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i made an OC for spencer his name is isaiah and he’s a cute lil dork and im basing his looks off of this guy (patrik franksson)

i love him and so does spencer so please be nice to him

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Psst psst, have you considered writing Tony with wings, having to fly out of Siberia despite being all battered up. Because the suit is down, and there's no other way out. Also this is not Alex. Shhhh

Oh my god Alex. I love you boo

Tony hadn’t flown in… Well, years. There was a reason he couldn’t fly out of Afghanistan. He loved flying in the suit, but honestly, it wasn’t the same. 

Now, he didn’t have a choice. He didn’t even know if his wings would carry him, but it was all he had, so he had to try. Getting out of the suit had taken far too long, and even without the arc reactor in his chest hypothermia set in faster for him than for others due to his poor circulation. It was only a matter of time. 

Not to mention the blood loss. Yeah, he shouldn’t mention that. He probably shouldn’t think about it either. 

Things couldn’t get much worse. 

He had to wonder, only for a moment, if he really deserved this. To be left in a strange land, with no help, and dying. No really, dying. Steve didn’t think that his shield had done no damage, did he? Did they think that he had backup coming? But he told them he had come alone, hadn’t he. They knew. 

He probably did deserve this. 

He couldn’t help shuddering. He hadn’t changed, so he was in a torn and bloodied suit, in the middle of Siberia, and it was cold. Everything was cold. He felt numb. Could he even remember the last time he hadn’t? 

He stripped off his coat and shirt, looking down at the mesmerizing wolf’s bane bruises blooming across his chest and freeing his wings, shaking them away from his back and shivering violently in the freezing air. He probably wouldn’t make it. He probably wouldn’t even make it off the ground. Even if he did make it off the ground, it was miles and miles before he could sleep – over 5,000 miles his brain whispered to him, cloying in his ear. You won’t make it. You won’t even make it out of Russia and into the ocean. You’ll die and no one will be here and no one will notice and no one will care. He looked at his wings – they were damaged, broken, and had been since he could remember. Feathers missing, falling out, scars littering them. The voice in his head was probably right. The odds were low, too low. It was the only thing he could do, though. 

So he shivered, took two steps back, three steps forward, and fell, dropped right off the edge of the cliff in front of him and snapped his wings open in the wind. If he ignored the freezing chill rushing past him and the pain that burned in his back and wings from the force of it, he could almost pretend he was in the suit, going for a stroll. But he couldn’t ignore it. 

Everything was numb. He knew it should hurt. It had hurt when he had been hit, but it didn’t hurt anymore. He couldn’t feel anything but the stinging of the wind in his eyes. 

He flew. 

He flew for hours, he was sure. And while he flew, he cried. 

He cried for everything that had been lost. For the mothers, the children, the fathers, the people who had died because of him. For his mother, his father, for Peggy and for the fact that he could not attend, did not know about, her funeral. He cried for Pepper, for all she had sacrificed because of him. For Rhodey, for Yinsen. For Obie, and his betrayal, and the love Tony thought he had in the man. For Steve; his friends. Not his friends. Had they ever been his friends? Maybe they hadn’t. He didn’t know anymore. He couldn’t think. 

He cried, tears streaming down his face and blood streaming from his wings. He wouldn’t make it. He wouldn’t make it. He had to try, but he wouldn’t make it. He was over the ocean now. They wouldn’t find his body. The suit would be left – he had left the suit. Pepper and Rhodey would take care of that. They wouldn’t let anyone take the suit. They knew how important it was. 

He was amazed when he saw land. When he saw his tower, rising above everything else. He shouldn’t have made it. He shouldn’t have made it. It was impossible, statistically impossible, not just improbable – there was no chance he would’ve made it. He shouldn’t have made it. 

But he did. 

He stumbled through the doors of the hospital where he knew Rhodey was, blindly pushing past nurses, doctors, Peter, doorways, until he found the room, the room with Rhodey listening to Pepper rant, with Happy trying not to cry. He fell to his knees as they looked, moving numb lips and numb thoughts. 

“They’re gone,” he breathed. “They’re gone.” 

And he heard silence. 


Limitless - 1x14 - Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture

“Zoltar says…you’re all the murderer! Actually, no, I programmed it to say that, but sit tight. You’re all under arrest and stuff.”

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so im just curious but do you have any favourite characters to write for?

oh man, haha, i’m not sure which characters to chose from  (•_•) i guess favorites in general equates to liking writing for them, so uhhh i guess if i had to chose my favorites they would be:

kawamura takashi (i love him so much he’s so pure)
fuji shuusuke/yuuta (i love fuji teasing his younger brother)
yukimura seiichi (maybe i like characters who mercilessly tease their friends)
sanada genichirou (the ‘definitely-not-a-30-year-old-man’)
tezuka kunimitsu (the dinosaur killer, of course)

there are a few others that i don’t mind writing for, since their personalities aren’t too difficult to get (kiyosumi sengoku, for example) but i guess these characters would be my favorites to write for and favorites in general, haha.


Ok so everyone’s already covered the “Not Alone” scene left right upside-down & sideways, so I scrapped that idea for myself. Honestly there are a LOT of really memorable scenes, pieces in the story that really took me and put me IN the world of FFIX, that pulled at my heartstrings and everything else, even amusing ones that put me into laughing fits. I really  do NOT have an easy time picking favorites on this one. But today, I’m going with a very— very OBSCURE scene.

With Dagger & Steiner, when I visited Treno for the first time ever, I did NOT expect “ALLEYWAY JACK” to show up again. I also didn’t expect to have to REACT in an ATE. When I first started playing FFIX, before this scene, I thought ATEs were just scenes to be selected just for the sake of character, world & story development. And while I was right that they were there for that, I didn’t realize until THIS scene that they built on interactions with COMPLETELY OBSOLETE, UNIMPORTANT CHARACTERS. (No I didn’t even realize that in Dali with the innkeeper. It just didn’t click for some reason.) This was really freaking SWEET to me. I also didn’t realize until that moment that ATEs had consequences and branching scenarios depending on the player’s actions. So it was a real treat realizing that I could get two different outcomes from Dagger’s run-in with the Four-Armed Man.

Doubly so, I realized in that series of scenes that I was going to get MORE of that guy. How pleased was I. I was very pleased.
All-in-all, I choose Treno Tradition (and the following subsequent ATEs & scenes) as my CURRENT favorite, because it was so well-executed and involving and it helped me to love love LOVE a character that just did not matter to the overall plot.

“Lifted next to my unknowing boyfriend” haul

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Total: 34$

Sidenote: Target card sections in this area are such a good blindspot, not to mention i secretly used my boyfriend as extra protection without him knowing (oops, he doesnt like me lifting lmao) And E1F is my FAVORITE makeup brand of all time??? For people who dont lift can buy affordable makeup that works sooo well.
(Highly recommend the bronzer palette, its as creamy as my Anastasia)


1/30 caps of Hansen Family Angst


joshua birthday countdown d-5 // you are my everything
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“You don’t belong here”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
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