oops i changed the text

i sketched klunk as lando, luke, n han from star wars bc i couldn’t focus on school work.

anyway here are my Reasons for each one:

lance - space bi, definitely dated han (hunk) and luke (keith), is still dating han and luke, has a nifty blaster Wow, Charmer and Flirty, blue, pilot!!, loyal

keith - space gay, *trans space gay, pod=motorbike, Ace Pilot, bad guy heritage reveal lmao, both from sandy places (tattooine/texas), mullet, is in love with han (hunk) and lando (lance)

hunk - space bi/pan, handsome pilot man oh man, good “ive got a bad feeling about this” radar, found their place and cause in the universe after saving someone/people, hidden bravery !!, in love with lando (lance) and luke (keith)