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Softly, My Love

Or; a relationship told through its softest moments; from firsts to lasts and everything in between.

For Enjoltaire week 2017, day #3: soft.

Their first date is what can only be described as soft. 

They meet for dinner inside of a small Thai cafe, and Grantaire’s heart does somersaults all the way through his meal. Enjolras keeps smiling at him, warmly, tentatively, and Grantaire feels himself blushing every time. 

They hold hands on the walk home; what started off as Enjolras’ fingertips lightly grazing Grantaire’s wrist gradually evolved until their hands were linked, fingers intertwined. Enjolras swings their hands lightly as they walk in tandem and Grantaire thinks his jaw is going to break from all the smiling he’s been doing. 

There’s no kissing before Enjolras walks up  the steps to his apartment and waves a small goodbye to Grantaire; instead they hug loosely for a few moments, promising to have dinner again sometime. Enjolras breaks contact with a smile and Grantaire lets himself wonder how he ever got so lucky as to have that smile bestowed upon him.

It’s snowing, the first time they kiss. 

Grantaire remembers it vividly, because Enjolras was wearing that scarf that he got last Christmas- the red, white, and blue one that Courfeyrac bought him as a joke, yet Enjolras treasures with every fibre of his being. 

He’s also wearing mittens, like, honest to God, actual red fluffy mittens that tickle the sides of Grantaire’s face when Enjolras cups it between his palms. 

“I’d really like to kiss you.” Enjolras says, tracing the outline of Grantaire’s lips with one mitten-clad thumb. “Your lips look very kissable right now.”

“It’s probably the cold.” Grantaire says, stupidly, because Enjolras just asked to kiss him and sure, they’ve gone on a few dates at this point, but still.

Enjolras smiles, his eyes creasing around the edges. “Probably.” he agrees, moving one hand down to Grantaire’s neck. “Can I?”

Grantaire can’t find the words to express just how much Enjolras can, so instead he nods, feeling the ghost of Enjolras’ lips upon his almost as soon as he moves his head. 

Enjolras’ lips are soft, which is unsurprising. His kisses are short, fleeting things, a warm mouth pressing against Grantaire’s for the barest of seconds before pulling away again. Grantaire brings his own hand up to Enjolras’ face, coaxes his lips into staying a little longer, makes the kisses slower, more languid. 

It’s almost perfect, and Enjolras smiles when their lips part, eyes still closed, as if he’s taking time to immortalise the memory behind his eyelids. 

Grantaire’s never felt happier.

Perhaps Grantaire’s favourite fact that he’s learnt about Enjolras is the way he kisses. Or, more specifically, the way he reacts to being kissed. 

Lying side by side after a busy evening of studying together and watching cat videos on YouTube, Grantaire leans over to press a single kiss to Enjolras’ temple, letting his lips linger against Enjolras’ skin a moment longer than necessary. 

As expected, Enjolras’ eyelids flutter closed. Grantaire smiles warmly. They re-open as Grantaire pulls away, tracing his movement through dark lashes. 

“You’re cute, you know that?” Grantaire asks quietly.

Enjolras scrunches up his nose, which, as Grantaire said, cute.

“You’re doing nothing to disprove my point there, Enj.”

Enjolras simply gives him an affectionate roll of the eyes before leaning in closer to Grantaire’s side. “You’re cuter.” he mumbles into the fabric of Grantaire’s sweatshirt. 

Grantaire kisses his forehead again.

Sometimes love is a big thing; a grand gesture or large announcement, the penultimate confession scene in a movie or dramatic chase for the protagonist to follow their heart.

Othertimes, it’s a smaller entity; late night conversations or shared feelings, the soft touches of natural intimacy or the simple comfort of another tangible being. 

The first time Enjolras tells Grantaire that he loves him, they’re on the couch in Grantaire’s apartment, watching the best of the best cheesy rom-com films Netflix has to offer. 

The credits are rolling, but instead of getting up, Enjolras and Grantaire stay cocooned on the couch, too content to move. 

Grantaire is debating whether it would be a good idea to turn the autoplay on, when Enjolras laces their fingers together. 

“Hey,” he says quietly. “I love you.”

Grantaire’s heart does a funny dive within his chest and he smiles before he’s even processed the full meaning of Enjolras’ words. Enjolras is staring at him intently, as if he’s trying to convey the extent of his love through his eyes alone. It’s almost enough to make Grantaire teary-eyed.

“I love you too.” Grantaire says back, even quieter, delighting in the way Enjolras seems to practically glow with the newfound knowledge. 

He smiles, and Enjolras smiles back, like they’ve just shared some sort of secret. 

“Soft.” Grantaire mumbles, running his fingers through Enjolras’ hair gently. Enjolras makes a small sound and buries himself further into the duvet. He’s never been a morning person and Grantaire chuckles to himself at all the memories he has of trying to coax a sleepy Enjolras into wakefulness with coffee and kisses.

“C’mon, sleepyhead, time to wake up. Bright and early.” Grantaire says, despite the fact that it’s eight ‘o clock on a Sunday.

“You wake up.” retorts Enjolras- not his best work, but Grantaire supposes he can be forgiven on account of how his brain still has a little longer to go before it’s functioning properly.

“I am awake, love.”

Enjolras grumbles, but maneuvers himself so that he’s half-laying across Grantaire’s chest, giving Grantaire better access to his curls. Enjolras sighs as Grantaire strokes his hair out of his face, one hand curled up against his hip and the other splayed out against Grantaire’s shoulder. Grantaire smiles as he brings Enjolras’ hand to his mouth to lay a kiss against his knuckles. “Coffee?” Grantaire asks quietly.

“God, yes. Please.” 

Grantaire hums. “Alright. Be right back.” 

Enjolras’ hand wraps around Grantaire’s wrist as he makes a sound of protest. “Stay.” he semi-whines. 

Grantaire laughs. “Enj, if you want the coffee I have to go and fetch it.”

“Stay,” Enjolras repeats, tugging Grantaire back down to lay with him. “I’d rather have you. Coffee later, cuddling now.”

Grantaire is only too happy to oblige.

Grantaire is systematically working the tension out of his boyfriend’s shoulders and upper back, cherishing the little contented hums Enjolras makes whenever he rubs a particular spot. 

“You’re always so tense.” Grantaire mutters, leaning down to press kisses against Enjolras’ shoulders.

“Mmmm, I wonder why.” mumbles back Enjolras, though the corners of his mouth are turned up ever so slightly.

They both know why; it’s a combination of stress, wearing a binder for eight hours a day, and the weight of a messenger bag that somehow always ends up heavier than it started off. (Grantaire has tried to convince Enjolras to stop making so many trips to the library to no avail; Enjolras devours books almost as quickly as Combeferre- which is saying something, given the man’s infamous reputation for reading the entirety of War and Peace in two nights.)

Grantaire’s glad he can be of help- even if it is only in this small way. It’s easily intimate, being with Enjolras like this, and Grantaire’s beyond grateful that it’s normal for them to share moments like this together- a few years ago he wouldn’t have believed it to be possible. 

Enjolras hums as Grantaire rubs his shoulders, and then Grantaire’s hands are being gently swatted away as Enjolras moves to sit up, a contented smile sitting on his face. “Thank you.” he says, trailing light fingers down Grantaire’s jawline before moving to bring their mouths together. The kiss is slow and languid and Grantaire smiles onto Enjolras’ lips, feeling Enjolras do the same. 

“Mmmmmm,” Enjolras murmurs as they break apart, “Your turn now, c’mon, roll over.”

“Enj, you don’t have to-”

“Oh, hush you; you know I do, now roll over.”

“Bossy.” Grantaire chides, yet obliging all the same. It’s practically routine by now, anyway- no matter how much he protests, Enjolras will always insist on returning the favour, probably in the interests of equality or something similar. (It’s not like Grantaire’s complaining; Enjolras gives quite satisfactory backrubs.)



“I love you.”

Grantaire doesn’t need to turn around to know that Enjolras is smiling when he replies, “I love you too.”

They get married on a Wednesday. Everything is hectic and everybody is stressing out and Grantaire almost works himself into a panic attack which he hasn’t done since he was eighteen, thank you very much.

Despite this, the ceremony is wonderful. There’s laughter and smiles and Grantaire feels so spectacularly happy he could shout it from the top of the Eiffel Tower and still the grin would not be swept off his face.

Now it’s late, and Enjolras stands in the doorway to their room, shirt untucked and tie hanging haphazardly around his neck. Grantaire doesn’t think he’s ever looked more beautiful.

“Come here, you.” he says, patting the side of the bed next to him. Enjolras huffs and rolls his eyes, although he’s clearly just as giddy as Grantaire.

“Yes, husband.” Enjolras replies dutifully, grinning as he walks over. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Enjolras immediately pulls Grantaire in for a kiss. It’s soft and delicate and so, so lovely that Grantaire has to break away for smiling too much.

“Husband.” Grantaire says, fitting his mouth around the word. “I’m going to enjoy getting used to that.”

Enjolras beams at him.

(Headcanon #120) Variations of this probably happen often:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>A random nation:</b> *walks up to america* Hi, Alfred! Here's a cool little thing for you! My treat! You've always been my best friend! *gives said thing*<p/><b>America:</b> Awww, you didn't have to, thanks--<p/><b>Random nation:</b> So can you get me Hamilton tickets??? :))<p/><b>America:</b> ....<p/><b>Random nation:</b> :D<p/></p><p/><b>America:</b> ....<p/><b>Random nation:</b> Did I mention that you're the best? :D<p/></p>
Famous Last Words 2


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Summary: When your family was a wreck and your perfect girlfriend just left you for your irritating classmate, the only way to carry on was to make a truce with the enemy, right?


High school AU in which Simon and Baz pretend to be boyfriends to save Simon’s love life.

Chapter word count: 3.2k

Rating: T

Tags: High School AU, fake boyfriends, mutual pining, fluff, a little bit of angst

Also on AO3

Thanks to @eroticgropefest for being my amazing beta :)

Not often had Simon seen Penny speechless. His best friend was used to all kinds of situations, so she wasn’t easily surprised. But Simon was.

But now they were both clearly gobsmacked.

Simon heard Penny almost choking on her tea, before someone–probably Rhys–nudged him and brought his attention back to Baz.

Right. Baz.

“I– Uhm.” Simon stared in shock at the dark skinned boy standing in front of him. He looked at his dark boots, at his dark clothes, at his dark nails. At his dark hair. At his dark grey eyes. Everything about him was dark. “Yes,” he said finally. “I’ll go out with you.”

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Hobiiii, hobiiii, hobiiiii i have a super fancy ass party to go but i don't have anything to you use, caaaan youuu heeeelp meeeee?

Hobi: Ahhh man anon 1 I’m sorry for being late but you can like choose from the dresses I made for the boys! And anon 2 yes I have made dresses for them I can show you..

Hobi: And for a bonus here’s me!

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starmora +2 or 18 (whichever hasn't been asked yet i guess!! :p)

2. Things you said through your teeth

“Just admit it.”

“Is this really the best time, Peter?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Because we’re tied up and locked in a cell?”

“Psh. The others are gonna be here in five minutes, it’s all part of the plan.”

“Still, we should be staying alert.”

“You just wanna change the subject because you’re afraid to admit it.”

“There’s nothing to admit, Peter.”

“I already know it’s true.”

“Then why are you being annoying about it?”

“Because I wanna hear you say it. C’mon, Gamora, admit you like the pet names.”

“I tolerate them at best.”

“Then why did you smile when I called you ‘babe’ earlier? When we were letting them capture us?”

“Sometimes I smile before I stab people.”

“… Is it weird that that turns me on a bit?”


“Good thing you like me weird, honey.”


“Yes, love?”

“You know how much you’re pushing it right now, don’t you?”

“I do. There’s a reason I’m doing this while your hands are tied up.”

“I could still retaliate when we get out of here.”

“Is that a come on?”

“No, it’s a threat.”

“Same thing… sweetie.”

Not sweetie.”

“Ha! So you admit that you like the other ones?”

*indistinct mumbling*

“What was that, darling?”

“Ugh. If you stop being so obnoxious, I will admit that I do, sometimes, like some of the pet names you call me. Although I dislike the term ‘pet names.’ I am not a pet.”

“Yes – ow!”

“Did you just try to fist pump while your hands are cuffed together?”

“Maybe. But who cares? Point is, you love the pet names and I knew it!”

“I said no such thing! I said I occasionally –“

“– feel your heart glow with love when you hear them?”

“Didn’t I say you were to stop being obnoxious if I admitted I tolerate your pet names?”

“Yes, but I didn’t agree. Angel.”

“… I’m leaving you.”

“Whatever you say, babe.”

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I HOPE IM NOT TOO LATE since its 24-4 here at the moment. But either C2 with duftmon, A2 with alphamon, D4 with Dukemon or C4 with ulforceveedramon uvu any of these would be lovely ; ) they fit how i see the royal knights ; ))

You were the only one requesting Alphamon, so thank you! ♥

Okay guys! So I just came back from New York, where I went to see Hamilton and let me tell you- oh my god. It surpassed my already high expectations. The cast was SO FREAKING AMAZING! The night I went Jevon McFerrin played A.Ham, Elizabeth Judd & Syndee Winters both played Eliza and the rest of the cast was played by the people who normally play them.

Here we go:

• BRYAN TERRELL CLARK PLAYS WASHINGTON BEAUTIFULLY, I mean- In my opinion, I prefer his Washington over Christopher Jackson’s. It is THAT exceptionally good.
•Elizabeth Judd is gorgeous and so freaking good.
•Alysha Deslorieux is so good. Peggy was adorable and Maria was soooo GREAT.
•Anthony Lee Medina is my new crush. He is so freaking gorgeous and his voice is amazing, he is hilarious and makes a wonderful Laurens.
•Seth Stewart is also so good, he tripped on some words during Lafayette’s rap but jesus- so would I. He was amazing.
•Thayne Jasperson stole my heart, I’m in love.
•I saved the best for last: JEVON MCFERRIN… Literally nothing can put into words how great his Alexander Hamilton was. His voice is similar to Lin’s, he was exceptional and I would 700% go see Hamilton again with him playing Alexander and I’d probably cry happy tears.

More stuff:

•My mom is in love with Jevon McFerrin and Taran Killam. She got very mad at Alexander when Say No To This came around but she loved Lafayette, thought Jefferson is an asshole and would 100% go hug Eliza during It’s Quiet Uptown.
•I never realized that in The Election of 1800 when Madison says “Please” after Jefferson goes “Can we get back to politics?” he actually says it the way he says it cause he’s crying?? Am I late to the realization or what? Oops
•Hurricane has the most breathtaking staging out of all the songs
•Yorktown is actually very intense.
•I spent nearly $200 on merch
•It was the best night of my life
•I cried when “Alexander Hamilton” began


“After so long, I think I finally understand this concept called love…”

For my beautiful and talented crush, zero-kiryu-kun! ♥
The knight and princess captured in a sweet meeting. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Being an adult

As an adult you’re expected to have your shit together. If you don’t you’re considered a failure in the eyes of other adults. You are shamed for having breakdowns, doing things that are considered childish even if they make you happy (sleeping with stuffed animals, cosplaying, and other things of that nature.), not having a career and or having your life planned out in general. And I hate it so much. 

 Adulthood is like being told to go somewhere you’ve never been without a map or any help. 

 So I’m here to say: 

  •  - It’s perfectly alright for you not to have your life planned out. Whether you’re in your twenties or fifties. 
  •  -There is nothing wrong with needing mental health days.
  •  -Anxiety, depression and other things of that nature do not make you weak.
  •  -Do whatever makes you happy! Regardless of whether or not it’s childish in someone else’s eyes. 
  •  -Do your best and forget the people that want to drag you down. 
  •  -Your own happiness should be your number one priority. 

 In the end it’s not anyone’s life but your own and if you’re happy with it that’s all that matters.