oops i felt too hard

this weekend,

* 6 hour car ride
* golden/orange sunset
* watch okja bc im smart and downloaded it
* cry over okja
* lots of twisty roads, car anxiety
* set up camper
* cry alone in camper
* finally go over to the girls’ tent
* talk w them until 1am

* wake up in a cool fog
* hair curled from humidity
* more anxiety, hide alone in camper
* more crying alone in the camper
* more crying but my mom is here now
* more hiding bc i look like a mess
* bad mood
* better mood, work on friendship bracelets w the girls
* huge slip n slide ???
* bumps/bruises from slide
* swim in river, catch minnows
* shoulders get burnt
* ice cream
* hot water gone, cold shower
* campfire, s'mores 

* pack for canoe trip
* bus ride
* more anxiety
* use raft w girls
* stop a few times to eat and swim
* sing ‘alexander hamilton’
* lose my fav sunglasses
* legs n feet!!!! burnnninng!!!!
* raft is difficult af, switch to canoe w dad
* get back first
* warm shower!!!!!!
* chill, work on art journal
* i cried on this day too but idk when lol
* hang out w girls
* fireworks 

* wake up early but right after girls leave
* arms sore af
* pack, put down camper
* say goodbye, hugs hurt my shoulders
* start drive home
* jam to hamilton !!!!!!!