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hi spooks!! viktuuri high fives for the touch prompts? i just think that's so??? Hilarious??? *morooka voice* and here we have the most romantic lovers to ever grace the ice executing a..............high five

I…might have gone in a slightly different direction with this???? oops. 

Katsuki and Best Friend Coach Victor Nikiforov to remain Coach and Student as Nikiforov Returns to Skating

Nikiforov shocked the skating world when he abruptly retired earlier this year and moved to Japan to coach Katsuki Yuuri. Their hug at the Cup of China made waves in the skating community—showcasing a deep affection between two friends. Two very good friends. Definitely just friends. No one is quite as skeptical of Nikiforov’s decision now that Katsuki’s broken his coach’s record and taken home silver.

At the press conference after the medal ceremony, Nikiforov expressed his desire to return to the ice while remaining Katsuki’s coach…

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“I’m suing them for libel.” Victor would rip the paper in half but he needs to make sure he can still read the columnist’s name so he can savage them over the phone. And television. And Twitter—especially Twitter. “Did they not see my ring?”

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 So, I’ve been getting recently tons of questions regarding my notes, and today I decided to make a post about it. If you find it useful make sure to reblog it! 

First of all lets talk about supplies. 

Should you invest or stick to your regular supplies?

We’re all different and we all have different needs and economy. In my case, I love stationery but my economy right now isn’t that high to buy all of the cute stationery in the world. I’m always trying to find dupes, or products that work similar to expensive ones (i’m also guilty of doing this with makeup oops). Here goes a list of the essentials I keep on my pencil pouch. 

  • Pens in different colors - I like to give a color to every single element on my notes. Kinda like a color scheme. Blue = definitions , Black = general content. My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 Gel pens, they’re just a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
  • Fineliners - Fineliners are by far, one of my must haves. I used to use papermate color pens, but when I bought my first pack of Stabilo’s, It was love at first sight. The two most popular brands are Stabilo and Staedtler. Both of them have their pros and cons, so here i’ll leave you a video of a battle between them. I’ve never tried the Staedtler ones, so I wouldn’t know if they’re better or not. They’re really useful for mind maps, subtitles, decorating, titles, etc. You should totally save some money and buy ones!
  • Mechanical pencils - I stopped using regular pencils because sharpening them was just pissing me off. My favorite ones are by papermate.
  • Markers - this ones to me are pretty optional, but I decided to go for some Crayola ones to make some tabs or titles. I would say they’re useful, but only if you feel like buying them. 
  • Highlighters - There are thousands of types, and thousands of brands. But it’s all about your needs. If the reason you want highlighters is to highlight on books, I would really recommend Sharpies and Stabilos. I have both of them, they work pretty well. And here we go with one of the most popular products around tumblr: mildliners. I have to admit it:  they’re beautiful. They come in different colors and they’re just gorgeous! The only problem to me is the price. They don’t sell mildliners here in my country, so I have to order them from Amazon, and it’s just really expensive. Are they worth it? To me, yes. But if you don’t want to spend that much money on highlighters, you can also try the Pilot Frixion Light ones. Anyways, here’s a video comparing many of these popular brands. 

Now that you have your stationery set and ready, is time to get started with the hardest part : taking notes. One thing you need to know is, I take many of my notes in class time, which means I have to come up with a plan and a color scheme in a matter of seconds to get started when the teacher starts giving class. 

My note taking process:

  1. Set a color scheme - You can make it all pink, all blue, all warm colors, all violets, etc. I always try to alternate and use a different color for every topic, so you should try it out. 
  2. Different fonts - I use cursive for subtitles and my normal handwriting for the rest of the text. I always get asked: What did you do to get such a neat handwriting? My answer is: practice. I used to have a really horrible handwriting when I started high school, but once I discovered studyblrs, I began to copy some of the handwriting on pictures. I came up with my own font and i’m really happy with it! So dont be afraid to copy some handwriting you like, in the end you can always add your style to it. 
  3. Organize your information - Many times teachers ask you to make mind maps, diagrams, charts, etc. Choose the one that fits your information. I’m a huge fan of diagrams, but I also like to use charts a lot. Its all about your personal opinion. Most of the times teachers give me paper sheets with al the information on them, so the next thing I do is to highlight definitions. Once I’m done with definitions, I start highlighting with a different color the rest of the text. 
  4. Start writing - This is my last step, and its pretty simple. Once I have all of my information sorted and organized, I can get writing! I spend a lot of time doing it so I really commend you to find a good and relaxing playlist to have fun while doing it and a bottle of water.

I hope you found this post useful! Love, Dani.


Yeah, it’s me again.  What the hell? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I just decided to put my away message on my office email, poured myself another cup of coffee, and gave in to this big fluffy loser’s demands for more head scratches, so why not? I have been home significantly less lately, so this cat has been crying his head off whenever I’m out of the room and he can’t be practically super glued to my side.

Let’s talk about this past Friday night.  The husband works for a large company, and they had an employee happy hour on Friday night–for just the husband’s team, not the whole company.  The budget for it was seriously insane (especially considering they JUST had a happy hour the previous Thursday).  Also…I was the only spouse there…oops.  Apparently only managers could bring a plus one–extra crazy considering the budget, but whatever, that’s a whole different thing.  The group drank the place completely out of their aged, single malt Scotch (I tried it…gross…I don’t think I’m a straight up liquor kind of girl).  I had two $50 margaritas (which didn’t taste any more spectacular to me than the regular margaritas I’ve had…).  And, people were just ordering bottles of wine to take home.  It felt so strange, and the husband and I were just talking about the crazy amount of excess.  One of the other guys there asked, “Um, if we don’t spend all of this money, can we just use it to buy parts for the robots?”  No.  Apparently they could not.  Wow.

Walking the dog later that night, it led to an interesting discussion.  I work for a non-profit.  Whenever I’m planning anything, I have to think as creatively as possible to make sure we can do as much as we can with as small a budget as possible.  My office is in a portable building on an elementary campus.  But, I work with huge national and international companies on a regular basis.  I go to their offices and am blown away ALL THE TIME by the whole different office culture that exists.  I mean, with the money spent on free breakfast and the all-day coffee and wine bar at X company for just one week I could probably fund all of my projects for the next few months!

I don’t know.  Things are competitive, definitely around here in Austin, and these companies are doing more and more to encourage talented and ambitious people to work for them.  But, it also seems like these “perks” end up being sneaky maneuvers to keep employees onsite working crazy amounts of hours–”why would you need to go home at 5? We have dinner, beer, a game room, comfortable couches for power naps–all right here!” I hear people talk ALL THE TIME about how impossible it is to leave at 5pm now.  “No one does that!  You’d be looked down on!  It would definitely hurt your career!  There’s WAY too much more to do!” And, even the people I know who work from home–if it’s for one of these huge companies or startups, it’s like they never shut off.  Sure, sometimes my home is my workplace.  But, for me, it’s when I feel like working that day.  Then, it’s for a set amount of time and I’m DONE.  Unless the sky is falling, no one had better be expecting me to answer their phone calls/texts/emails after 5pm (let’s be honest…for me, it’s more like 3pm)!  I don’t know.  This is all very rambling.  But, sometimes I just feel like I get culture shock from my own culture…  


It’s in the eyes! I can tell you will always be danger.


Michael Gray x reader

Request: 155 &169 with Michael

Prompts: 155: “ It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is… ”

169: “ What a pretty sight. ”

A/N: Warning kinda smutty oops! And also someone requested and Isaiah sister thing with Michael a while back so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone! Also, I broke my laptop so this is unedited sorry if there are any mistakes!

You had kept your relationship with Michael under wraps for many different reasons. But the main reason being your brother. If Isaiah had found out that you were going with his best friend, he might just about explode. Especially since he had always warned you to stay far away from the ‘bloody blinders’. Weird because he was one, always around them and your family was close with the Shelby’s.

“Hello gorgeous,” Michael whispered snaking his hands around your waist as you stood with a group of your friends and planting a kiss on your cheek. They all giggled and started whispering. They knew there was something going on but neither of you had confirmed it, you had told your best friend but no one else.

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These two are so likeable that I can’t just color one in. (ノ_ _)ノ

Have poor awkward son and blushie food junkie.

(;-◞౪◟-)  Ch.7′s a doozie. We’ll post it in like a day, but have these for now

Guess You’re Stuck with Me (FP Jones x Reader)

Summary: Y/N is Betty’s older sister and also happens to be dating FP, with Jughead living at home now with FP it complicates things so when Jughead and Betty go on dates, Y/N heads to FP’s.

Warnings: Swearing, smut ;)

A/N: Reader is of age!!! Also, I’m a bit rusty in the writing department so forgive me if this is really bad. Also, between school and bingeing Jericho I didn’t spend time proof reading this oops….

One daughter dating a Jones? That was Alice Cooper’s worst nightmare come true. Two daughters dating Joneses? Enough to give Alice a heart attack. One of them dating a Jones who was at least 20 years older than her? Now that, that would certainly give Alice a heart attack. One of the many reasons you could never tell anybody about your relationship with a certain FP Jones. And oh yeah, FP also happened to be your sister’s boyfriend’s dad. So there’s that.

“Got a hot date tonight?” You asked your sister with raised eyebrows, watching as she tried on three different lipsticks, all of them being almost the exact same shade of pink. You didn’t wanna sound too hopeful, but goddamn it had been awhile since you’ve gotten to see FP for more than a quick visit to the bar.

“Juggie’s taking me out to some restaurant in Greendale!” Betty replied excitedly, turning to look at you with a big dorky smile, this girl was so in love. You could’ve sworn the smile that formed on your face reached your ears.

“Well that’s cute, sounds like you’ll be gone for awhile?” You teased, wiggling your eyebrows at your sister playfully.

“Only because the restaurant is far away.” Your sister said softly, blushing a bright red and chewing at her lip.

“I won’t say anything if do anything more than have dinner.” You winked as you left the room to go to your own and get ready for your own secret date.

You walked into your room and shut the door behind you, shooting a quick text to FP before throwing your phone onto your bed and going through your closet. You had decided on a tight black dress with your own South Side Serpent jacket. You and FP had been dating for about 7 months but the flirting started once you were officially out of high school. It started out with you coming to the Whyte Wyrm almost every night and you and FP would just innocently throw comments at each other. But those comments soon turned into a few kisses, leading to heated make out sessions, and eventually you were spending the night at FP’s whenever Jughead stayed with Archie Now during all of that, you grew quite fond of your boyfriend’s serpent jacket, stealing it any chance you got until eventually, you got your own. You hadn’t expected it really, you were pretty close with quite a few of the serpents but then you helped them with a uh….project that they couldn’t do themselves. Once you returned to the bar that night, people were shouting your name and you found your boyfriend at the bar, facing you with a small smirk. “Well well well, look at you.” He spoke, grabbing a serpent jacket from behind him and handing it to you. “The boys thought with how much you’re around and now, how you’re helping us, that you deserved one of these. And now maybe you’ll stop taking mine.” He said with a wink, kissing your head. You now hid that jacket in the back of your closet, along with a few too many flannels that you had stolen from FP.

“Y/N? Juggie’s here, I’m leaving! See you tonight.” Your sister said from outside your door, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Bye, Bets! Have fun, but not too much fun!” You called through the door, smiling to yourself. You had waited about 20 minutes before going downstairs and sneaking out the door, getting into your car and driving off.

You had gotten to the Whyte Wyrm, your usual meetup spot and walked in with your head held high, proud of the jacket you were wearing. The serpents liked seeing it on you too, it was a sign of loyalty.

“Y/N! You’re back!” One of the younger serpents greeted you with a smile, tipping his beer at you.

“Of course I am, you can’t get rid of me easily.” You smirked, winking playfully at the young serpent.

“Damn, within a minute of you being here and you’re already flirting with someone, looks like I’ll have to kill him.” You heard a voice from behind you, one that you instantly recognized as FP. You rolled your eyes and turned to your boyfriend, getting on your toes to quickly kiss him.

“No murder tonight, wait till I’m gone at least.” You giggled, taking FP’s hand and leading him over to the bar, taking a seat and ordering a beer.

“I’ve missed you, baby girl.” Your boyfriend purred, sitting on the stool besides you and resting his hand on your thigh, his eyes wandering your body hungrily. “You look a little fancy for the bar, not like I’m complaining.”

“I’m trying to impress.” You stated simply, a blush rising to your cheeks at the pet name, it still got to you even though you’ve been called it so many times by him.

“You always impress, you really don’t have to try at this point.” FP grinned, his thumb rubbing small circles on your thigh. “Now I know you just got here, but if you wanna head to the trailer I wouldn’t mind…”

“Eager now are we?” You teased, taking a long swig of your beer that you had just gotten. “You’re paying for my wasted beer, c’mon.” A smirk formed on your lips and again, you grabbed FP’s hand to drag him outside, giving him just enough time to throw some money on the counter.

“Who’s the eager one now, princess?” Your boyfriend said cockily, wrapping an arm around your waist. “We can just take my car, I’ll drive you back here later.” He offered with raised eyebrows, to which you replied with a nod and a quick kiss to his cheek.

It was a short drive to his trailer and as soon as you walked in, FP already had you pressed against the door, a smirk prominent on his face. “I missed you so fucking much.” FP said in a low voice that sent shivers down your spine.

“Show me then.” Was all you said, fluttering your eyelashes innocently at the older man. Before you knew it, his lips were on yours and his tongue was exploring your mouth, causing you to let out just a quiet, muffled moan. FP grabbed your thighs, wrapping your legs around his waist and pulling away from your lips. “Goddamn Y/N, I’m gonna wreck you.” He stated with a signature smirk, ducking his head down to bite at your neck. You had decided to get him as worked up as you can, simply smirking and purring, “Wreck me, daddy.” Now that, that made a low groan come out of FP, his hand traveling down under your short dress, causing him to smirk. “No panties? You’re killing me baby girl.” He shook his head, two of his fingers just barely brushing against your clit, a small whimper leaving your lips. “Thought you’d like it, just like you’ll like this.” You purred, unhooking your legs from behind FP’s back and dropping to your knees, undoing his jeans and palming the bulge in his boxers. “Don’t tease me, baby girl.” He said lowly, looking down at you with dark eyes. “Yes daddy.” You purred, pulling of his boxers and taking his head in your mouth, swirling your tongue around him. “Fuck, Y/N.” He groaned, his breath hitching when you took the rest of him in your mouth. Your boyfriend’s hands going down to tangle in your hair, pulling you forward to the point where you were choking on him, not like you minded. As your head bobbed on his dick you could hear FP letting out more frequent moans, telling you he was close. “You’re fucking me before you cum.” Is all you said after you pulled off his dick with a ‘pop. “How the hell did I get so lucky?” FP said with a small smirk, pulling you up off your knees. “We can discuss that after I’m sore and we’ve both came.” You said flatly, pushing the flannel off of FP’s shoulders. “As you wish.” FP said with an evil smirk, picking you up and basically tossing you onto the couch, pulling his shirt off and climbing on top of you. “As hot as you look in this, it’’l have to come off.” FP purred, taking the hem of your dress and pulling it up off your head, a small giggle leaving your lips. “God you’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He praised as he took in the sight of your almost naked body, hands slipping underneath you to unlatch your bra, tossing it to the side. FP grinned and reached down, soon you felt a finger in you. “Daddy, please just fuck me.” You whined, desperate for him to fill you up. “You’re so wet baby girl, is this all because of daddy?” He asked, voice low as he pulled his finger out of you. “I suppose I can listen to you for once.” With that, he suddenly thrusted into you, hitting your G-Spot perfectly. “Oh fuck! Yes!” You moaned loudly, your hands going to grab onto FP’s back, nails digging into his skin. “You like that, baby girl?” He teased, pulling out of you almost completely and slowing thrusting back into you. “Faster daddy, please.” You begged, lifting your head to kiss FP hungrily, he grinned and kissed you back with the same hunger, thrusting into faster and faster, one hand going down to rub circles on your clit. You pulled your head away to let it drop onto the couch, your eyes squeezing shut. “Fuck daddy, I’m gonna come soon!” You moaned out. “Me too baby, me too.” FP panted, his thrusts becoming sloppier and sloppier as he reached his peak. “Oh my g-” You cried out, getting cut off as you hit your climax, a wave of ecstasy washing over you. Right after you, FP followed suit, giving one last thrust before he was letting out moans of pleasure as he came. “Fuck.” Was all you could manage saying, grinning up at your boyfriend. “Fuck is right.” He chuckled, slowly pulling out of you and getting off the couch to clean you both up.

As usual, you had pulled on one of FP’s flannels once you were all calmed down. FP had put on a pair of sweatpants and now you laid on the couch, your head on FP’s lap as he played with your hair.

“I don’t wanna go home.” You said with a sigh, and as if on cue, FP’s phone buzzed from a text. “Looks like you don’t have too.” He said with a smile, showing you his phone screen.

Jughead: Spending the night at Archie’s, see you tomorrow night.

You smiled widely up at FP, “Guess you’re stuck with me tonight.”


Her name is Maddie Fenton and she should not be taken lightly.
May not be the best mother, but she tries her best?
‘Accidently’ hunted her son for two years, oops.
One of the world’s leading ghost experts.
“Couldn’t even figure out her own son was half ghost.”
Her soulmate (soulhunter™) is Jack Fenton. (Loves him to death)
Even in a different timeline where she married Vlad Masters, still leaves him for Jack. (Even her hologram leaves him for holo-jack)
Too blinded by her ghost studies to be a proper parent but she loves her kids to death.

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Not a bad story but I was once paying for two packs of card protectors and the guy serving very nervously told me I had grabbed two different types (meaning one wouldn't fit the cards I had) and I saw him brace himself for the abuse as he started to apologize. I felt so bad that he expected me to be mad! I was like "oops, my mistake" and went and grabbed the right ones, and he was so relieved. I can't believe people are so rude that he expected the worst over something so trivial. Retail sucks

Yeah it does


walk walk fashion baby, move that b*tch cr~azy

Last but very most certainly not least! Agent Wyoming!!! I didn’t mean to but the flowers accidentally made a magical heart shape. oops? I’ll be uploading a post with Project Floral Freelancer i c o n s asap.

Then I’ve got a request to do Felix and Locus and I think they’re a great two to do next. I really want to do one for Freckles. Like so badly. After that who knows, maybe some of our favorite girls, or maybe even focus on the reds and blues? I’m not sure but I’m excited to keep going. Every ‘set’ I do will have different florals but I’d like to stick to a floral theme because why not floral rvb? anyway thanks for all the likes and reblogs I’m really happy to see that people other than myself are liking these. 

Logan Training Pupdate

Inspired by @colliepapillon and @herebelife!
Logan is currently 11 weeks old.


  • Sit from stand - on verbal cue
  • Down from sit - on verbal cue
  • Sit from down - on hand signal
  • Stand from sit - on hand signal
  • Stand from down, down from stand - following a lure
  • Sit-stay on platform - working on. current distance = 1 full step back, not adding duration yet.


  • Spin - added the verbal cue but still needing to prompt sometimes. He has also added his on twist on spin, where he jumps in the air before doing it lol
  • Nose to hand touch - verbal cue and hand signal. The boop now has pressure, next I will be looking for 1 second duration
  • Give paw (both paws) - still prompting with hand signal
  • Peekaboo - need to prompt him into position, but then he has fabulous duration. Still hand signal, no verbal
  • Cop-cop - prompted with a lure

Puppy Classes

  • Is barking at other puppies less. He is gaining confidence in the environment. I am also trying to build a positive association by lots of repetitions of: Logan notices other puppy -> is fed. Still not done introductions because he’s not ready.
  • His focus on me is awesome, and he absolutely loves to work.
  • We’ve been doing platform basics + sit-stay on the platform.
  • We’ve also been proofing sit and down around distractions.
  • We have done straight LLW, and going between cones, with random sits thrown in.
  • Between exercises, he is settling on his bed really well.
  • He is happy to be handled by me, and has been handled by somebody he doesn’t know at class too, wasn’t fussed. Handling is always followed by food.

Social Outings

  • Puppy class x3, we are also going to be doing a fortnightly obedience class alongside the socialisation classes to give him a variety of experiences.
  • Car rides on an almost daily basis. He has no issues with the car.
  • Dog friendly pubs x2, different pubs each time. Apart from the occasional boof at another dog, he is more than happy to settle down under the table, and loves the attention he gets from people
  • Park + cafe, saw many dogs and met a couple of dogs nicely, sat at the cafe and was passed around by people for cuddles - no issues. Saw traffic, crossed the road at traffic lights,
  • Local park, again, saw tons of dogs, met two of my friends dogs and spent time with them happily, has also seen kites, cyclists, joggers, groups of screaming children, people doing sports - not worried and not wanting to prey chase anything except footballs
  • Other park, met and walked with another friend’s dog just fine, and tried to initiate play. Saw lots of dogs, pushchairs, children etc.
  • Pet shop - saw traffic in the car park, in the shop saw livestock in glass pens and didn’t flip his shit, saw dogs and only barked if we came too close, saw children, saw dogs being groomed and heard all sorts of noises
  • Vets x2, was fine both times, I plan to take him again just for a trip
  • Primary school pickup x2 in my arms, planning next time to walk him on the floor

Dogs and Animals

  • Horses and sheep at a far distance - want to get closer with him
  • Cats on a few occasions, two times up close and he barks at first
  • Maggie the lab x collie - met 2x, both times was fine and wanted to play after being a bit worried at the start
  • Betsy the lab x collie - met 1x, barked from far away but comfortable when introduced
  • Max the rottie x GSD & Louie the cocker spaniel - met 1x, no issues
  • Lola the SBT - met 1x, no issues
  • Brief meetings include four miniature Schnauzers (all times they have come up to him on lead, which is scary for him, but he did very well and I fed him after the encounters), a pug, a Whippet puppy, a Labrador, and a spaniel of some kind. He has been a bit nervous a couple of times (especially when approached while he’s on lead), so I am his ‘protector’ and physically block the other dog if it’s too much
  • Has seen dozens & dozens of dogs from various distances while off lead. Not too scary anymore and he’s happy to focus on me


  • So many, I haven’t been keeping track /oops. He’s met dozens of people of a variety of ages & appearances so far, and it’s hard to take him out without people wanting to meet him. He loves people and is all wiggly.
  • Notable ones: kids playing football/basketball (he still wants to be getting it, an impulse control training issue rather than socialisation which is fine), kids on bikes and scooters, people pushing buggies, the vet and receptionists. Has met two babies (under control) and seen plenty of toddlers from far away.
  • To-do: people with walking sticks/walkers, in wheelchairs, wearing different hats etc, variety of ethnicities, people in different uniforms.

Working On

  • Reactivity to dogs - a.k.a “I bork at you”. I don’t anticipate this being a big issue, it is a nervousness/lack of confidence thing and with lots of exposure and positive experiences, he is getting braver
  • House training and chewing - under high management still, he’s a baby so I don’t expect this too soon


  • Happy to be left in the crate as long as it’s covered (if I can see you, I screm), but will cry if he needs the toilet
  • Has started going to the back door if he needs to go, knowing he gets foods for going in the garden
  • Has ridiculously good attention and focus for an 11 week old puppy. Joys of a working breed! He likes to stare at me, even in distracting environments, like “yes let me do a thing for the foods”. Wags his tail like crazy when he is rewarded + responds to verbal and tactile praise (Maya doesn’t give a shit about that stuff)
  • Is extremely environmentally sound - loud noises, moving things, etc don’t phase him. The breeder did a lot of work on this sort of thing which is good. He is happy to walk on lots of surfaces including bridges and drains
  • Will play tug with me in the class environment, as well as in a park environment
  • Will play with all toys and anything that is wiggled along the floor (good and bad, as this includes tissues for cleaning up piddles , and anything that moves… his prey threshold is very low so -BOOM I get it)

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omg the handholding ask was just so precious and pure! can I get a reactions thing going on too for McCree, Junkrat, Mei and D Va with their partner asking them how many shoulders both of them have put together, and when they say "four" theyre just "whut nahhh let me count em" so they point to each shoulder with a hand while counting to four and oops they've got their arm wrapped around their shoulders like a smooth operator

My first time writing Mei and Dva! I’m so excited! (I’m also glad to hear you liked the handholding ask, I loved writing that one)


- Confused at first when you say the two of have a different number of shoulders than four

- But once you start counting he realizes what you’re doing

- Will wrap his arms around your waist and hold you close

- He’ll compliment you on your smooth moves


- Starts to argue you with saying of course there’s four shoulders between the two of you

- Keeps arguing as you count

- Stops arguing once your arms are wrapped around him and you kiss him

- I hope you weren’t planning on going anywhere soon, because you’re going to have a hard time getting out of the hug he gives you


- “What do you mean? Of course we have four.”

- Watches while you count, wondering if somehow you’re actually going to get a different number

- Blushes when she realizes that your arms are wrapped her shoulders

- After doing something so cute, cuddles are mandatory


- Sees what you’re doing as soon as you start

- Will count with you and wrap her arms around you and you wrap yours around her

- “Thought you could entrap me, did you?”

- You totally trapped her, cuddles are happening, there is no escape from a Hana who wants to cuddle

trying, part two

a/n: was supposed to have this up yesterday oops. this is very belated and very short but here you go! read part one here.

She sighs as she looks down at the sonogram picture in her hand. It’s hard to believe that there’s a baby growing inside of her – at just a few weeks pregnant, the child is too small right now for her to see any noticeable difference in her body. They had been trying for a baby for months without any luck. But the doctor had confirmed her suspicions just an hour ago: she is definitely pregnant.

She noticed the telltale signs of pregnancy almost two weeks ago but she was in so much denial that she put off the doctor’s visit until today. She threw up every morning (at 8 am, on the dot – the baby already has a schedule), she missed her period, and she had frequent mood swings that she can now blame on the pregnancy hormones.

Rafinha doesn’t know yet. But as soon as he gets home from the team’s away trip to Sevilla, he’ll find out – which should be any minute now.

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11 & 12 Bill/Richie

fictional kiss prompts | ACCEPTING

11.when one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and they answer by kissing them more

A night without the remaining losers was something different for Richie and Bill. Yeah, they were good friends before this all happened, but something about seeing Bill so hurt in the sewers changed something in Richie. He constantly wanted to be there for him, more than a friendly way. As the days went on and more and more people moved away, Richie seemed to grow closer to Bill.

Richie felt lucky that Bill’s house always seemed to be open to him. After a big fight with his mother, he ran to Bill’s, hoping that no one was with Bill. So when he knocked and saw Bill alone, he felt the weight of the world come off his chest as he let all his emotions go in front of Bill.

Bill walked the fragile boy to the living room, sitting him on the couch, trying to make his friend to feel somewhat better. After a lot of coaxing and wrapping a blanket around him and his friend, he turned on the tv, letting the sound of the tv be some sort of background noise.

Richie couldn’t help but feel grateful to a guy who did more for him than anyone he knew. So before he could stop himself, his lips were crashing into Bill’s. He felt as though it was something that was supposed to happen ages ago, but soon pulled away, shaking his head.

“I’m sorry. I should have asked. Are you sure that you-” Before Richie could finish his sentence, Bill was kissing him yet again; answering his question that he didn’t even get to finish.

12. a hoarse whisper “kiss me”

Nights at the Denbrough household always seemed to be a horrible silence that suffocated the air. So Richie being over helped with this pregnant silence. Top Gun playing in the background, Bill was looking over at the curly haired boy who was doing a pretty spot on Tom Cruise impression. For the first time in awhile, Bill had a genuine smile. A small chuckle escaped Bill’s tightly pressed lips as he watched his friend over act every motion. His mind running a million miles an hour, Bill scooted closer to Richie. 

“Hey, Rich.” He muttered out, seeing the other turn quickly, curls flopping over as a goofy grin came on his lips. 

“What’s up Big Bill?” He asked before looking towards the male, a goofy grin still splattered over his face.

“Kiss me.” Was all Bill managed to get out. He wasn’t even sure that Richie heard him. Thinking that he made a mistake, Bill tried to come up with a excuse, choking on the first word before Richie obeyed his words. The male’s lips crashed into Bill’s making his doubts just flutter away.


I don’t have a fancy account with Vimeo SO I couldn’t upload the high quality versions, so I will add links to them in the comments!

So…I am finally posting my 10th Anniversary of the boy’s debut gift! I am sorry it is so late. It was a beast to work on and being me, I wanted it to be perfect. There are still parts I couldn’t get the words just the way I wanted them, so if it’s hard to read a few parts, I am quite sorry!

The video on top has quotes from their letters to each other through out the video. The one below is BASICALLY the same, without the words. The thing is, they are like two very different videos, so you’ll probably want to watch them both.

THE QUOTES are color & font coded! OOPS Meant to put this here for reference!

Yes, I cried extensively making this. It is hard to sift through ten years of videos and not be moved. I tried to make sure all of the boys were represented, and my heart fell in love with them over and over and OVER AGAIN while making this.

It took a lot to get this monster down to ten minutes, and I decided that one minute per year was pretty good if I say so myself lol

I love these boys with all of my heart and soul. I am so blessed to have them in my life, and by extension…each and every one of you!!!


Miraculous Ladybug Icons 5/?  (Weird Faces of Chat Noir Edition(with others))

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Get to Know Me!

Hey, lovelies!! (Still trying to come up with a fandom name oops) I’ve been tagged by these lovelyyy people right here for this tag:

            ✩ @jinniessoftbutterfly
            ✩ @underthekookiejar (my bb quinie ilyyyy)
            ✩ @exe-kai

Thanks, for tagging me! I hope this is a way for allllll of my followers to get to know me better (bc y’all don’t really know me *cries*) So have this random info about me!!! (Also I combined two different tags into one so there are more questionsss)

  1. Nicknames: Aly, Lyss, Lyssa (that’s rare), Stitch (bc ohana means fam obvi), and there are a lot other ones, too, but those are of my last name heheh
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Star sign: Sagittarius (so is Jin!!)
  4. Height: 5'2" and a half  (159 cm?)
  5. Time: 4:27 pm
  6. Birthday: November 28th
  7. Favorite bands: Hmm let’s see; BTS, GOT7, SVT, BLACKPINK, KARD, EXO (although I don’t know half their names oops), recently Stray Kids bc asdfgh yes pls they’re amazing, and that’s all for now!
  8. Favorite solo artists: I don’t listen to many kpop solo artists…and I don’t really have a favorite???
  9. Song stuck in my head: Change Up by SVT Leaders (*sings while typing* CHANGE UP CHANGE UP CHANGE UP)
  10. Last movie I watched: Big Hero 6…I needed a good cry, okay?
  11. Last show I watched: Supernatural
  12. When did I create my blog: This specific one? The end of July.
  13. What do I post: Fake texts and Fics!
  14. Last thing I googled: Kermit the frog meme
  15. Do you have other blogs: *sweats* yeah, I have a personal blog (that i’ll link in my bio just in case y’all want it heh), a GOT7 blog (it’s literally for the same purpose as this one except I haven’t posted anything yet), a reaaaaally old disney blog that I never post on, and a riverdale blog.
  16. Do you get asks: Yes I do! And I’m so grateful for them!!!
  17. Why did you choose your URL: Hmmm, Yoongi is my bias and I feel like blogs have a cute adjective before them and the one that best fit for him was ‘lovely’ but ‘lovelyoongi’ and ‘lovelyyoongi’ were taken so BOOM, three y’s it is.
  18. Following: 447
  19. Followers: 2,034 (asdfgh i still can’t believe it!)
  20. Favorite colors: White, black, and purple!
  21. Average hours of sleep: 5-9
  22. Lucky number: 28
  23. Instruments: I can play the flute but stopped when I was like 12…I’m a boss at guitar hero tho NOPE that’s a lie
  24. What am I wearing: My pajamas…ITS FRIDAY OKAY? THIS IS HOW I SPEND MY FRIDAYS.
  25. Dream trip: Bruh, around the world…But for right now, a roadtrip with friends would be siiiick
  26. Favorite food: Churros/Pizza
  27. Nationality: American(this doesn’t include ethnicity, right lol?)
  28. Favorite song right now: Well, kpop: Change Up (ironically, this changed so many times in the past week ngl) non kpop: Boys by Charli XCX
  29. Sexuality: Straight afffff (my friends call me the gayest straight person ever)
  30. Hogwarts House: HUFFLEPUFF!!
  31. Favorite animal: Cheetah or Dolphin
  32. Dogs or Cats: PUPPERSSSSS
  33. Amount of blankets I sleep with: 3 omg
  34. Dream Job: Hm, I really like photography and travel so something with that would be nice…

Those of you who read the whole thing: WOW! Hope you know more about me! (unless you learned too much…in that case I’m sorry heehee)

Those of you who didn’t: That’s fine, too! It was a lot to read, I get it!!