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doodles of a redesign for widowmaker’s odette skin. the original is a little too…goofy? for my taste, so i wanted to try out a more elegant interpretation. i tried to make her visor structured more like a tiara…not practical, but neither are those heels soo o …

I’m seeing a lot of young transgender or non-binary people out there freaking out or going completely silent and removing all their info from their bios in light of the recent news in America. And I get that, I really, truly do.

But I also want you guys to know that it’s safe to come talk to me if you’re feeling pressured or scared or angry or whatever you’re feeling. If you’re comfortable with talking to me, go for it. :)

Secondly, if you’ve spoken to me about your gender for whatever reason, and are feeling scared about someone else finding out or you being being outed for any reason, please know that I will never reveal anything we have spoken about, anything you have sent to me or asked me about (as an anon or not) to anyone. What we discuss is private, and unless you give me permission to respond publicly or speak about it to others, it will stay between us. Always.


My gorgeous poet son

baby turian for @cloneshepard because why not baby turian


He doesn’t know how Dipper finds the mark, and frankly, he doesn’t really care. The kid can believe it’s a tattoo all he wants – better than trying to explain what it really is.

(It’s a mark of failure.)

Sometimes, Stanley Pines will wake up, phantom pains of burning flesh still lingering after thirty years.

He had to try and treat it alone, reaching around to the awkward spot on his shoulder to put on fresh bandages and burn salve he found in a first aid kit in the house. It never became infected, and it healed alright, but the mark of that symbol on the console never quite faded.

He was branded, as if he was livestock, a constant reminder of that night. And it was all his brother’s fault.

(But he started it, he instigated it, and it’s his fault Stanford disappeared into that damned portal. So. Who’s fault is it, really? Was it anybody’s fault, in the end?)

“I thought you said you didn’t have a tattoo!”

“I don’t.”

He doesn’t.

Because it’s not a tattoo. It’s a burn. A brand, reminding him of all his failures, all his mistakes, all the lies, and all the things Stanley Pines has ever come to regret.

she exhanges stolen kisses
with you underwater
and the voices above
are just disorted sounds
(you can’t like a girl, the voices say)

i don’t like a girl, i love a girl
you want to say back
but you keep silent

you would rather stay
underwater for eternity
then go back to
a world of harsh voices
and critical stares
(besides, to drown for her
would be a pleasure)

—  swimming pools / j.m (via ghaffas)

Broods - 2017 Instagrams (1/?)

I had an epiphany the other night…. Arin’s alter can be called evilraptor

I feel satisfied now that I’ve discovered this.

roses have thorns, too

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To all the diamonds. Do the whip

It’s not easy to get her to dance honestly. 

Richard Siken poems be like

I have twelve quarters in my pocket
Or was it thirteen?
Either way they keep falling out and you’re not here to pick them up
Remember I used to make you pick them up?
So you’re six feet under and my twelve or thirteen quarters keep falling out into the street
I promise I won’t make you pick them up this time