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The Visit

Summary: There are rumours aplenty about the Mad King. That he is a tyrant, a sorcerer, that he possesses strange and dark magic - so when he comes to visit Geoff’s court, everyone is prepared for the worst. 

But Ryan is not what he seems, and the last person anyone would have expected to find out the truth is the King’s fool.

(King AU/vaguely minecraft AU)



So Gavin was absolutely fucked.

Ryan was out, Michael had said. Gone riding, Michael had said. Won’t be back for three hours, Michael had said.

Three hours - three bloody hours - of course Gavin had thought it’d be a safe time to sneak into the visiting king’s guest room to have a poke around. You know, just to make sure he wasn’t plotting anything. This was actually Very Important Royal Business. Geoff had sent him. Granted, Geoff hadn’t technically told him to break into the other king’s room, but that was part and parcel of being the official royal spy.

Okay, perhaps Gavin was actually the official royal fool, but same business, because Geoff sure as hell used him to spy on people anyway. No one ever suspected the court jester, after all.

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Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!!

I’ve been meaning to make a list like this for a long time and then I saw that some people were using this day to show appreciation to fanfic writers so I thought I’d join in and finally post this!

So without further ado here are some amazingly talented fanfic writers that I’d like to show my appreciation to:

kuni-masks - AO3
My fave: He Chose Titans

levierwins - AO3 / Writing Tag 
My faves: Hold Me Down & Hearts And Minds

iohannafactotum - AO3 / Writing Tag / Fic Blog
My faves: Living Things (with paper-kingyo) & Kiss It Better

2dsheep - Writing Tag 
My faves: Exhibition & Graded Performance & Lullaby

birbwin - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Chapter 37Chapter 36 & Chapter 49 

sexycanofsoup - AO3
My fave: Dirty Kisses

what-would-freckled-jesus-do - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: The Taste of Your Lips

misayawriting - AO3
My faves: Glass Houses & Spark

goddamnchou - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Sugar Magic, Monsters, & Mayhem & Sacrifice and Selflessness

erwins-bara-tiddies - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Slave For a Day & Untitled

twistedkit - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: You’re All I Need to Know Levi After Dark

ras-elased - AO3
My fave: After School Special 

ephieshine - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Loose Ends & Strike (and shatter)

jaegerlevi - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Tentative Itch & Untitled-4

moami - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: Whitedream

snk-sexual - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: Daddy Dearest

stillmadaboutpetra - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: Toeing the Line  

districtsandwizards - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Eruri Camping AU ‘Jean walking in on Eruri’

eruriv - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: a lovely way to burn & eruri/22 (This one still haunts me tbh)

levismushroomcut - AO3
My faves: Four Years LaterThe CompanionCommunication

commandertitty - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: now i lay me down to sleep & Blind

peach-oniisan / hisunfalteringloyalty - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: Before Dawn

[EDIT] I’m also going to include: 

erwinthirst - AO3 Writing Tag
My faves: Confession: Volcanic & Ignite

stereobone - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Black Dog & Home Is Wherever I’m With You 

sennfan - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Before It’s Too Late & Dominance (with crimson-dynamo)

pinkjasmink - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: satin & company

arcadiamahler - AO3
My fave: The Neighbors 

[EDIT pt.2] I keep on forgetting people gdi so here’s a couple more:

thefangirlingdead - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Crave It, Chase It & Impact & Free (Like You Make Me)

fractalbright - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: between rays of light 

If anyone is interested in reading any more eruri fics you can check out my fic rec page here or my fic rec list from earlier on in the year here


I am open for commissions! Here is a short list of my pricing. Payment via paypal invoice only!

Also available: Lineless, shaded sketches, and palette commissions. Ask for pricing.

Prices vary based on how many individuals and complexity in the scene. Each additional character per scene 50% off!

For OC’s I will need references and may ask for more information. I reserve the right to refuse commissions as well.

For any additional questions please send me a tumblr ask or email me at Doodles954 [at] msn.com