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Skull-Kids! Comic Concept Pt.2

I did the next page of this short concept comic, this time I changed a couple of things and realized a few problems. 1. Clip studio does not have the option to not loop animation (like I originally thought), 2. Gifs can’t handle gradients.

But I’ve decided that this format will be the final format, I love the way it looks and I enjoy drawing it. (I also forgot Skully’s flame in the last panel, oops). Thank you for everyone who left feedback, and enjoyed the comic, expect more soon! 

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bones summer hiatus rewatch4x03: man in the outhouse
“You know what? If Mark and Jason don’t know how lucky they are, they don’t deserve you in the first place.

Simon Lewis + Google Searches
  • local meth dealers
  • how to politely decline someone’s homemade cooking
  • how to avoid being kidnapped
  • top 10 signs that I’m becoming a vampire
  • how to confront my best friend about my nonexistent parkour lessons
  • how to come out to my family…that I’m a vampire
  • vampire hair gel 101
  • top 5 ways to ruin someone’s jacket in order to get their attention
  • how to ask a powerful vampire to borrow their jacket
  • how to appear upset when crush discovers she was in love with brother

I started rereading Trickster’s Choice a couple days ago, and since I reread Lioness Rampant not that long ago, I’m finding the contrast between Alanna and Aly pretty striking:

At the beginning of LR, Alanna is still a relatively new knight and she doesn’t know what she wants to do with that. That ambition that drove her to become the first lady knight in a hundred years is gone and she feels lost now that she’s completed her goal of earning her shield. She’s aimless and wandering and she feels kind of stuck and unable to figure out what she wants do with the rest of her life.

Aly, meanwhile, knows EXACTLY what she wants to do with her life, but because her parents disapprove of her becoming a spy, she also feels stuck. She’s considered a grown woman but she still acts very much the carefree child because she’s bored and restless and doesn’t like the idea of being bullied into a career or a marriage she doesn’t want.

Idk, it’s interesting to me. They’re the only two protagonists Tammy’s really written who’ve experienced frustrations like this regarding their futures, I think. I mean, the Circle kids all have their magecraft and their individual crafts, plus Sandry’s political position as the niece of the ruler of Emelan, which helps keep her busy. Daine spends her whole series either figuring out her powers or dealing with Ozorne and Uusoae’s meddling, and at the end of the war she moves into the palace to be with Numair and continuing providing her services to the crown. There’s never any question of what she’s supposed to/wants to do next, we get the feeling she gets the happy ending she wants. Kel’s completely devoted to her knighthood and beyond that there’s another war, so she doesn’t have time to think about the direction her life is going in even if she wants to (although we don’t get the feeling from the text that she DOES to, because she already knows exactly what she’s doing with herself). Beka’s similarly enamored with her work, and that’s all she ever wants to do - there’s no restlessness there except for when she’s working on a tough case she can’t crack.

So it’s interesting to me that Alanna and her daughter are the only ones who really experience these kinds of internal conflicts regarding their futures, and I know I already said this makes me relate to Alanna more, but it helps me relate to Aly too, and I definitely think this is something that other young adults can relate to, too.