oops heres a better editted version

Hwasa Compilation
Hwasa Compilation

Hwasa Compilation

just a short compilation full of her singing and rapping

  1. words don’t come easy
  2. taller than you (1cm)
  3. hometown
  4. ahh oop!
  5. words don’t come easy

i’ll make a longer one later, but for now here is a quick one pls excuse my editing skills i’ll make it better I promise

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Ssamba’s Blog Entry 7/30/16

Hello. This is Ssamba. ^^
Have you visited Comico? For the first time in a long while, I drew an illustration.

Like this heh
I would like to thank Comico for arranging a “Specials” section~
Having not drawn for quite a few months, I found it hard at first. And the tablet pen felt awkward too…
But as I kept on drawing, I slowly started getting the hang of it again. How interesting hehe
There were days where I wanted to draw very badly, but somehow I couldn’t even pick up my pen. I guess “I felt scared” would be the best way to put it
However, a chance to draw appeared right out of the blue, so I settled down and got started on a project. (t/n: “Project/job” = This illustration)
I wasn’t able to sit down at the computer for too long, so it took me 4 days to complete my project.

These days I’m doing well. ^^
Currently, my body is adjusting little by little.
Of course I underwent treatment at the hospital, but I believe that this may have all been possible because of everyone’s support and prayers.
When I think about how now I feel like I can live, I really do believe that’s what happened.
I am always thankful for you guys.
The only thing I could do for everyone was to draw something, so I put in as much effort as possible.
I want to draw a lot more, but unfortunately it’s still hard for me..
When I become a bit better, I want to frequently greet everyone with some light drawings.
You guys understand my feelings, right? ^^
Well then, see you guys next time~ Bye~


I drew this in celebration of “The Handmaiden” VOD release (?) heh
I was just uncertain about when I’ll be able to open up Photoshop again after drawing all this ㅠㅠ Here is a Seol-Rae version ^^;
But I heard the Extended-Cut edition will be coming out in August, so I haven’t bought the VOD yet..My internal struggle..
In any case, yuri is great as always b (t/n: b=thumbs up)