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Last Movie I Watched: Hurricane Bianca (If you love Bianca Del Rio, which why wouldn’t you, I definitely recommend it. It was brilliant omg)

Last Song I Listened to: Twin Skeletons (Hotel in NYC) // Fall Out Boy

Last Book I Read: lol (I don’t read books oops)

Last Thing I Ate: Weetos for breakfast

Where I Would Want To Time Travel To: A point where I’m happy and content with life… is that too much to ask for? lol rip me

Fictional Character I Would Like to Hang Out With For a Day: Otabek Altin from Yuri on ice pls

If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now I Would Be: I want to go back to Paris with friends again that was so amazing ngl.

Current Fandom Obsession: Does WWE or Rupaul’s drag race count? I’ve been so obsessed with them recently lol. Either that or Ace Attorney, I’ll never escape that fandom now I’m in too deep

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Name: Alexandria
Nicknames: Allie, Zei, Gator… I don’t really have any interesting nicknames v.v
Zodiac Sign: Cansaaaaahhh
Height: 5′4 ~
Ethnicity: German, Irish, Polish… a lot of things
Orientation: Heterosexual
Favorite Fruits: I LOVE STRAWBERRIEEESSS, Blueberries have been really getting up there for me though > u < It’s difficult to decide!
Favorite Season: Autumn for sure <3
Favorite Books: Court of Thorns and Roses, Before I Fall, Nightworld, too many books to list honestly
Favorite Flowers: I love lavender, lilies, roses, forget-me-not, omg I love too many flowers
Favorite Animals: ALL ANIMALS. Okay but I really do love wolves a lot <3 
Favorite Beverage: Hot Chocolate! Or Coffee… I also love water and tea <3
Average Hours of Sleep: 5 or 6 I think
Favorite Fictional Characters: Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel, Laxus Dreyar, Gray Fullbuster, (Fairy Tail), Pyrrha Nikos, Yang Xiao Long (RWBY), Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Ann Perkins, Chris Traeger (Parks and Recreation) JD, Turk (Scrubs) Terry, Holt (Brooklyn nine-nine)

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Okay that depends on the temperature. I have to have at least one blanket on me though. Otherwise I can’t sleep.

Dream Trip: Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Japan, Canada, Japan

Blog Created: September 2016
Number of Followers: 838 and they are all beautiful, amazing, wonderful people and I love them <3  

heyy pals im sloth (she/they) n i’m always at least half asleep. but ok i hope you’re all having a gr8 day n i’m really stoked to be apart of this rp fam !! so below you’ll find more misc deets on this super goober boy than anyone asked for oops

if the plotting mood treats you right then dm is our friend !! also i have a neato connections page for ideas if you see something on there that you’d be down for or we can brainstorm cause i can flow with that too no problem. whatever floats your boat sunshine

  • tfw you already have a pair tag in mind but !!
  • all right so you all remember him from the book n movie n i dont wanna change him ?? but just expand on that w some depth n character development from then bc he deserves better imo
  • he owns a quidditch shop and idk the name i’m between it being either quidditch quixote or the dizzy broomstick
  • decided to redirect his quidditch aspirations into owning n operating a quidditch supply store instead of pursuing professional dreams bc he suffered a wrist injury during a game making it near impossible to grip a broom as needed
  • n yeah he could just get it healed but ?? that would require him to admit to that n that’s a no go for him geez
  • still had to be involved in quidditch somehow tho
  • also self loathing on the down low yikes
  • he displays any and all trophies he’s won around the shop bc i mean it’s him
  • is willing and ready at all times to talk any customer’s ear off about quidditch
  • cares for his shop like it’s his child no joke
  • and the responsibility of running it has helped to center his focus n help him redirect himself to more productive matters
  • it’s also helped him deal w the aftermath of the war like he suffers from it and it’s made him seriously reflect on himself. he wants to do better but yknow he’s still him in some aspects like his pride n such but he’s just kinda doing some work on him now putting things into perspective since the war
  • but is still pretty oblivious to most things ??
  • he’s hesitant to commit to anyone but lowkey really needs it
  • he just wants a good influence to cling to him like that one exception
  • cause boy isnt capable of that on his own. he just needs that guidance without knowing that he’s being guided yknow
  • surprisingly good at cooking ?? idk i’m watching food network n i want him to be good at cooking ok
  • he’s also super like s u p e r protective and very realiable n loyal for the right people ofc and organized. just a big teddy bear really
  • it’s too crazy about the marriage law n kinda scared of it and the whole relationship aspect of it ?? but outwardly he’s pretty much just ok cool
  • has a few scars from the war on his neck and palms
  • lastly his aesthetics include polished wood,, light breeze through an open window, displayed tarnished trophies, waking up mid morning on his stomach in a sea of blankets, sitting ontop of his shop counter, the bell that rings when someone pushes the front door open, warm lighting, comfy jumpers in shades of autumn, and that vibe you get in some cozy smallish shop
  • i guess that’s it but if you want some clarification then i’d be happy to provide !!

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Name: Soph
Nicknames: soap, sop, saf
Zodiac sign: aquarius
Height: 5′2″ shut up
Ethnicity: white
Orientation: bi
Favorite fruits: uhh all
Favorite season: fall
Favorite books: The Shining, Carry On, that one large book of mormon book with all the pictures n shit

Favorite flower: flowers make me sad bc I can’t smell them so no

Favorite animal: D O G

Favorite beverage: kombucha
Avg. sleep: like 6 hours at most
Favorite fictional characters: every character in falsettos, kenny and stan from south park, nabalungi hatimbi from bom, hedwig from hatai
Current faves: whizzer and the bom chat
Blankets slept with: one half

Dream trip: nyc
Blog active since: i dont know like january
Followers: 319

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Name: gabriel
Nickname: gabe
Zodiac sign: taurus ♉️
Height: 162 cm
Orientation: i like guys
Nationality: filipino 🇵🇭
Favorite fruit: avocado
Favorite season: the cold seasons
Favorite book: winger by andrew smith and it’s kind of a funny story by ned vizzini
Favorite flower: caballeros
Favorite scent: vanilla
Favorite colour: cyan
Favorite animal: dogs
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: hot chocolate
Average sleep hours: maybe 6 - 10
Cat or dog person: dogs all the way
Favourite fictional character: abed nadir from community
Number of blankets: 0
Dream trip: greece!
Blog created: may 2017 
Number of followers: 113

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Name: shim that’s all you’re getting out of me lmao
Nickname: none really except shim lmao
Zodiac sign: sagittarius  
Hogwarts house: slytherin 
Height: 5'6
Orientation: lesbian
Ethnicity: white af
Favorite fruit: bananas or peaches
Favorite season: winter
Favorite book series: I don’t think I have one oops
Favorite fictional characters: entire cast of orange is the new black, Emily prentiss, Aaron hotchner, Jennifer jareau, probably more but I’m tired lmao
Favorite flower: pretty ones lmao
Favorite scents: fresh out of the dryer laundry, bread, my cats, cotton candy, chocolate, girls honestly  
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite animal: cats
Favorite artist/band: fall out boy
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: hot cocoa
Average sleep hours: about 8 ish
Number of blankets you sleep with: 2
Dream trip: probably to somewhere in california there’s everything there
Last thing Googled: just the word gay???
Blog created: I believe around June 2015?? Either way in 2015.
How many blogs do I follow: 50 lmao
Number of followers: 111 💜💜
What do I usually post about: mental illness stuffs, memes, cats, bands  
Do you get asks regularly: sometimes if I reblog an ask meme !! 
What is your aesthetic: gay
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The Book Thief wrecks my world, it’s my favorite book of all time.  I recommend it to literally everyone who asks for a recommendation, I just want everyone to read it! 

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Helping my Familiar Become a God

This is another (3.5) story about Avelwyn (my ice elemental-savant sorcerer), Numestra the priestess of strategy and tactics, and the rest of that party.  The game WAS set in the Forgotten Realms, which I was familiar with but not completely intimately; on the first day when I asked the DM about playing a (good-aligned) ice elemental savant, he’d cackled gleefully and been all for it.

This should’ve been a clue to me, but I was known to be a sucker for this sort of thing. 

 A few levels later, while I was weighing feats, Improved Familiar caught my eye, and the DM thought this was an AMAZING idea.  So, Avelwyn ended up with an Ice Mephit that was generally fairly quiet and calm, and decently intelligent; the DM was handling summons/familiars for the most part.

The next session Avelwyn rolled enough of a success on a random research check for the DM to slip me a note and hand me the resource-book on the Realms deities, and ask for an (also succeeded) planar-knowledge check.  This was being run as a decently mid-high magic campaign, with the gods already noticeably meddling.

The bookmark was on Aurill, the Goddess of Ice, who was chaotic evil, and the second check was for “If you summon crap and do anything too obviously tagging the Elemental Plane of Ice she’ll notice and she won’t like you”.


The first sign the Mephit was not a Mephit came when a High Priest of Bane was trying to kidnap party members for information; the DM asked me for some kind of unspecified roll, which was one of the rolls where Avelwyn apparently got luck to make up for another character of mine prone to awkward crit-fails and rolled a 1; the mephit cast Dimension-Door and tugged him out of the ambush to the inn the party was staying at.

Avelwyn, himself, did not know Dimension Door yet. 

The mephit seemed, if anything, even more intent on acting like a normal mephit. 

The second sign was later, in camp, when Anderall the halfling barbarian decided that “tease/poke at the mephit” was a GREAT PLAN; after a while the mephit got irritated, levitated him, and basically sat under him while he flailed in mid-air like a halfling-shaped balloon.  After Anderall decided it was a demon and left it alone, it went back to being intent on acting like a normal mephit.

When we’d hit up a little past level ten or so and the campaign had been going for a while, we had a jaunt through the Underdark.  One of the plot encounters was a Drow Blackguard and his displacer beast Companion, along with some other attendants, which ended up with the party getting pretty well chewed on.  Toward the end of it, our warmage had dropped a hold spell on the displacer beast early in the fight, and he’d put a sphere of force around the Blackguard so that we could deal with him with fewer distractions.  Avelwyn had a wand of petrification from an earlier adventure and every intent to use it to deal with the thread quickly, and was waiting for the sphere of force to drop.

The problem is we’d forgotten the displacer beast, but the DM hadn’t, and he’d been counting duration on the hold spell.

Avelwyn DID have stereotypical tiny fragile sorcerer stats, which meant his HP pool and related things were kind of low; this usually hadn’t been an issue.  However, when a Blackguard Companion doing an Attack of Opportunity, from behind/ambush, Smite Good, Protecting Blackguard attack shows up, well…. he kind of went from “full” to “-20” in one blow.

After the rest of the party manages to take down the displacer beast and blackguard, while they’re discussing how to handle this development, the DM was grinning going “should I or shouldn’t I …eh, this is probably a good time :D ”, and announced that the Mephit was hovering over Avelwyn’s corpse and casting Plane Shift.

Nobody in the party COULD have access to Plane Shift yet. 

I came back in from “the talk” with my face in my hands, and to the rest of the IC party, the Mephit and Avelwyn reappeared maybe three hours later; Avelwyn was PERFECTLY fine (True Ressurection), and the Mephit was mostly acting like a normal Mephit, except it was casting its own Guards and Wards spell just inside Numestra’s.  Numestra finally sat down, stared at it, and went “…What are you?”

The mephit turned around and used a cantrip-effect to make a smiley face out of ice in mid air, and went back to what it was doing.

(the conversation in the hallway?  The Mephit was an ice elemental noble that was NOT fond of Aurill’s reign of terror; he’d taken the mephit shape and was playing familiar so that later, when Avelwyn and the group got powerful enough to potentially challenge a god, since Avelwyn was like-minded in many respects, they could help him overthrow Aurill and take over the elemental plane of ice.  The noble pointed out that he’d need to make SURE it was secret because Aurill would murder them all at this stage if she knew, but asked if he was willing to agree to it, and Avelwyn did.  Then the noble erased his memory of it for everyone’s protection until a later date and plane-shifted them back.

Sadly an end of semester and me needing to move out of city cut the campaign short before we hit the “epic level” part, which was going to be pursuing Aurill, and Avelwyn helping “his familiar” become a god.)