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Let’s say someone comes up to you and says you have one film left. You have to work with one director and one actor and one actress. Who would it be?

Here we are, Chapter 2

Here ya go @atomi-cat and everyone else that’s reading this! Enjoy! :)

Jack’s smile soon disappeared as he rushed along, not wanting waste more time. He had lied to his friends. They didn’t hang out with Sans and Papyrus in the land of the Dead. They would hang out at Sans’ favorite bar, Grillby’s afterhours just so that the owner didn’t think Sans was adding more to his tab and losing him even more money. He sighed. He was just lucky Sans had gone along with it. Now, if he could just get the others to land of the Living and get Sans to bring Frisk… things could get interesting. That idea grew in Jack’s head and it almost consumed him. It was exciting. He had a feeling one certain hot-head would like this little human. He giggled at his own joke. Hot-head.

         It was the day that Jack had been waiting for. He had coordinated with Sans and Papyrus, and they were going to bring Frisk. He and Manny were the first two at Grillby’s. Next, came Manolo. Then Brook. Next was Lewis and Daniel. And finally, the two skelebros and their… where was she? “Sup guys?”

         “Hello, Sans!” Brook greeted him, cheerful as usual.

         Sans immediately drew attention off of himself, “Hey guys, listen.” Everyone got ‘dead’ silent. “We brought someone with us today.”

         “Ok, yeah, so?” Lewis sounded annoyed already.

         “Well if you’re gonna act so nonchalant about the whole thing I might as well show you guys who she is now. Her name is Frisk.” He snapped his fingers and the girl from yesterday appeared next to him. She looked around for a moment, looked at them, turned to Sans, and asked:

         “Sans, who are these guys?”

         Sans began to point, “Manolo, Brook, Manny, Jack,”

         “I already know who Jack is, dummy.” She rolled her eyes. Sans laughed and continued.

         “Daniel, and Lewis.” Sans finished, but then added, “just be careful how often you use puns. Me and Brook love ‘em, and everyone else except Lewis and Pap can take ‘em in small amounts. Pap you know doesn’t like puns, but Lewis takes that to an extreme level almost.”

         Frisk looked confused, “It can’t be too bad… can it?”

         Daniel, despite having no lower jaw, burst into laughter, “yh rght. G hed, try.”

         Lewis’ hair, which was made of fire, flared up slightly as he glared at Daniel. “Oh I won’t just try. I’ll make loads of puns, and I’ll nail ‘em. Y’know why? Because I’m a natural-BONE comedian!”

         Sans hugged Frisk extra tight while Brook laughed and shouted “Skull Joke!” and gave her a high five when Sans let her go.

         “Oh Dios mío…” Manny already knew this girl would make things a lot more interesting.

         “You done?” Lewis spoke again. Frisk nodded. “Thank god. And hey, if you’re gonna-what the?! Deadbeats! Get back here!” the three pink ghosts headed straight for Frisk and seemed interested as to why she was here.

         “Hi!” Frisk began to talk to them, and they chirped right back. “What are you?”

         “They’re my Deadbeats. Can I have them back?” Lewis was now standing with his arms crossed.

         “But they’re so cute!” Frisk was smiling and the pink ghosts smiled right back, chirping and investigating her, acting particularly interesting in the locket around her neck, with it being shiny.

         “Wowie, human! They really seem to like you! I wonder why?” Papyrus began to think about it, like it was a puzzle that needed to be solved.

         “I dunno Pap,” Frisk turned to Lewis, “Do you know?”

         Lewis just stared for a moment, looking at this adorable little girl messing around with his pink ghost… companions of sorts, and it was just… adorable. “Um… Lewis…? You okay?” he heard Sans talking. “Lewis~ Kid, I think ya broke Lewis. Or, there’s another theory I have. I think he might’ve ‘overheated’.” He began snickering.

         Lewis broke out of his trance and glared at Sans, “I can’t overheat Sans, I’m dead. And, that was terrible.”

         “All my puns are tear-ible. Like paper.” Sans began laughing harder, and Lewis fired up some more.

         “Sans, I would stop.” Frisk poked Sans.

         “Why, kid? I’m on a roll.” Sans could barely contain his laughter.

         “Sans-” Frisk began. But it was too late.

         Finally, Lewis had burst and aimed magenta flames straight at Sans, but they were stopped. Frisk had put up a red energy shield with her determination and protected her brother. “Not today, sucker.” She disarmed the shield and stared at Lewis, the deadbeats behind her.

         “How did you-? What the-?” Lewis was confused.

         “Determination, that’s how.”


         “My soul, ya dope.” Frisk summoned her ruby red soul, “This is what created that shield.” She made her soul vanish again. “It’s also what helped me free those two.” She pointed at Sans and Papyrus.

         “Human… do you think we should go home? Haven’t we caused enough trouble?” Papyrus asked nervously, eyeing Lewis.

         “Really Papyrus? One accident and you’re asking her if she wants to go home? Stay awhile. You just got here, what? Ten minutes ago?” Manny stopped Papyrus.

         “Alright… I guess we could stay a bit longer.” Papyrus stopped staring at Lewis and relaxed, slightly.

         “Just… try not to make more puns, alright Sans?” Manolo spoke for the first time tonight. “At least, not around Lewis, okay?” Sans nodded and everyone seemed to relax, now that he had agreed to let Lewis ‘cool down’ a bit. Jack figured this was how it would go. Maybe without the fiery violence, but otherwise, it was accurate. All was well. For now.