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Ok. Here’s a cute thought! Imagine Sidon meeting Link’s horse for the first time. Honestly, I believe Zora don’t really see horses just for the fact that it’s downright impossible for one to wander near Zora’s domain because of the rocky paths being too steep to climb. He isn’t sure how to act around one and they’re big animals! Link would just laugh and show Sidon how to pet the mane and stroke its side. And then he dumps a whole lot of carrots and apples in Sidon’s arms and gestures for Sidon to feed the horse.

The horse can sense how nervous Sidon is and shows signs of its own nervousness, but it trusts Link and reaches for the closest apple it can find. Sidon watches apprehensively as the horse eats from his hands and after its finished with the apple, it goes for another apple, and then for a carrot…rinse and repeat. [[The horse takes after Link appetite wise, ok?]]

So he gets more and more comfortable and even reaches out to give gentle scratches behind the horse’s ears and just showers it in compliments. So after a few more meetings, the horse just LOVES Sidon and loves getting attention from him. It has a certain whinny it greets Sidon with and soon enough Sidon is relaxed enough to affectionately braid the horse’s mane and have brief conversations with it. “Oh, look at you. Link’s lucky to have such a brave steed to ride!”

Link just can’t help but to admire his fishman bf get along so swell with his sole animal companion and it’s a great feeling!


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 for Lexi @organasoloskywalker. UNENDING HATE <3


By CaptainHoney, with art by @babyboybuckybarnes for @capreversebb

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There’s a new guy at the skate park. He doesn’t bring a board, just sort of sits on the outskirts and watches. I feel his eyes on me.

The cute guy at the skate park has just completely stacked it again.

Bucky and Steve are a couple of New York punks just looking to fall in love and kick the Trump supporters out of their local scene.


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2: When you unscrew the top of the bottle this appears!  For all you cheeky motherfuckers out there 💕There’s also a clear panel on the back so you can see the perfume liquid. featuring the words “happy ” when it’s full, “running low” when it’s in the middle, and “dead” when you can’t see the perfume anymore. The perfume is white like milk aswell!!🍼 And it smells like the yummiest most nostalgic treat!!! 💕🎂 💕🎂pre-order Link in bio💕

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Hello all, it's me, cat anon. It's come to my attention that you've all been fighting nasty trolls. I'm sorry about that. I wish I had some cats to cheer you up but I've been too involved in real life crap to dig up any new cat-related things. However, I just want you all to know I'm thinking of you and sending you happy cat vibes and bunny and puppy vibes too. Take care and hopefully next time, I come bearing new cat photos! In the meantime, Simon's Cat always cheers me up. :)

oops, forgot to link to my favorite Simon’s Cat video: youtube(.)com/watch?v=YB90NjT51gg

Thanks, Anon. We love cats, dogs, rainbows, unicorns, and other pretty stuff.

Alice 🐇🌈🦄🐱🐶🦄🌺🌼🌕💫