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a theory...about Shiro’s hair

ok everyone’s probably had enough of my crack theories, but…. I haven’t seen this one before and just …. listen. I have a bit of a theory about Shiro’s lil tuft of white hair. 

hmmm….oops I got distracted for a second

It ties into the theories that Haggar is actually Altean [x] [x] (this is relevant, I promise). The main reason behind these theories seems to be: 1) she has really powerful magic similar to Allura’s, 2) we haven’t seen her ears at all, so they might be pointy, 3) she has white hair like Allura’s and Alfor’s

…. *coughs* and Shiro’s.

Now, it’s pretty widely-accepted fanon that part of Shiro’s hair turned white due to stress/trauma, which is definitely a possibility! But as far as I’m aware, this hasn’t been confirmed by canon (like …. I can’t even think of a time anyone acknowledges Shiro’s hair at all). 

Let’s say Haggar is Altean. And it seems like she’s the one who did the majority of magic experimentation on Shiro, right? Well, what if ….. his hair didn’t turn white due to extreme stress, but rather because he has Altean magic in his blood?

So …. *sweats* ….. (sort of) Altean!Shiro anyone? 


why is it so funny, Jongup?…


Dorian hated mornings. If he had his way, he’d sleep well past them before he even thought of rising. Lately, though, he was finding things to enjoy about them. Like waking to the feel of Elden running a hand through his hair or placing a kiss to his temple. And the sight of Elden pressed against his side, so warm and sleepy and perfect, always made it well worth opening his eyes despite the painfully bright sunlight streaming in through the window.

Elden was leaning over him now, smiling that dopey grin of his, hair sticking up comically on one side where it had been pressed into the pillow, and Dorian couldn’t help but smile. Elden pressed closer, kissing his lips him gently, and Dorian couldn’t help but marvel at all of this. He never thought he’d ever feel this way, this contentment and joy and love. He had found this amazing, wonderful, aggravating man and he couldn’t be happier.

When Elden pulled away again, Dorian looked up at him with a smile. He was gripped with a sudden urge and he couldn’t help but reach up to run a hand through Elden’s messy hair. Dorian wasn’t trying to fix it or smooth it down, it was already perfect and adorable and instead he encouraged it, sticking it up haphazardly. He loved seeing Elden like this. Everything about him was a marvel. The lengths of his kindness never ceased to amaze Dorian and he wouldn’t want to change a single thing about him.

Elden tried to glare at him as Dorian continued to ruffle his hair, but the grin he was wearing gave him away. He pressed against him, half lying on his chest although careful not to crush, a comfortable weight, and Dorian felt warm and content.

“Are you done making a mess of my hair?” Elden asked, trying not to laugh.

“Not quite,” Dorian replied as he began brushing it forward. “And it was already a mess so I couldn’t possibly do any harm.” He loved the feel of it, the soft, slightly curly, strands slipping through his fingers.

“Well, then, it’s only fair I return the favor,” Elden said as he began running his own hand through Dorian’s hair, although it didn’t take long before he was distractedly brushing it back out of his face, rubbing his fingers gently against Dorian’s forehead and cheek almost wistfully. “It isn’t fair. It’s impossible for you to look anything but perfect. Ruffled hair just looks intentional on you.”

“Well of course,” Dorian replied. “That’s because I’m always perfect.”

He tangled his fingers in Elden’s hair and pulled him down for a kiss, closing his eyes as they both melted into each other. Dorian didn’t mind mornings if this was what he had to look forward to.

                I never did understand - the duality of art and reality - living life
and treating it as such but with a certain disconnect to touch that cajoles at the                                     artist with comfort and abandon.

On Joelle

I’ve been seeing a lot of debates/discussions on Joelle here and elsewhere while biting my tongue.  I finally decided to just post what my takeaway was following “Payback.”  Here are my two cents that nobody asked for. Sorry.

Obvious disclaimer: I fully acknowledge there is no singular interpretation to any text/content/message.  This show is good about making case-related exposition explicit, but leaves some room for implied matters in other situations.  Sometimes scenes may also play out in ways that may not have been intended (this episode had at least one, I felt).  However, I feel as though they put enough in the episode to not really leave Joelle in a morally grey area; I think they definitely wanted you to come out thinking she was a bad guy. At the very least, that’s what a lot of it added up to – intentional or not.

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creativecockbitesnetwork prompts: teams and typography.

Trick Or Treat

John Laurens x Reader
Words: 420 (blaze it)
Prompt: There’s only like 4 hours left until halloween is done and I wanted to write a sequel to This Is Halloween 

i’ll be honest, i’ve never participated in a halloween IN MY LIFE. LIKE, NEVER. it makes me super sad that australian’s don’t celebrate it. like i mean, i’m kinda crying a little right now.

since no one invited me anywhere, i’m sitting in my eleven costume bc it’s cute and i wanna be festive. 

sorry if i got any of the terms or anything incorrect, but yeah i’ve never done halloween.

also i was supposed to be writing the requests but i got distracted oOPS.

bye fam xx


“John, do you feel that this is completely necessary?”

John giggled. “Everything’s a good idea when you’re drunk,” he replied, buttoning up his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles onsie. He smiled triumphantly, grabbing his candy bag.

“You know, you did promise me that I could pick the costumes this year,” You said, pouting slightly.

“But I did get you The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations, so therefore I got to choose the costumes,” John stated, smirking.

You had been at work for the majority of the day and had come home to find John drunk off his ass. He had pulled out your matching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes and was whining about trick or treating from the moment you got home.

While Halloween was your favorite holiday, you didn’t know how your neighborhood would feel about a drunk man coming to their doors in the late afternoon. So you had decided to stall him… with more alcohol.

“I don’t think that’s how it works honey. But, I digress. It’s getting a bit dark outside, maybe we should just stay home and watch some Halloween movies? We could cuddle, light the fire, I could go to Starbucks and get Pumpkin Spice Lattes-“

“Are you kidding me? There’s only five hours left of my favorite holiday! I’m not wasting them,” John stated, grabbing your wrist and dragging you after him as he staggered towards the door. You rolled your eyes, moving forward and wrapping an arm around John.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, we wore these costumes last year. The neighborhood might be disappointed if we aren’t wearing something different,” You stated, biting your lip.

“Screw the neighborhood!” John replied, opening the door and smiling wide.

“What if trick or treaters come to our house while we’re gone?” You asked, walking out of the house with him. You locked the door, grabbing John’s hand.

“They’ll just have to be disappointed,” John replied, running off into the streets. You laughed, running after him.

“I should’ve never gotten you drunk!” You exclaimed, watching John skip towards the house next to yours. He halted at your words, turning to you and raising his eyebrow.

“You think I’m drunk?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I mean, you did just drink two pints of-“

“Honey, I’m not even tipsy. I’m drunk off the joy of Halloween!” He interrupted, grabbing candy from your neighbor. “So are you gonna let loose tonight and have fun with me?”

You smiled, taking his hand. “Let’s do this.”