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My friend asked me to show them how to draw a male body. They promised me to draw at least 3 bodies after that (I’m watching you).

So I’m showng my way. The most important is to make the parts the right size and location, I always have to fix a lot in my sketches.

As you see, I use ovals to draw the limbs, that’s why it’s reeeeally hard for me to draw skinny people… Only muscular or plump people are ok. I think I should draw plump people more often, they‘re such a pleasure to draw~

Upd: fixed a couple things, gosh I should’ve waited a little before posting.

daily--hoopa  asked:


Almandine Spinel the Hoopancie~

Nicknames: Alma, Almand

Gender and pronouns: Up to you, my man~

Additional Info:

★ Carries a foam sword to imitate their mom

★ Got into Mommy’s makeup kit and drew a line on their eye to look more like their dad

★ Yes, Mahenge did give Julio a black eye


original meme: http://shadowscarknight.tumblr.com/post/91983216024/hoo-okay-now-that-i-have-a-brand-spanking-new

Because I love @fantakoi ’s Ghost Lights on Tapas (oops, forgot the s on the pic) and wanted to practice coloring hair without messing it up one last time tonight. Little Noah is precious and should be protected at all times. I absolutely adore Ghost Lights and couldn’t resist drawing him as a kid. You should all check it out, you won’t regret it.

A quick 3x03 Coliver coda… (thanks to @wordsputtopaper​ for being amazing as always and giving me a starting point) - ao3

“So…” Asher let the word drag out as he turned in the passenger’s seat to face Connor. “Wanna talk about it?” 

They’d just finished dropping Oliver off in front of his building and it had taken more effort than Connor cared to admit to just drive away after Oliver shut the car door. Sitting and waiting, watching to make sure Oliver got in the building safely, that was something people did for children and they were all adults in this car. 

I want you to act like an adult.

The words whispered through Connor’s mind again and he gripped the steering wheel tighter. He tried to focus on navigating the left turn and told his mind to shut the fuck up.

“Yo, Walsh,” Asher prompted but Connor didn’t take his eyes off the road, didn’t acknowledge he heard Asher at all. “Come on, don’t be like that, Boo.” Asher put a hand on Connor’s shoulder and Connor started in his seat. 


Connor threw the word out like a bite, a slap, and Asher raised an eyebrow. He subtly turned in his seat to catch Michaela’s eye in the back. Touchy tonight. 

“Sorry, man,” Asher said cautiously. “Didn’t mean to scare.” He settled back in his seat. “Just wanted to know if there was anything you wanted to share with the group.” 

Connor suppressed an eye roll and focused on changing lanes. “What are you talking about?” 

Another look was shot back to Michaela before Asher answered. Really? Walsh was going to ignore the suffocating tension radiating between him and Oliver. “You and the O-Man.” Connor didn’t say a word. “You two fight or something?” 

Connor’s expression didn’t change. His eyes remained flat, his lips a thin line. “Or something,” he muttered after a beat and hoped the subject was dropped. 

Because he and Oliver hadn’t fought. They hadn’t really done anything. They’d talked. They’d had a discussion. Adults had discussions. 

I want you to act like an adult.

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Owari Ch 37 Translation Part 1

rough translation this is my first time doing this so yoroshiku, please excuse any errors and feel free to point them out! I tried to translate most things directly but it’s kind hard haha

part 2 over here

Chapter Title: Family and Monster

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