oops forgot to post these yesterday


26.01.17 | 4%

oops forgot to upload yesterday bc i accidentally took a four hour nap ;;; today’s post is this month’s bullet journal spreads as a goodbye to january! (also bc i haven’t done much aesthetically pleasing wok over the past couple days)

this month’s aesthetic was grey and i’m really pleased with all these spreads! i’ve also started tracking the amount of sleep i get each night as well as my savings which has made me so much more aware of my own habits

My FFXIV acrylic charms arrived in the mail last week!!!

I’m so excited to sell these online and at cons! I’ll have them at Otakuthon this weekend (table I-449) and after the con I’ll be putting up a tictail store!


#256 Combusken

Day 25 is Combusken! I had to have it sitting down because it can’t stand on its little chicken feet. I might look into getting some wire for some of these crochets so I can pose them and have them stand upright more easily!

Oops ! Yesterday was May the 17th, and I did this drawing because it is the anti homophobia day … and I totally forgot to post it here ^^’
Anyway these two girls are Nightingale and Meredith, two of my ocs, and they are in couple :3