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me, sept 24, 2015: list the seventeen members? no there are too many. why are there thirteen. ok lemme try umm… vernon, dino, woozy, jeonghwan, joseph- wait mingyu is joseph’s real name right? no? are they brothers? damn wait i got this, there’s june, eight, soupman, and that’s all the members of the vocal team i think

me, sept 24, 2016: list the seventeen members? ofc i can list them alphabetically, by hair colour, number of lines, birthday (day), birthday (year), vocal range, myers-briggs compatibility, colour of their favourite backpack, ability to eat moist ravioli, how many times they’ve blinked in each performance of mansae-


a series of unlikely crossovers

it was only a kiss [1/?]

crooked-queen was having a bad day yesterday (because people like to try and make perfect people feel like crap, too bad they didn’t succeed), hooksandheroics, did you really think it was over?, wetbellamyblake, you deserve to be tagged in this for distracting me by making lovely gifs

prompt - I’d love to see Bellamy and Clarke as the football player/cheerleader of rival teams who have this obvious sexual tension every time they see each other at away games, and it finally snaps one night and he takes her up against the locker room lockers. 

AN: I have no idea when I will finish this but Naiche will make me.

Bellamy joined the football team because when he started looking at possible ways to get into college. Now that might not make a lot of sense, but if he wants to into a good college and so that his sister can go to one as well, a scholarship for football is the best choice for him.

He worked his ass off all through high school to be the est and he was definitely becoming the best.

Then Clarke Griffin, the blonde with too attitude and that haughtier than thou face, came along and he had trouble concentrating. It wasn’t just the fact she was beautiful (she was, she looked like a fairy princess, small and delicate but also strong and powerful) but then he noticed how she watched the plays. How she would wince as one of her team fumbled or passed in some way, each of these would end in a resounding tackle from a member of his team.

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Not-so friendly reminder: keep your tabinof spoilers to yourself and the people who privately ask you for them. In private. Not publicly. I haven’t paid for the book and p&p just to have it ruined by some little troll who likes to piss off anyone and everyone they can because you’d be going the right way about it, have some respect and acknowledge some countries have much longer to wait than you do.

- sincerely, everyone that has bought the book and wants to find out for themselves