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(late) Day 7 of @klancemasweek 2016: Morning / Snuggle
Keith still can’t believe he gets to wake up to the most annoyingly beautiful face in the world (and maybe beyond).

Here There Be Pirates

(AN: I got as far as “kidnaps Laura for ransom” before I started writing so it’s a little different, sorry. (Sidenote: I bloody love pirate AU’s. If I have time I’m definitely writing more of this.))

“Admiral Hollis!”

A young soldier came barging into the study, his powdered wig askew and a letter in his trembling hands. The Admiral placed his cup of tea delicately onto its saucer with a weak clink, and steepled his hands under his chin.

“I trust this is urgent, Kirsch. You know I like to take my morning tea alone.”

“I - it’s urgent, sir.”

He held out the letter, the stiff parchment rattling in his shaking grasp. The Admiral took it, cracking the seal.

The young soldier watched as he read, surreptitiously backing away as the Admiral’s face grew pale and his lips tightened to a white line. Finally, he folded the letter neatly, meeting Kirsch’s eyes with a look that made him feel like if the plush carpet swallowed him up it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

“I want my ship fully provisioned and ready to leave the harbour before noon. Rouse the garrison, I want as many trained men as possible on board.”

“Yes sir.”

“And Kirsch?”

“Yes sir?”

“Fetch me my sword.”

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