oops guess you have to take me home

Chapter 6: Shoulder To Lean On.


Getting out of my car head first,  I made sure to keep the roses in my hand. 

When I came from the park,  I decided that I should apologize to her now. If she don’t want listen then I’ma just fall back.  Simple as that.

Unlocking the door with the spare key under the mat,  I let myself in.  The first thing I heard were voices,  and it wasnt Raymond or Cassie’s. They left. 

Making my way to the living room,  I stopped once I saw Raye kissing

“Damn Raye,  it’s like that?” I asked,  dropping my flowers.

They both looked back,  and August smirked while Raye looked like she was about to cry. 

“Chris you cant get ma—” I cut her off. 

“Nah,  it’s cool.” I admitted,  putting my hands up in defense. 

When I turned around to leave,  she tried to run after me and grab my arm,  but I snatched it away. 

“Don’t fucking touch me, bitch!” I snapped,  not giving a fuck what came out my mouth. 

“You got one more time to call me out my name!” She called out,  as I was already outside getting in my car. 

I wasn’t about to play with her right now,  cause whatever she says is gonna piss me off,  which is gonna lead to me beating her ass. 

I just don’t get her,  though.  She wasn’t cuddling with me last night for no damn reason.  But I dont know,  maybe I’m tripping.  I bet I sound like drake,  so let me stop. 

But I just can’t get over the fact that she fucking with August.  I hope he does her wrong as hell,  so I can laugh in her fucking face.  I don’t care no more.  Fuck August and fuck her. 

Nae is all I care about right now.  August hurt her once,  but he not gone do it again.  Best believe that. 

I think that’s why she’s so damn nice,  because she doesn’t want anybody treating her like August did. 

Speaking of her,  I forgot she was in the front seat.  She was quiet as hell.  I asked her to go with me,  plus she wasn’t doing shit anyway. 
“Wassup with you?” I asked,  putting my hand on her thigh. 

She looked over at me and shrugged.  “Nothing,  Raye is just pissing me off. I feel sorry for her, ya know?  That’s my friend,  and I don’t wanna see her get hurt,  but she doesn’t want to listen.” I sighed,  and nodded. 

“Yea,  but I’m done with her.  That’s ya friend,  I dont wanna talk about her no more.”

“Okay,  well what do you wanna talk about bestie?” She giggled. 

“Ion know,  wanna go to I-HOP?” I asked, already knowing her answer.  Her eyes almost popped put of her damn head. 

“YES,  YES,  YES!” She screamed,  kissing me on my cheek. 

“Alright,  chill.” I chuckled,  as I started up the car.  We bout to have a blast,  cause we both play entirely too damn much. 


“I just don’t understand why he’s mad, like if anything I should be the mad one.” Raye ranted, causing me to smack my lips. She wouldn’t stop talking about Chris ever since he stormed out, cause he was salty.

“Raye, don’t even trip over him, ya heard?” She looked at me, and nodded.

“You’re right. I’m sorry.. I bet you’re tired of hearing me talk about him. I’ma shutup.” She chuckled.

“Thank god, you was being aggy as fuck.” I blurted out, making her smack her suck her teeth.

“Yo, you have no filter!” She giggled, making me smile. She had a cute lil’ baby laugh. It would make you laugh.

“My bad, I just be saying what ever the fuck that pops up in my head.” I laughed, and she shook her head.

“Wanna watch a movie in my room?” I side-eyed her.

“You foreal, or you just wanna fuck? Cause you can just ask.”  She playfully hit me in my chest, and laughed. She forever hitting me. Grown ass older than me, hitting on me like I’m her child.

“No silly, I was serious.”

“Why it gotta be in your room then? Why cant it be in here? You just wann—” She cut me off.

“Hoe Shut The Fuck Up!” She yelled imitating Big Sean, clearly frustrated making me chuckle. She was mad.

“Alright, fine come on.” She grabbed my hand, and lead me up to her room. Shutting the door, she went over to where the movies were. She wasn’t playing about watching a movie. Kicking my shoes off, Iaid back on her bed with my hands behind her head.

“What movie you wanna watch?”

“Ion’ care.” I shrugged. She looked at me, then went back to scanning through the movies.

“Well we can watch Finding Nemo.” She cheesed, causing me to suck my teeth. Nobody wanna watch a kiddy ass movie. Keeping my mouth shut because I knew she would get mad if I said something smart,  I rose her blanket up before getting under it. Taking my shirt off, I flung it across the room before getting comfortable again.

“I guess you comfortable?” She smirked, pulling a night gown over her body.  Damn,  I should’ve looked before.  She wasn’t gonna show me shit,  anyways.  She aint like that.  I need to just go to sleep,  because I’m not about to watch this movie.  Turning over on my stomach, I was on the verge of falling asleep. I don’t know why I was so tired today. I aint do shit, but come over here.

“You going to sleep already?” I heard Raye ask, as she climbed on top on my back. I could sense the frown in her voice.

“You want me to stay up?” I mumbled into the pillow. Her bed was soft as hell,  and all I wanted to do was lay here and go to sleep,  but if she wants me to stay up,  I will. 

“Well, yea.”

“Get your big ass up, then.” She sucked her teeth, and pushed my head further into the pillow.

“Say something smart now!” She laughed, while I didn’t find this funy at all. She was suffocating me. 

“Move, woman.” She moved her hand, and scooted to the other side of the bed. Sitting up, I rubbed the back of my neck and mugged her.

“Just for that, I’m going back to sleep.” I attempted to turn back on my side,  but she pulled me back. 

“Noooo,  I’m sorry!” Ignoring her,  I just laid on my back and watched as the movie played.  I wasn’t listening to this shit,  I was just staring at the tv. 

Turning my head to look over at her,  she didnt take her eyes off of the tv.  Admiring her beauty,  I smiled.  She was truly beautiful.  I see why Chris trippin’ over her.  What nigga wouldn’t?

Grabbing my phone off of my chest,  I snapped a picture of her forgetting that the flash was on. 

“Are you taking pictures of me?” She asked as I was editing them,  before posting them to instagram.

augustalsina: @rayeisbae ;)

Locking my phone,  I sat it on the dresser and put my attention back on Raye. 

“I’m going to sleep,  fuck whatever you talm’ bout.” I mumbled, before snatching the blanket off of her, making her laugh.

I loved doing that.


Running my hands through my now straight hair, I put it in a ponytail. It took me all morning to straighten and it ended up being hot as hell at school today.

“I’ll see you later, alright?” August asked, leaning against my locker, being the cocky nigga he was.

“Please stop, because you aren’t cute.” I lied, causing him to take a step back and scrunch up his face. See? He’s cocky, and he knows it. He knows he’s fine, and nobody couldn’t tell him otherwise.

“Give me my stick back, I need it.” Before I could even get a word out, he grabbed my bad out of my locker, and snatched his hookah stick out of it. That’s him that’s gonna get in trouble. Don’t even know why he needs it, he got high this morning.

“You just don’t care.” I said. He shrugged and side eyed me, before looking at my outfit.

“I know that my clothes you got on, but it’s all good.” He said, referring to the wife beater and sweats that I had on. I didn’t think he would notice.

“Well, I didn’t know you were gonna find out. You call me fat all the time because you’re mad skinny, but tell me why I can fit this, though?” I admitted, leaving him speechless. Yea, that’s what I thought.

“Man, those just in a bigger size, but whatever hit me up later.” He said before giving me a hug, then leaving. Now I smelt just like him.

Grabbing my books out of my locker, I closed it back before walking to class. When I first got in there, my eyes landed on Chris who had his head down. Surprisingly, he sat in the front today, or he probably got moved.

Making my way to the back, Ty looked at me and smiled. Good to see that he’s not salty anymore. “You got a perm?” He asked, touching my hair as I sat in front of him. Nae and I chuckled at the same time, causing me to look back at her and wave.

“No man, I just straightened it out.”

“Well, you look better, you should keep it like that.” I sucked my teeth, and put my hand over my chest, pretending to be hurt.

“So I look ugly any other d—” I was cut off by the teacher.

“Okay Raye and Michael, could you please be quiet?” He sighed. rolling his eyes, making Ty and I suck our teeth. Chris looked back, and rolled his eyes once he noticed it was me.

Mugging him, he did the same before turning back around. “Raye and Chris.” The teacher called out, before calling other people’s name.

“What’s he talking about?” I panicked, asking Ty. I wasn’t listening to the teacher.

“You gotta tutor his dumbass for a test.” I sighed, and looked towards the front, noticing Chris smirk at me. He better not try no shit, cause I will beat his ass this time.

Pushing the thought of us working together away, I copied down the notes that the teacher wrote for us to study. Feeling my phone vibrate in my lap, I looked at the teacher before grabbing it. Unlocking the screen, it was a text from August.

August:) : I got suspended -_- can u believe dat?

Me: Oop, you gonna miss that test. I told your bad ass to not use that hookah.

August:) : u know I wasn’t gonna listen, but you want me to take you home today?

I thought about it, and I guess he didn’t have to take m home today. I could walk, it wasn’t that far. I really wanted to go back to Nae’s house, because I’m tired of being at Raymond’s house.

Me: No, ill walk.

August:) : k, be safe.

Smiling, I put my phone away, and looked around the classroom. Everyone was gone.

“Yea Raye, you was too busy texting to notice that the bell rang. I’m gone take your phone, cause I like you.” Mr. Jackson chuckled. Grabbing my stuff, I got up, and walked to the door.

“No you don’t, you set me up with Chris."  I said, before leaving. As soon as I walked out, there stood Chris trying to get someone’s number. Rolling my eyes, I started to walk away, but he pulled me back.


“Don’t get a fucking attitude with me, I was just gone ask when do you want me to come over.” Chuckling, I snatched my hand away from him.

“I’m not helping you with shit, so you better go ask Nae or Ty.” I said, turning to walk away.  He sucked his teeth, and followed me.

“You gone fucking help me,  and you better stop talking to me like that. Just be at Raymond’s house,  damn.  Always gotta be difficult.” He spat,  before walking away. I chuckled at him thinking he could tell me what to do. 

I hope his stupid ass fails the test. 

“Yo,  quit bullshitting and help me!” He snapped.  I don’t know why he’s getting mad.  I warned him already,  but he decided to waist his gas and time to come over here. 

“Leave me alone..” I mumbled loud enough for him to hear.  I was too busy texting August about how much Chris was agitating me.

Snatching my phone out of my hand,  he sat it on the dresser. 

“Now will you listen!” I sucked my teeth,  and stood up.  Reaching for my phone,  he slapped my hand away. 

“Look,  you need to fall the fuck back and fuck off.  I told you I wasn’t helping you, dumb fuck. So go ahead and leave already. ” I spat. 

Kicking my shoes off,  I sat back on my bed.  Thanks to Chris,  I couldn’t lay on my back. 

“Who you talking to like that?”

“YOU!” I yelled. 

“Look,  you aint gotta get a stank ass attitude. I’m not trying to fail my test.  After we study,  I will gladly leave you the fuck alone.” He said,  calmly. 

“I don’t care. I’m so serious about not helping you.” I chuckled. 

“WILL YOU STOP FUCKING PLAYING?!” He yelled out of frustration.  Sighing,  I stood up and walked over to him. 

“The fuck do you want from me?  You’ve bullied me enough,  I don’t want anything to do with you!  Do you not understand that?  God,  every time something good happens to me,  here comes your stupid ass messing with me!  Leave me the fuck alone and stay away from me!” I yelled in his face.  He clenched his jaw,  and looked down at me. 

“Man fuck you.  I dont even fucking care no more.  August got you actin’ like a straight bitch.” He spat, going for the door.

“Watch your mouth.” I warned,  making him turn around and chuckle. 

“Bitch,  bitch,  bitch!  You’re a fucking hoe too.  Was just cuddled up with me 2 nights ago and last night you was cuddled up with August? Hoes man.” He cackled,  making me clench my jaw.  That shit low-key hurt my feelings,  but I wasn’t gonna show that it did. 

“Alright,  Chris.”

“I bet you fucked him too,  you and this room smell like him.  And his clothes sitting right there?  Nasty ass bitch.” And that’s all it took for me to clock the fuck outta him.  That got his ass to shut up. 

Turning to walk away,  I felt something being thrown at my back making me stumble forward. My shit was on fire now.  It was already fucked up,  but he made it worse.

“Bitch done fucking broke my nose.” He mumbled to himself,  storming out of my room. 

“Why you throwing shit like a little bitch?!” I yelled. 

“Shut the fuck up!” he yelled from downstairs,  while the door slammed afterwards. 

I was officially fucking done with Chris.  I’m taking August’ advice and staying the fuck away from his fuck ass. 

Grabbing my phone,  I decided to shoot him a text. 

Me:  Don’t come back fuck boy. 

Throwing my phone on the bed,  I walked in the bathroom and took my shirt off.  Observing my back through the mirror,  I frowned when I noticed that my shit was just red as hell.  Then some cuts started bleeding again,  because niggas decided to start throwing shit. 

Taking the bandages off,  I began cleaning them. 

“What’s that shit you was talking?!” I heard Chris ask as he barged through the bathroom door,  locking it behind him. 

“I said don’t fuckin’ come back.  Leave before I call August.” I threatened,  making him laugh loudly. 

“Bitch you think I’m scared of him?  Call him,  matter of fact give me the number,  I’ll call him myself. Got me fucked up.  Think you the shit just cause you got a new nigga,  fuck outta here.  I hope he beats your stupid ass up like he di—” he cut himself off. 

“Know what?  I’m not even gone say shit.  Ima just let you be dumb as fuck.  Nae and I are trying to warn you,  but you don’t wanna listen.  And I’m the dumb fuck?  Dont call me or Nae when that nigga does you wrong as hell,  cause ima laugh in your ugly ass face.  I’m out.” He explained,  before unlocking the door and leaving again. 

I had nothing to say. 

I’m not gonna listen to Chris or Nae,  because they don’t know what they’re talking about.  They’re probably making it up. 

August hasn’t given me a reason not to trust him and think he’s sneaky,  so why can’t I hang around him? 

Bur if it’s Chris who constantly calls me out of my name,  throws shit at me, and put his hands on me, nobody says shit. 

That’s not fair, so I’m gonna keep hanging around August.  I love Nae and all,  but fuck what she says. 

Besides,  they must dont want to see me happy,  because thats exactly what August does.  He makes me happy.  Every time I’m with him,  I smile.  He makes me feel so good,  so I’m not cutting him off at all. 

Nae and Chris need to just chill. 

I walked out of my restroom, and grabbed my phone from the dresser,  texting August. 

Me:  can you come pick me up?

August:)  : and take you where? 

Me:  idc

August:)  : okay, get dressed ima take you out.

Me:  omg fr?  but okay

Immediately going to my closet,  I scanned for something with a smile on my face. 

See what I meant?  He def makes me happy.  I didn’t even have to ask. So fuck what Chris and Nae are saying.

I’m starting to think that they don’t want to see me happy…