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@Saito_Shuka: I visited Sega Collabo Cafe ♡♡
I scribbled in a lot of different places, so be sure to look for all my autographs, okay? ( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝) Photos of Saitou. You-chan too!
Pointing at You-chan. I tried too hard in that pic. And then. Glancing at You-chan.

you can’t fuck monkey d. luffy. what the fuck , buddy. what makes you think this hyperactive lil shit is gonna sit still long enough for you to sit on his dick. like hey buddy , if you get him to fck you , go ahead, cant stop ya, but its hopeless my guy. he just wont do it , theres nothin in it for him , he’ll just get up , run away , dick floppin in the wind  goin on an adventure , . just give it up, my man.

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