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Okay, is no one going to talk about the fact that Kit (and possibly Emilia) has been shipping Jonerys probably since 2012 (remember that lovely Rolling Stone shoot, wink wonk)? He even stated that he'd marry Dany in a kill, marry, betray question. Kit Harington is the biggest Jonerys stan and he's president of the fan club. God freaking bless.

I know! I love it. I’ve been obsessed with this for some time and made gifs basically any time they discussed it haha. They both ship it. 

Even Sophie Turner ships it. 

Idk it just makes me so happy to think that while portraying this on screen we know that they are behind the plot and like it, and just fit so well together. It’s perfect. Blessed indeed. 

Lmao dat shitty graphic

Soooooo, because I hit another awesome follower milestone I want to thank you all guys with a follow forever (and later an icon set). I have a lovely time here on tumblr even though I don’t chat that much with other people because I’m not that talkaktive so yeah here it is, my follow forever wooo


italicized are mutuals

bolded are favourite blogs

and both are cosidered as friends/really cool people that I don’t deserve


everyone is awesome here and everyone too ♥

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Phew, alright if I forgot someone who thinks he/she should be on this list (because it’s nothing special alright, I wish I could pack all of u on there but I’m too lazy because there are like 400 awesome blogs)you can send me a hint (even anonym) and I’ll add you to the list, alright? And no one has to know that you asked me (so that you feel comfortable, I won’t judge you or shit like this, I’m kinda forgetful sometimes tho)

(Oh and maybe I italicized someone wrong, just message me then)

hi guys! i hit a little follower milestone here ( by little, i do mean very little! ), so i’m going to go ahead and list out a few blogs that i’ve really enjoyed following these past few months.(: some of you i’ve followed since i’ve first known you, others only recently. some of you know me from @oftarth, and some of you have no idea who i am. either way, love you – much love. xox 

thanks to everyone who’s taken interested here. i throw all sorts of stuff on this blog, so it’s humbling to know there are others who are willing to endure that on their dashes.

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The year has come to an end, so I felt like making my first Follow Forever! (with a slightly late Christmas theme).

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