accidentally know that you’re in love with me too •

“Well that was something” the voice broke me out of my thoughts and I looked up to see Joaquin, Kevin’s boyfriend “What was something?” “You and that guy, I could cut the sexual tension with a knife” I laughed and took a sip from my cup “It’s nothing really, we broke up two months ago… he’s just being friendly” Joaquin rolled his eyes and shook his head “Y/N, believe me that was’t just being friendly. Just go and talk to him, Archie’s room is empty. I checked” he winked before walking off. I scanned the room and my eyes landed on Reggie, who was already staring at me. Without thinking I stood up and walked towards him. He smiled at me as I approached him “Hey, you want to go and talk somewhere?” I asked and Reggie looked at me for a few seconds before nodding “Yeah… yeah, I would love to”

Entering Archie’s room I sat down on the bed as Reggie closed the door before walking towards me. It was silent for a few seconds before we both opened our mouths to speak up “I just want to-” “Can we talk ab-” we both laughed and I crossed my arms “You go first” I said and he nodded as he placed his hand on my leg “I… lately I’ve been thinking about us and you and how we broke up and I just…” he paused before continuing “I miss you Y/N, a lot” he smiled and put my hand on his cheek “I miss you too” he breathed out in relief and laughed “Oh, oh good haha because that would’ve been awkward if you didn’t because-” I cut his rant short as I grabbed his face and connected our lips. After a few seconds I pulled away and he cupped my face, smiling “God, we are never breaking up ever again”

• Oops baby, I love you •

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Barry Allen- I always choose you

Requested by anon: Hi can you write an imagine were Iris tries to break the reader’s and Barry’s relationship cause she has feelings for Barry but Barry loves the reader

Words: 718

A/N: Thank you for the request. Hope you like it. I looked through my imagines and saw that like 90% is Barry. Not that I mind XD

Y/F/M: Your favorite movie

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13/100 days of productivity

01.31.2017 - So, the mess I posted yesterday (thanks for the support) turned out into this… I messed up a bit on the biology notes (and messed up a lot in the part covered… Oops), but the Rome History summary is doing fine (although I spilled some water on it today and happened to be using my only black pen that is not water proof…). Anyways, didn’t think I’d finish Rome in only two days but guess I did, right? 

Btw, just a friendly reminder of how much I love you all… I LOVE YOU! 

Talvez um dia eu volte a traduzir esses posts, estou com um pouco de preguiça no momento. 


{Gif(s) Not Mine}

“You know he thinks about you all the time Y/N but I think it’s just the guilt from his naughty behavior. ”

You shivered at how maniacal his voice sounded, and it frightened you that there was a chance Stiles wasn’t going to make it out alive, “Please just let him go.”

“And why would I do that. Your little boyfriend lets me in, to save his booty call.” The Nogitsune gasped and covered his gaping mouth, “Oops did I say that, oh well, at least you know now. I guess Stiles was tired of waiting for you to give it up.”

Guess what arrived today! Enjoy me being a dork and trying out spikeez for the first time! Also apparently I say “alright” more than I realized oops

[Caption: Alright! So, guess what’s finally arrived!? haHA! S p i k e e z! Spikeez! SPIKEEZ! Alright I am so psyched to see how this works. Alright, as you can see, I’ve got my tangle here. woowooowoowooo tangleee. funnn tangle. And I’m starting out with a blue piece. I’m going to use the dark blue spikeez gel, and according to the instructions, you start out by puncturing a hole in the…tinfoil…? thing? I don’t know, there’s a spiky thing in top of this plastic cap. And you just - did it poke? Yeah, it poked. And then you have your spikeez applicator…thing, that you just twist on, like so. And now, basically you just squeeze and - here it comes! And you app - apply it in little dots, and it should spike. ahHA! It works! That’s a spike - that is a perfect spike right there! Yasssss! O h  n o! It escaped! Alright this is going to - this is going to take awhile, so for our purposes here, I will give this duck a mohawk. Why is this coming out so fast?? Bloop. Bloop. Aaaaa! Hair. Bloop.  Bloop. Bloop. Bloop. Bloop. Bloop. Bloop. Bloop. *Singing* Now the duckie duck has a mo-hawk! Oh yeahh! Raaad duck!